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In the wake of recent revelations about Facebook data harvesting by Cambridge Analytica I wanted to explain what these quizzes are that companies are using to mine data.

The ones used in this case by Cambridge Analytica are the types of quizzes that ask you to sign into Facebook in order to take the quiz.

This is not only against the Terms of Service for Facebook, but you are also putting yourself at a massive risk if you take a quiz like this. If you are a company creating quizzes that ask users to log in with Facebook, stop immediately, you are violating a slew of privacy protection laws and are at risk for legal action against your organization.


However, the way interact quizzes collect information is entirely different. There is an optional opt-in form on our quizzes that you can choose to fill out if you so desire, and if you choose not to fill out the form then no personal information whatsoever is collected. This is a consenting opt-in and abides by all rules and regulations.


Never, ever log in with Facebook in order to take a quiz. If you do then you’ve just handed over all of your personal information that Facebook has (which is a massive amount).

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