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Quiz Transcript

What's Your Blogging Personality?


  1. What best describes the style of your blog?
    1. Professional and clean
    2. Friendly and fun
  2. Your posts are usually:
    1. Factual and to the point
    2. About ideas and theories
  3. How often do you reply to comments on your blog?
    1. All the time
    2. Rarely
  4. How often do you blog?
    1. Regularly
    2. When I feel like it
  5. The tone of your blog is:
    1. Cordial, not overly personal, but friendly
    2. My blog is like my diary
  6. You usually blog about:
    1. Other bloggers or friends
    2. Your own thoughts and ideas


  1. Social Blogger

    Blogging is all about the people you meet. Your blog acts as a gateway to the internet where people can come and hang out, comment, and get to know you. The goal is to be friendly.
  2. Entertaining Blogger

    People come to your blog to have fun. Every post is a masterpiece of laughs and delight, crafted to brighten the readers' day.
  3. Informative Blogger

    People come to you if they need to learn. Your blog spews facts and figures that no one else can seem to get their hands on.
  4. Charming Blogger

    You know how to turn on the charm and aren't afraid to do it. When visitors come to your site they feel pampered and taken care of, like they are the only thing that matters in the world.