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Quiz Transcript

What's Your Organizing Personality?


  1. The surfaces in your home are:
    1. spotless with occasional groupings of similarly colored objects
    2. well-dusted with a few knickknacks and small stacks of magazines
    3. clear — you put all the clutter in a box at the bottom of your closet
    4. covered with trinkets
  2. Inside your bedroom closet you'll find:
    1. a professional organizational system
    2. sweaters folded on shelves and clothes hung up neatly
    3. your clothes plus boxes of photographs marked with dates and names to be put into albums; Christmas ornaments for next year; and a bag of clothes for Goodwill
    4. your clothes squeezed in among sentimental collections such as your high school yearbooks; several dozen of your or your children's baby toys; and stacks of framed photographs waiting to be hung
  3. Your waste disposal system:
    1. involves matching cans sitting side-by-side, each clearly labeled (garbage, glass bottles, newspaper) and emptied often
    2. is simple: one can for garbage, one can for recycling
    3. sits hidden inside a cabinet or under a table
    4. tends to pile up, sometimes for several weeks
  4. Your garage is organized:
    1. with everything in its place and plenty of room left for the car
    2. with tools on one side and bikes on the other
    3. into several cabinets, overflowing with nails in coffee cans
    4. into stacks of junk, knee-high in places; in fact, has your car ever been parked here?
  5. After taking your mail from the mailbox, you:
    1. sort and file it on your desk
    2. throw out the junk mail and put the rest on the kitchen counter
    3. throw out junk mail and shove the rest into a crammed drawer in order to keep your desktop clean
    4. keep everything in a stack in the hallway, intending to clip coupons and look for sales over the weekend
  6. You organize your schedule:
    1. with an iPhone, PDA or similar device
    2. with your computer calendar software (or a simple paper calendar)
    3. in a planner scrawled with crossed-out dates and doodles
    4. in a secret pattern consisting of hundreds of Post-it® Notes
  7. Your best friend has nicknamed your car:
    1. The White Glove
    2. The Portable Filing Cabinet
    3. The Bermuda Triangle
    4. The General Lee II
  8. Your spices are:
    1. lined up like a little battalion, each held in an identical, labeled container
    2. in a spice rack
    3. in a kitchen drawer
    4. dangerously stacked three-high inside the pantry
  9. The plants in your home:
    1. have their leaves frequently dusted while listening to classical music
    2. hang happily in macramé holders or atop bookshelves
    3. Plants? What plants?
    4. suffer anxiety attacks from the over-crowded conditions in which they must live


  1. You are: The Filer

    There’s a place for everything, and everything in its place. That’s a motto you resonate with and live by. Color-coding, filing, and sorting are tasks that make life easier and should be used in harmony. Clutter makes you uneasy and prevents work from getting done, so neat is the way to go. 

  2. You are: The Perfectionist:

    You like your space to be orderly and efficient in order to get the most work done. You use tools and filing to make sure belongings stay in their place and don’t spill out all over the room. Space is precious and should be treated as such. 

  3. You are: The Orderly Organizer:

    Things should be in order, but you’re not a stickler when it comes to some randomness. Friends would describer you as professional in your space, but you also like to have fun with colors and decorations. 

  4. You are: The Fun-Loving Orderly

    While you do like to keep things in their place, fun is the name of the game. Decorations, flowers, and plants are all parts of your plan that must be in place for your space to be complete. 

  5. You are: The Saver:

    There is a collection of papers and items on your desk that are there for a rainy day. Stacking is just as effective as filing, and there’s no reason to get to stringent. Your space is where you are creative and get things done. 

  6. You are: The Collector:

    There are piles of belongings all around you. They are there because they might come in handy later. You don’t like throwing things away, but also are not a huge fan of filing and organizing. The key is to stay fluid and not get caught up in strictness.