Personality Quizzes

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Which Therapy Dog Are You Quiz


The Interact Quiz Builder

Create new quizzes inside of our intuitive quiz builder

  • Customize the look and feel to match your brand

  • Choose from text or image questions and answers

  • Simply choose correlations from your questions to the personalities and setup an accurate quiz

Marketing Automation

Connect your marketing automation program and sort leads by personality type

  • Automatically push leads to your system for immediate autoresponder follow-up

  • Create unique follow-up sequences for each personality type in your marketing automation program to take advantage of the power of personalized marketing

Social First

Share your personality quiz on all social networks and embed on your website

  • Embed the quiz on your domain and promote your URL on all social channels so quiz takers remain on your site

  • Track analytics and share statistics in a centralized dashboard inside of Interact

Make personality quizzes a part of your social media lead generation strategy today!