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Quizzes are becoming real demand generation tools, not just gimmicks or fads. I’ve seen everything from jewelry brands to cloud security companies driving new leads into their funnels using interactive quizzes, and it’s pretty amazing to watch the breadth of what a good quiz can do.

There are a couple of pretty universal attributes that make quizzes work when it comes to driving the right kind of leads into your business.

1. There’s a connection with prospects happening

A quiz is a scripted conversation. As the creator, you do your best job to emulate a real-life back-and-forth you’d have with a prospect and turn that into a quiz. When done right, this interaction feels similar to a conversation you’d have in real life, and will build a bridge between you and the client.

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2. A quiz humanizes your brand

The other thing this conversation does is turn you into a human. It’s easy for brands to feel like corporations hiding behind a wall, but we as companies are really just made up of individuals who have empathy. We can ask questions that really get to the heart of the issues our prospects are experiencing and become an ally instead of just someone trying to sell a product.

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3. You only get interest from the right people

The last thing a quiz can do is eliminate people who aren’t the right fit without angering anyone. If a prospect isn’t interested in your quiz, which is related to what your brand does, they probably aren’t a great fit for your product either. They’ll just not take your quiz, which is totally okay, and you can see what your bounce rate is on your quiz content within interact so you can optimize the content to match your audience.

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