Turning Quiz Leads into Paying Customers Through Marketing Automation

You’ve made the quiz. You’ve got the leads, but now what do you do? Learn how to convert those leads to paying customers through marketing automation!

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Part 1: How Marketing Automation Works

What IS Marketing Automation?

You’re a marketer. You want to effectively compete in this incredibly fast-paced environment, but at the same you want to engage with your customers while having other processes running in the background. How do you achieve this? Marketing automation comes to mind. As of August, 49% of companies is currently using marketing automation, and it’s clear why.

But first, what exactly is marketing automation? According to Wikipedia, “Marketing automation refers to software platforms and technologies designed for marketing departments and organizations to more effectively market on multiple channels online (such as email, social media, websites, etc.) and automate repetitive tasks.” What does this mean to you as a marketer? It means that you can essentially be at more than one place at the same time. Convenient, isn’t it?

How Does Marketing Automation Work?

Marketing automation works like this: marketing departments will usually specify certain criteria and results that must be met by the executed software. This information is processed, interpreted then stored, increasing the amount of efficiency and reducing the amount of human error. It’s a system basically. These software will process any and all information gathered under parameters specified by you. This kind of automation can process emails viewed, videos watched, websites visited and content read. All of this happens in the background, freeing up your hands so that you may focus on personalized customer interaction. This allows you to build better relationships with loyal customers as well as driving your company’s loyalty and success.

Part 2: How to Set Up Automation for Your Quiz Leads

Step 1: Setting Up Your Quiz Effectively and Offering Incentives

Your main goal is to generate leads through your quiz. How do you go about doing this? Simple. We’re going to use that same quiz to help net you the information necessary to move onto the automation process. The simplest way to do this is by strategically placing a request for their email right before the potential customer gets their result. Placing the email request right before the results will prompt the customer to give you exactly what you need in order for them validate their answers.

What better way to highlight customer engagement than by offering an incentive for those that participated in taking your quiz? There are three different types of incentives you may want to look at:

  1. Discounts: This kind of incentive is a great way for potential customers to buy into your company’s products/services. A discounted price after taking a quiz is enough to pique the interest of any potential customer.

  2. Exclusive Content: This kind of incentive is a surefire way to goad your potential customers in choosing your specific company over another. Exclusive contents make it so that whatever you have to offer, is only offered by you.

  3. Contests/Giveaways: This kind of incentive is a fun and interactive way for you to engage with your customers. It can easily prompt the participation of additional potential customers as well given the type of event you hold.

Step 2: Send a Thank You and a Welcome Automatically

Now that we’ve gotten what we’ve needed, the automation process starts here. We want to make sure we thank our customer. The quiz itself did its job, so be sure to thank your customer for taking the quiz then follow up by welcoming them to their results and your website. Make sure they receive an email thanking them and welcoming them as instantaneously as possible. Automation makes this possible, so the moment they input their email, automation should take care of the rest.

Step 3: Initiate a Drip Campaign Based on Quiz Results

This is where automation truly shines. As a marketer, while you attend to more pressing matters, after acquiring a potential customer’s information and after the initial thank you email, you may now initiate a drip campaign based on the customer’s quiz results. Why their quiz results? Keep things relevant at first. We don’t want to send out emails that aren’t tied to the quiz they just took–these end up getting tossed into the spam folder without a second though. Instead, have your automation greet potential customers with something along the lines of “Based on the recent quiz you participated in, we thought you would be interested in…” You can then fill in the blanks with more information pertaining to your company with the hopes that it may pique their interest. If they take interest in the new content you’re providing, having them click on any links you provide in this email can prompt another automation to trigger, having another email being sent shortly relevant to their interests.

Part 3: Case Study in Action – Children’s Hospital Los Angeles

Let’s take a quick look at how Children’s Hospital Los Angeles incorporated our techniques in creating their own kind of quiz. First, they grab your attention within the first couple of seconds with their headline: “Which Therapy Dog Are You?” Following is an image relevant to both their headline and their quiz content with an adorable dog that even spotlights the organization by sporting a bandana with their logo. A short and simple description explains what a therapy dog is and how they come in a variety of sizes, breeds and personalities. They follow this up by enticing you with the question “which one are you most like?” If that wasn’t enough, just by taking the quiz, $1 goes towards the Helping Hands Fund. Who wouldn’t want to take this quiz now?

Children’s Hospital Los Angeles (CHLA) took a very smart approach in where they placed the prompt asking for someone’s email. Anyone that’s ever taken a quiz will definitely want to see their results, and relinquishing some basic information in order to do so won’t stop them. Other than getting an email address, CHLA is also getting their first and last name, even more vital information for the automation process that will follow. This will allow the automation to not only process, interpret and store this information, but it can personalize the emails that will be sent out, specifically targeting whoever submitted their email in the first place by name. That’s definitely one way of making a personalized automated response.

After successfully submitting their email address, quiz takers are immediately taken to the results screen. Through automation, a thank you email will be awaiting them in their inbox with confirmation of $1 being donated to the Helping Hands Fund as an incentive for their participation. This kind of engagement promotes future interactions with people and leaves them with a sense of satisfaction knowing that their participation went towards a good cause. Kudos to Children’s Hospital Los Angeles.

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