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In February, Buzzfeed received 162,643,328 visits, a full 25% increase over January with three fewer days to do it in. One very public reason why is the amazing popularity of the quizzes Buzzfeed produces that have been taking over the internet. Quizzes are the hottest thing on the internet right now, and it’s not just limited to buzzfeed. Time ran this quiz and received 3.8 million visits in January, their highest ever traffic day. And The New York Times’ most shared article ever is this quiz.

With these absurd influxes of traffic, it would be amazing to convert new visitors into long-time readers by getting them onto an email list – and that’s exactly what quizzes are capable of doing. At Interact, we wanted to see just how many leads quizzes could capture, so we set up a test. We chose quizzes from ten different industries ranging from news sites to SAAS company blogs. Each quiz was being used for lead generation in the way illustrated below.

We tested for two months, with 2500 quiz completions, and the results were mind-blowing.  More than half of all people who finished a quiz decided to opt-in and receive updates from the host website.


A full 53% of all quiz-takers opted-in to get email updates – but why? First, quizzes are a much “nicer” way to do lead generation. Not only is there an obvious opt-out option which builds trust, but quizzes are also conversational and fun. Instead of asking for information right up front, the lead is only asked for after a conversation has already taken place through a quiz. An average quiz-takers spends two and a half minutes taking a quiz, enough time to build rapport. Second, quizzes are eerily addictive. It seems we can’t sleep at night unless we know which Harry Potter Character we are most like. Every lead generation offer needs to have a proper incentive in order to be effective, and the results of a quiz are pretty incentivizing.


Quizzes are written like a conversation and they work like a conversation. There’s actually something that physically happens to people who are talking – Oxytocin is released. Oxytocin is a naturally produced chemical that gives us that “warm and fuzzy” feeling of being cared for. A quiz has the unique ability to speak to a person who taking it in a way that other forms of content cannot.

gamified method

So How Do I Take Advantage?

  1. Mix in quizzes: Another surprising finding is that the most popular quizzes are all very similar. Pretty much anything that has to do with personality works very well. Testing knowledge on a particular subject is also effective but not quite as much. That’s why we created quiz templates so you don’t have to re-invent the wheel to get yourself an awesome quiz.
  2. Be Methodical: Even at buzzfeed it took a long time to figure out quizzes (they started making them in 2009). It’s super important to continue creating and experimenting with quizzes to find the right fit for your audience. Many of our customers have it easy, building quizzes that are evergreen – for example Portland Monthly Magazine did a Portland IQ quiz that continues to drive regular traffic and has been taken more than 7000 times. Other sites have to try harder; we work with Udens College in the Netherlands, and they are constantly experimenting with quizzes to try and reach different potential majors with marketing.

Buzzfeed did you a favor by popularizing quizzes to such an insane level. Take advantage of the opportunity by using a quiz as a lead generating machine and watch your content marketing ROI shoot through the roof.

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