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Want to maximize your profits this holiday season? Find out how you can use a holiday quiz to boost sales for your business!

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If you haven’t already started planning for this holiday season, you’re behind – big time. But, thanks to technology you can whip up something really quick and still have amazing success. I’m going to share with you a few holiday season statistics and how building a quick quiz can boost your sales tremendously.

Read quick though, the consumers have already started scoping out their items to buy! The sooner you get a quiz out, the more leads you will have to send some amazing, personalized, discounted, product recommendation emails via your marketing automation program on the top days of sales EVER. Let’s jump right in!

For a long time all we looked forward to during the holiday season was corny Hallmark movies and Christmas music (maybe that was just me), amazing food, quality time with the family, decorating and of course, PRESENTS. Now, it’s looking forward to discount days. I hear about a new one each year. Where are they all coming from? Anyways, here are the top holiday discount days:

  • Thanksgiving

  • Black Friday (or Black Weekend? or maybe it’s Black Week now?)

  • Cyber Monday

  • Green Monday

Black Friday, which has bled into Thanksgiving Day and Saturday and Sunday as well, has become a hugely marketed time that millions of people look forward to all year and billions of dollars are spent. People save their pennies all year and buy more than they can afford on this holiday that literally causes so many deaths and injuries that a site has been made specifically for it… Don’t believe me? Here’s the URL: Black Friday 2015 is in a few days!

Check out the total numbers for Black Friday spent each year from 2005 to 2015:

67.6 | Fundivo
Provided by: Fundivo

Cyber Monday also has become a very popular day for online retail. According to an article by Amy Gesenhues on, “E-commerce revenue was up 15.4% on Cyber Monday 2014 compared to Cyber Monday 2013, making it the biggest day in US online shopping history — easily shattering the previous record set just three days ago, on Black Friday.” And, “Overall for the weekend, Custora says email marketing generated 23.1 percent of online orders, free search 19.4 percent, and paid search 17 percent.”

23.1%! It’s time to get people on your email marketing lists! It is so much more convenient for a shopper to already have many of the items that they’d be interested in sent directly to their inbox. That’s exactly what our quizzes can do for you.

Check out the total numbers for Cyber Monday in the US from 2006-2015:

2.98 | FundivoProvided by: Fundivo

Green Monday is definitely new to me. But, apparently not to a lot of people! It’s generated billions of dollars throughout the past few years! It falls on the 2nd Monday in December. Probably for all those last minute shoppers like myself. This is just one more reason to have people already looking forward to emails, personalized to their wants, sent directly to their inbox. How can you do that? I’ll quickly explain.

Check out the total numbers for Green Monday in the US from 2005-2014:

Green Monday Spending in the United States | Fundivo
Provided by: Fundivo

The goal: Get as many people on your email marketing lists as possible. From there, prepare them for these giant discount days and then give them email with links to products you know they’ll love based on personalities they got from your quiz. This makes it easier for them, and drives major revenue for your company.

How to do that: Interact connects with most of the major email marketing automation programs out there – check the total list here.

All you need to do is:
  1. Create an awesome quiz (we can help with that)
  2. Connect it to your email marketing program (with personalized emails ready)
  3. Publish and promote it (highly recommended)
  4. Watch the magic happen without you having to lift another finger.

There you have it. It’s simple. The ROI is incredible. And, of course, most importantly, you look awesome and get a big thumbs up from the boss. 🙂

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