Which Apple Watch Should You Get? How To Use Quizzes On Your Tech Blog

Find out what a quiz on which Apple watch you should get teaches on the benefits of including a quiz on your tech blog!

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Earlier today Apple made some big announcements regarding a few of their products, and actually rolled out quite a bit more than most people predicted. They took out rumors about the new MacBook being delayed by announcing a brand new 12-inch model that has been dubbed as the ‘New MacBook.’

The technology inside is pretty incredible, and they’ve managed to shrink the MacBook even further by making this new mac the thinnest model available. Introducing new USB-C ports, Apple is looking again to set a new standard for merged ports in their hardware.

But the main feature of the event was the company delving deeper into the Apple Watch and more details on its release. We got a first look of the watch in action, and all the technology that’s inside it. It opens up a new door for Apple with a new industry that they’re venturing into. They have three different types of their watch that you can choose from to buy.

I crafted together this quiz that might help you nail down which Apple Watch you might want, so go ahead and take the quiz and we’ll talk about it below. It helps you out in just 5 questions, so it’s quick!

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If you’re interested in getting the watch, you might be wondering which one you should get. We’ll see if I end up following through with my desire to get one (I mean let’s be honest it might solve a problem that doesn’t exist, but it’s so dang cool!) but there are actually more options of the watch then I initially thought they would release.

So how did you do? Maybe just the cheapest sport is best for you? Thinking of making more of a fashion statement and the mid-tier watches are a bit more up your alley? Or perhaps you were recommended the highest value 18k gold Apple Watches and you may not realize your desire for a true luxury product.

To refocus this article a bit on quizzes and their place in tech blogs, I want to dive into how companies can effectively use quizzes as a non-intrusive aspect of their tech blog articles without it fitting into some preconception fad or cheap gig. Gathering the right content together and actually making quizzes that give high quality results can be a great way to increase engagement on your website and even generate leads if you wanted.

Tech blogs have become widely popular in recent times, and consumers visit them frequently and loyally all across the Internet. Often times these blogs attempt at keeping you engaged by listing more articles to read or trying to point you somewhere else in the site after you read an article, which make sense if they’re trying to continue having them use their site frequently.


But beyond those strategies, there isn’t much going on to keep users interested. That’s why we stand by quizzes to fill this perfect gap that is created by lack of engagement, especially the ones that have good content that a user would actually like to see the results for.

Sometimes I feel its pretty easy to see straight through a quiz that is just trying to get you to take it, and other times it’s easy to see well written quizzes that actually answer legitimate questions a user might have. If we can strive towards making quizzes that fit into that latter category, we can have a lot of success with using quizzes as an engaging platform.

I’ve mentioned this in other articles and it fits perfectly to be talked about here as well – through the data we’ve collected we’ve determined that when there is a non-obtrusive quiz on a web article, it actually increases the time the user is on the page by about one minute. And to those who do content marketing for blogs, that is a pretty dang long time. It opens up opportunities to build trust with your users, and if you want to go towards the avenue of collecting leads it can get you those precious email addresses to add to your mailing list that wouldn’t exist without the quiz.


So why does the quiz that I have going on the top of this article work? Well there’s a few reasons, let’s talk about them.

1. It presents relevant information that people are actually interested in

It’s true, the Apple Watch is a hot topic right now and people are searching the Internet looking for more information on it. If we add a quiz like this to our blog, we’re effectively taking good use of all that traffic and buzz that is naturally going through the World Wide Web on the product.

2. It’s seamless and doesn’t interrupt the experience

This comes down to more of a branding and placement issue. If you can successfully implement a quiz that blends in with the page, it won’t interrupt how the reader responds to the article. If they’re uninterested in the quiz, you want them to be able to just move on past it. You don’t want the quiz to act as a stopping point by creating a break, you want it to actually be a part of the article. This quiz does just that, it actually adds to the content instead of taking away from it.

Effectively you get another aspect of the article that can be interacted with by users, and it’s a seamless transition that they can take the quiz and then move on in the article.


3. It gives high quality, honest results

Another thing we want our quizzes to do is to actually give results that we spent time looking into. It’s easy to sniff out cheap quizzes that are there for an email address or something else, and I feel it’s equally as easy to tell if a quiz is genuine and will actually give you a response you wouldn’t mind knowing.

We want our quizzes to give relevant information that can actually help the user, and this quiz does, at the very least, adds another suggestion in the users head on whether or not they’re going to get the watch and what kind if they do.

4. And finally, it also benefits you as a company

Through these quizzes you can acquire interesting metrics. You get a whole plethora of data that can be rereleased to the same audience which might create interesting speculation, and each time a user takes the quiz you get to learn a little bit more about who is using your site.

You also have the option to ask for an email address before the answers are given out, and our stats say that about 50% of people who complete quizzes give their email address. So if you got 500 people to take the quiz, that could potentially be 250 emails to grow your mailing list with. For content providing companies, this can really be a big deal on establishing a relationship with your readers.

In my quiz I tried to demonstrate a way in which you can use a trending object to not only create traffic that will flow through your site, but even add a little value to those users that visit as well. It’s a quiz that is actually interesting, and gives you a real, useful result.

If you work on the quiz in the right way and make the content interesting and worthwhile, I think you’ll be pleasantly surprised at the positive response and value you’ll receive in regard to your quizzes. So get to it!

Make a Quiz for Your Tech Blog for Free!