Using Quizzes and E-books Together for Maximum Lead Generation

A question that comes up often at Interact is whether quizzes and e-books can be used together or if one is supposed to replace the other. There’s a lot of confusion around these two lead magnets and their compatibility. 

In this article, I’ll cover how to use quizzes and e-books in tandem to maximize the conversions on your website and social media properties. I’ll also talk about what you can do if you’ve already published an e-book (or multiple e-books), don’t have any e-books, or use another lead magnet, like a free consultation. 

What is a quiz?

A quiz is a lead magnet that allows personalized product recommendations and services based on how a quiz-taker answers the questions. 

What is an e-book?

An e-book is a compilation of expertise on a particular subject organized in a book-like format. E-books can be anywhere from a few pages to a full-length book.

Quizzes and e-books are two of the highest performing lead-generation tools, and they can be even more beneficial when used together. 

Using a quiz + multiple e-books for lead generation

Think of your quiz as an assistant that helps people find the right e-book for their needs. For example, let’s say you’re a marketing consultant who helps people with content creation, email marketing, and social media marketing.  

If someone really wants to learn more about content marketing but comes across your social media marketing e-book, it won’t interest them. Or maybe they come across all of your e-books at once, which could lead to decision fatigue and a lost customer. 

However, with a quiz, you can use conditional logic to direct potential customers to the perfect e-book. 

In Practice: In the quiz results, use a CTA button to link to your most relevant e-book. You can set this using an opt-in within Interact—the e-book will be offered to everyone who sees their results. Or, you can let people see their results and have a separate opt-in for the e-book. You could also use a combination. 

P.S. If you set up the opt-in, it will appear before the quiz results. You can make it optional or required, which will enable all the options I mentioned above. Here’s what that looks like in practice. 

email opt-in form from Interact

To put this all in plain words, when you combine your quiz with your existing e-books (considering you have multiple), the quiz will help people find the right e-book for their needs. Give your quiz a catchy name to draw people in, but in the quiz results, re-use your e-books as a recommendation for people to continue learning more about their quiz result type. 

When people read their quiz results, you have won their attention. On average, it takes two minutes to complete a quiz, and 65% of people who start your quiz will complete it. That means you’ll have a lot of people who are fully paying attention, who want to learn about their quiz result type. And so, this is the perfect time to offer your relevant e-book. 

Using a quiz + one e-book for lead generation

If you’ve got one e-book set up, it most likely covers a broader subject relevant to your audience as a whole. I’ll use this assumption in the below example. 

When you show quiz-takers their quiz results, you can offer them your e-book as a way to continue the learning process. For example, let’s look at the Tea Quiz, which tells people which type of tea they should try next. 

tea quiz cover

In this quiz, the business owner is building connections with potential customers by asking them about their interests. They’re positioning themselves as an expert by asking great questions, which adds value to their e-book. 

Using a quiz with your content or consultation for lead generation

If you haven’t published an e-book, no worries! You can still move forward with an effective quiz strategy. Side note, I was listening to a great podcast with Hiba Amin, and she said the best marketing is what you just start doing organically. You don’t need everything built out before you start. 

And so, even if you don’t have an e-book or content to recommend at the end of your quiz, you can offer quiz-takers a consultation to keep the conversation going. Most importantly, you want to have piqued quiz-takers’ interest by the time they complete the quiz. If you’re successful in this, they’ll be eager to connect with your brand and your quiz result recommendations. 

For example, let’s say you’re a spiritual coach, and your quiz identifies the quiz-taker’s Dosha. In the quiz results, you could link to a blog post, resource guide, download, podcast episode—anything relevant to the quiz result. 

In the screenshot below, the quiz-taker’s Dosha is Pitta. In the results description, the quiz-taker is presented with three different ways to continue the conversation and learn more. 

Conclusion: Quizzes + e-books = maximum opportunity for lead generation

When you combine a quiz with multiple e-books, one e-book, or another offer, like a consultation, you’re combining the power of both lead magnets, bringing you the most possible conversions. 

Even if someone doesn’t opt-in for your quiz, they can opt-in for your e-book or email list after reading the recommended content in your quiz results. 

Ready to get started? Go ahead and build your first quiz with Interact and see the full potential of using quizzes with e-books!

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