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Speaking with a client today, we discussed a quiz that would work primarily for “social engagement” which is a rather vague term. It’s tough to really know what’s successful in terms of your content if the goal is social engagement and no one really knows what that means.

When I drilled down a bit more, it turns out that in this case “engagement” meant a couple of things. First, it means getting audiences to click on social content, coming back to your site. Second, it means getting them to continue looking around on your site. Third, it means getting those people to come back in the future.

I referred this particular client to a recent quiz created by The City of Vancouver (see it here).

Screen Shot 2016-04-27 at 9.15.00 PM

This particular quiz had great “engagement.” Over 10,000 people took this quiz.

They spent an average of 1:10 taking the quiz

25% clicked through after taking the quiz

7% shared their results

That’s what engagement means in my book – attracting people from Facebook and getting them to stay on your site and then share the love with others.

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