Use Wisecut AI to Save Time Editing Videos

Welcome to the next installment of Interact’s AI editing tools review series, where I use and compare different AI editing tools to create content. Today, we’re exploring how to use Wisecut AI to save time editing videos.

At Interact, we’re all about making content creation easier for business owners. So, if you’re exploring different AI editing tools, you’re in the right place. Don’t miss our reviews of Pictory, Munch, and Lumen5

Step 1: Getting Started with Wisecut AI

Wisecut AI includes a video editing tool that edits my video for me. I won’t have to go in and watch the entire video, take note of the frames I want to adjust, and then manually edit everything myself. Another feature I like about Wisecut is that it cuts out pauses and eliminates background noise.  

Okay, let’s get started. 

Head on over to Wisecut and sign up for a free plan. 

Once you’re all set up, click “Create new project” and then “Add media” to upload your video file. When your video has uploaded, click “Next.” Then you’ll name your project and select a language.

Now, the next step is important. Toggle over everything you want Wisecut to do for your video. If you’re unsure what the options mean, just hover over the “info” icon to the right for an explanation. 

Screen Shot of Wisecut dashboard to get started. This was taken from Jackie's video, 2:55 minutes.

For my video, my biggest concern is smooth cuts. I know I need to cut big chunks from my video, and I don’t want it to appear like I’m jumping all over the place, which can be distracting and look unnatural. So I’m definitely going to enable “smooth cuts.” I’m also enabling “auto-cut silences,” “smart background music,” “auto duck,” “auto punch in/out,” and “background noise cancelation.”

The one option I’m not enabling is “burned in captions” because I’m planning to upload my video to YouTube. I’ll get captions there, and I don’t want double captions. 

Once you’re finished with this step, click “Create project.”

Step 2: Video Editing and Review

Right away, I see that Wisecut did a great job of cutting out unnecessary sections. I did an initial review, and the video doesn’t look jumpy after the cuts. 

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 4:30 minutes

Now, I still want to go through the video manually because I know there are parts where I misspoke, so I want to remove those. I also want to go through and make sure everything is clean and accurate. 

The first thing I’m noticing is an incorrect caption, which seems like an easy fix. Wisecut captioned in “Hi, Fran” when I had said “Hi, friends.” On the top of the clip, I just have to click the “Editing” tool, and I can retype that caption. Go ahead and check your captions throughout and edit where necessary. 

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 5:14 minutes

As I’m looking for the section I know I want to cut—where I misspoke—I’m checking the sections that Wisecut removed for me, and it looks great. 

Okay, I found a few clips I want to delete. I’m just clicking the “delete” icon in that same top toolbar over each clip. I cut out some pretty big clips from the video, so I’m eager to see how smooth Wisecut can make the transitions. 

Quick tip: If you want to reorder your clips, click “Drag to reorder” at the top of the screen. 

Cutting these big clips from the video using Wisecut has been so much easier than manually watching the video and jotting down time stamps and then uploading and editing with something like iMovie.

Quick tip: Look for “Hide removed scenes” at the top of the screen when you’re ready to look at a more streamlined version of your video.  

I see that Wisecut has already deleted all the silent sections of my video, which really helps because on YouTube you really don’t want your video to be too long. My video is now 7 minutes and 50 seconds long, but when I started, it was just over 10 minutes. 

Step 3: Video Export

I’m ready to export my edited video! On the left-hand side of the screen, under the video box, click “Preview and Export.”

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 9:40 minutes

Make sure “Audio and video” is toggled on in the next screen. I’m leaving “Burned in captions” toggled off since I’m going to post the video on YouTube. 

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 9:51 minutes

Next, click “Export video” at the bottom of the screen. 

Pros and Cons of Wisecut AI Video Editing Tool

Now that we know how to use Wisecut AI to save time editing videos, let’s talk about the opportunities and challenges! Overall, I would definitely recommend Wisecut’s AI editing software because it was so easy to use, and I am happy with the finished product. 


  • Awkward pauses and long silences are automatically deleted
  • Super easy to manually delete clips
  • Background music
  • Video length 
  • Smooth editing feature
  • Ability to re-edit a finished project

My video was just over ten minutes at the start. Now it’s 5 minutes and 47 seconds. I deleted a few clips on my own, but Wisecut automatically removed sections of the video when I paused or was silently thinking or looking at my screen. This is great because five minutes is where I want to be, as it’s the length of our audience’s YouTube attention span.

Another thing that was great was the smooth editing feature. In the end, there were 45 jump cuts in my video. While the transitions weren’t all perfect, I didn’t find them distracting. 

I also liked the background music. Sometimes I thought it was a little loud, but it wasn’t distracting. It helped me feel more “in tune” with the video, keeping me enticed.


  • Auto punch (zoom) feature
  • Wisecut logo blocks parts of the video

I toggled on the “auto punch” feature initially, but I’m not a fan. With auto punch, Wisecut chooses to zoom in on different parts of the screen, but the software didn’t choose an ideal view. I’m just looking at my screen in the zoomed-in selections, so it’s wasted space. I’d rather highlight what I’m sharing on my screen. 

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 11:40 minutes

Another thing I didn’t love was the placement of the Wisecut logo on the top right-hand corner. I share my screen through most of my video, and the logo covers my face as I’m speaking. This isn’t a deal breaker, but it’s a little frustrating. 

I’d prefer to see the logo down at the bottom of the screen, or nowhere at all. Remember, though, I selected a free plan. I wonder if you can remove the watermark in the paid plans.

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 14:16 minutes

Re-editing a finished project

As I noted above, I didn’t love the “auto punch” feature, and I want to turn it off. 

Do do this, click “Reopen project” on the final finished project screen. 

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 14:06 minutes

Next, click “Settings” at the top of the screen and toggle off “auto punch.”

Screen Shot of Wisecut AI video editing tool from Jackie's how to video, 15:00 minutes

Final review

Kudos to Wisecut! I’m a big fan. 

I will definitely keep playing around with Wisecut’s AI video editing tools. While it has some kinks, it will improve over time and with experience. Once you really know how to use Wisecut AI to save time editing videos and what you’re looking for, it will do all the work for you. 

If you’re spending more time than you want editing videos and trimming out middle sections, mistakes, and pauses, Wisecut’s AI video editing tools are something you should check out.

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