Wedding Photography Lead Generation: Why quizzes are your best friend

The struggle for leads as a wedding photographer is really tough. Not only do you have to dedicate yourself to the craft of photography and work on that constantly, but now you’ve also got to do marketing and sales if you want a steady stream of clients. It’s almost too much, and in our conversations with photographers, time is the hardest thing to come by. So much for elaborate lead generation tactics and creating content!

Today I want to show you how one Wedding Photographer is generating leads in a new and fun way, then walk you through how you can do something similar for your photography business without spending a lot of time or money.

How env photography generates leads with a quiz

env photography is an incredible wedding and elopement photographer in Banff, Canada. If you’re not familiar with Banff, go check out env photography’s website and prepare to be amazed – the place literally looks fake it’s so beautiful. When you arrive on the site, you’re greeted with an opportunity to take a quiz called “What’s Your Wedding Style?” take the quiz.

Wedding photography style website callout
env photography website with quiz callout

If you choose to click on it, and why wouldn’t you? then you’re taken to a page to take the quiz right on the env photography website, so the person taking the quiz never has to leave your site. That’s because they embedded the quiz in their site, which we’ll get into later, but it looks beautiful and natural on the site.

wedding photography quiz cover page
Take the quiz right on the website

If you choose to take the quiz, which again, why wouldn’t you? then you’re presented with a series of questions to define your style. The quiz is infused with the photographer (Elizabeth’s) personality. The example question below asking about whether you want a lot of attention has subtle hints of how she likes to communicate, and you feel like you’re getting to know her as you take the quiz. She has 8 quiz questions

wedding photography quiz question
one of the 8 questions on Elizabeth’s quiz

After answering the 8 questions (65% of people do on average) then you’re presented with an option to opt-in for updates from Elizabeth and env photography. It’s not required to see the quiz results, because some people might just be browsing or taking the quiz for fun, so you don’t want those leads. But for those who are really interested they have an option, and on average 40.1% of people who take your quiz will opt-in and become leads.

Wedding photography quiz opt in
the opt-in form for env photography’s quiz

Immediately after the person becomes a lead, or skips to see their results, they get to see the outcome of the quiz without leaving the site. In this case we got “Intimate Wedding” and Elizabeth does an excellent job with giving us a description of what the means/why we got that result. Then there is a button to work with her if we’re ready to go right away, which, if you look at that photo she features how could you not?

Wedding photography quiz result
env photography quiz result

So that’s the flow of how a quiz works for generating wedding photography leads. Looks simple enough when someone does it right? But how do you actually create all that content and get it set up with your email list and on your website? No worries, we’ll go through each step of the process and lay it out in steps for following. Let’s check out how you can create a quiz like env photography did (although of course each one is unique because your personality is core to how it works).

Creating your own wedding photography lead generation quiz

Having worked with 1000’s of photographers over the years we’re going to get right into it and talk through the process for creating and launching your own wedding photography lead generation quiz. The reason why? Quizzes convert takers to leads at an average rate of 40.1% and that’s just too good to pass up. Not to mention you also get the added benefit of quizzes being hyper-memorable, so people will have you top of mind after taking your quiz.

Step 1: Choose a customizable quiz template

In ten years working with photographers to create quizzes, the pain point of writing a quiz from scratch has never gotten any easier. It takes on average 30 hours to write a quiz from scratch for a first-timer, and who has 30 hours to learn the ins and outs of writing a quiz?

So we partnered with the world’s best quiz writers to create a whole library of customizable quiz templates you can choose from and modify instead of having to stare at a blank screen trying to come up with a great quiz idea. We have wedding quiz templates and photography quiz templates you can pick from to start.

Interact wedding quiz templates
Interact wedding quiz templates

Step 2: Copy your template into your interact account

With one click you can choose the template you’d like to customize for your wedding photography business and copy it into your interact account, fully finished. Honestly you don’t really have to change anything if you don’t want to, but of course every element is customizable.

Wedding photography quiz template
copy wedding photography quiz template

Step 3: Customize the design to be on-brand

No one wants a quiz that looks like an external plugin, and we’re here for you. Once your quiz is loaded into your account, customize the colors, fonts, and styles so it matches up with your brand. That way when the quiz lives on your website it won’t look different than everything else, very important for maximum lead generation.

customize wedding quiz design
customize wedding quiz design

Step 4: Edit questions + results + correlations

Remember how on the quiz from env photography she had customized the questions with her own personality and made the questions have a little extra flare? You can do that by simply editing the content of each question or result. We recommend doing this with a few of the questions and adding/removing questions as you see fit. If you need some more inspiration, we have a list of quiz questions you can use.

Here’s what we recommend so your quiz is customized but won’t take you too long.

  1. Choose 50% of the questions on your template and add your own language to them. For example, in this question below you can change the way the question is worded to match how you would say it. Do this on half of the questions.
  2. In the results of the quiz, add your own links and resources. Change the link on the “book a consultation” button, and if you have other resources for people based on their result, link those as well.
  3. Test out the quiz to make sure you get the right result based on how you answer the questions, you can always modify the result correlations to make it more accurate.

We recommend setting yourself a timer and spending no more than an hour modifying the quiz content for the first test on your site, if the quiz does well you can always come back and modify/update it.

Edit quiz questions interact
Edit quiz questions interact
Edit results in interact quiz builder
Edit results in interact quiz builder
edit correlations interact quiz builder
Edit correlations interact quiz builder

Step 5: Connect your marketing integration

Interact has direct integrations with many email marketing and marketing automation systems (see full list of integrations here). Within the platform you can customize the form for the opt-in step and make it your own, adding privacy compliance and making sure everything is good to go.

Interact integrations
Interact integrations

On the opt-in form, we recommend a few changes to the default because this is your moment to let folks know why they should be subscribed to your list and not just skip this step to see their results.

  1. Give people a sneak peek of what you send and why it’s valuable to them
  2. Be straightforward about what value your opt-in offers and what about it is interesting to the person taking your quiz

For privacy it’s best to talk with legal counsel to ensure that all data collected is being done a way that doesn’t put you at risk.

Customize opt in form in Interact
Customize opt in form in Interact

The connection to your email marketing or marketing automation system is the best part of this entire process. How frustrating is it when your tools don’t work together? super frustrating is the answer we all know and have experienced. When you connect your integration to interact, all you have to do is choose where your new leads will go, you can segment based on results and answers to questions, or send everyone to the same list/segment.

segment leads with interact
segment leads with interact

Could it get any easier? Maybe, we’re always improving the process to make things easier.

Step 6: Embed your quiz on your website

interact makes it super easy to embed your quiz, you can choose an embed code and put it onto your site, or you can use an announcement bar or popup that triggers when someone is on your site. Whichever options you choose, the quiz is sure to delight your visitors and bring some of them over to your email list.

We recommend that you put a callout for the quiz on your main homepage and then have the quiz live on so people can take the quiz by clicking on your home page link, or by going straight to the quiz page from social media posts.

Embed options in interact
Embed options in interact

Ready to build your own wedding photography quiz?

wedding photography quiz cover page 1
env photography’s quiz

Quizzes are fun, they convert at 40.1%, they make your site stand out, and now with interact you don’t even have to write one to get all these benefits. For wedding photographers with limited time, adding a quiz to your site could just be the difference maker to drive consistent business without having to put in more hours or dollars.

If you’re ready to get started, you can check out our wedding quizzes, our photography quizzes, or create a free account with us to explore all templates/start from scratch.

What is the best quiz for you business?

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