Welcome Interact’s Chief Evangelist, Chanti Zak

Here at Interact, we’ve been spending a lot of time thinking about what the future for creators and digital entrepreneurs looks like and how we can continue to power that success. Throughout 2020, we partnered with lots of incredible creators, strategists, and consultants in service to deeply understanding what our customers are going through and how our offering fits into their story. Now in 2021, we are thrilled to be adding a true customer advocate to our executive team – please join me in welcoming Chanti Zak, the quiz queen herself, to Interact as our Chief Evangelist.

What is a Chief Evangelist you ask? It’s someone who represents the voice of our customer – someone who both understands the challenges that creators go through while building successful digital businesses and how to use quizzes to get there. Chanti knows our customers like the back of her hand. She’s worked with thousands of them directly over the years, and through that work has helped them double, triple, quadruple, and 10x their businesses with Interact quizzes. 

This role is an important addition to our team because even though we’ve always prioritized our customers in every decision we’ve made, you are now physically at the center of our company in an even bigger way. Tactically, this also means that the voice of the customer is even more  represented in our product roadmap, and the insights that Chanti sees in the market become insights that we use when thinking about the next big leaps for our products and services. 

The Chief Evangelist is also Interact’s biggest advocate – our brand ambassador. We love that Chanti represents the core of who we are as a company – we care about humanizing software and data, we believe in centering our success in our customers’ successes, and we know that we can’t do any of it without each other. 

Looking ahead, you’ll see Chanti in our Facebook community doing FB Live events answering quiz strategy questions, at events presenting case studies and learning from you, in workshops teaching our customers how to bring best practices to life, and throughout our product offering tips and tricks as you make your way through the quiz creation process. We are excited to be increasing our investment in your success – and look forward to seeing you grow your business with quizzes! 

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