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2024 Marketing Trends: Predictions from Team Interact with Team Interact

Welcome to another episode of the Interact’s Grow Podcast, where we bring you actionable insights to boost your online business. In this episode, we delve into the future of marketing, discussing our predictions for the trends that will shape 2024. Our discussion covers a range of topics including the resurgence of in-person networking, the authenticity of webinars, the power of partner ecosystems, and the efficiency brought about by AI. Tune in to equip yourself with the knowledge to stay ahead of the curve in 2024.

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Hi guys. And welcome back to Interact’s Grow podcast. I’m your host, Jessmyn Solana, as always. So great to be with you all here today. This week we have Damaris and Jackie. Ladies, hello. Welcome. We have a super fun topic for you guys this week because we’re nearing the end of the year. We thought it would be super fun to talk a little bit about what we think.

The trend, the marketing trends will be in 2024. So here is our marketing predictions for 2024. Let’s go. What tarot card do you guys want? I can see the future. I guess I can start us off just to start dialogue. Like I have. Noticed, and this is just personally like off work stuff that I, you know, my TikTok uh, Nado and I like to go on social medias.

I have, I have seen a lot of like webinar offerings, a lot of like. Join this like live session for X, Y, Z, whether it’s like leadership or something specific that a business is offering. And it’s, it’s been coming up on my feed a lot, a lot of times. So, I think that that’s just really going to continue to expand for next year.

Only because it’s, I’ve been seeing it so much this end of year that I’m like, they’re probably going to try to like, really, really focus and hem in on that next year, which I would find very interesting. It’s really funny you say that Damaris, because I was just on a call earlier today with Kartra, one of our integration partners, and he said exactly that.

So we just did our. Flow desk launch, and we didn’t do a webinar. So I thought in talking to Kartra, if we do a little bit more marketing about the direct integration, that was his idea. So what could we do in terms of a webinar funnel to talk about that direct integration, getting it set up and all that stuff?

I was going to say like. Last time I remember webinars do being a really big thing was probably somewhere around like 2018 to 2019 and then in 2020, you know, obviously the pandemic came and that changed a lot, but it started to kind of die down. Yeah, after that, like, I think, like, people wanted more community.

They wanted more like conversations and connection. They wanted less of the sort of, okay, let me hop on a webinar and do some self learning. But that’s interesting that now you’re kind of seeing, like, maybe it’s coming back. Yeah, even, and even to expand to that, which maybe this is another prediction somebody else wants to talk about, but I’ve seen like a lot of more like networking events or like social networking events coming up.

Like, you know, like whether it’s like a, um, a specific, like, you know, Latino market or like this market from a university or medical or whatever it is, right. There’s been a lot of more of like, come and network, see what we’re all about, come and check us out, you know? Which I find super interesting because for a couple of years, we were all just like in a bubble, just like at home, not wanting to do anything and now it’s just like people want to be out there talking to everybody and socializing and networking, you know, and I just think that that’s just going to like really kind of explode next year.

It also aligns with what we did with our own community. Like we started it because People needed to be able to get together online, but then that sort of ended because now people want to meet up in person. So I also see a bunch of new live in person events. We sponsored our 1st event this year back in September and we’re already signing up to do another 1 in January.

And it’s really exciting because I think when you’re online, you’ve got to be quick and to the point and get people what they need, which is maybe what a webinar is delivering because it can be condensed into a very specific point, which then maybe puts you into a funnel to get the other information that you might need.

Whereas. You don’t necessarily need the online community aspects, at least for us being a software, right? But the in person connection was huge. The people that we were talking to in Nashville when we went, when we attended that live event. You know, I totally agree with that. It felt, I can’t even describe the feeling of connecting with people on a On a different level that wasn’t just like, well, here’s my business and here’s what I do.

Okay. Like, that’s great. I’ll email you every once in a while. You know, you really felt like you were building connections and building relationships with people while you were there in person. Online, I don’t think that would have happened for months, maybe, or like calls later where you talk about, you know, maybe stuff that’s going on in your life or, or things that you’ve been doing, maybe like things that are coming up for you.

I wonder how, like, this idea of, of, you know, conversations other than work will actually make work more productive. Hmm. Well, I think at a basic level, now we’re going into like psychology, let’s not go there. But, or maybe let’s, yeah, like, you know, humans are built to for connection, right? We need that social cues.

We need to build relationships and connections with people, otherwise it just kind of doesn’t make us human. So it’s interesting that because there is such a lack of during the pandemic, right? And there’s a lot of like mental health issues, a lot of anxiety issues, a lot of things that were going on. You know, we’re slowly trying to bloom back to what it looked like, maybe not the same intensity because I think that before the pandemic, it was like at 150 percent of like time, time, time, go, go, go.

But it’s definitely starting to shine through again, you know, the social aspect, the building, building networks, you know. That sense of community, but in a different way, and it’s, I think, in a way for a company like ours specifically, right, we’re software, I think it could be very successful for us because we’re a small company, so we have to throw our names out there, we have to, you know, network, we have to build partnerships back to you, Jackie, you know, you’re so good at socializing and, and talking to people, so it’s, it’s a very interesting and exciting thing next year to see what, what will What will happen?

You guys, I also kind of feel like with, with in person stuff, there was this point when travel and, and like the world was opening back up where I think people forgot how to Interact with each other in person like with people who weren’t in your COVID bubbles. And maybe why this is now trending back upwards is that we had a couple of years to.

Get back into that groove of being in person and talking to people that we might not know, or that we only know through work and next year, it’s just going to take off. Yeah, I think so, too. I think the exciting thing, too, about being able to have, like, very organic conversations about anything that might come up when you’re in person is that you can still relate those things back to.

Business at a later point, or maybe it gives you an idea in the future or something comes up in the future. And you’re like, Oh, I had this conversation with Ron in Nashville. Right. And he was talking about doing all these things in the national park. And I don’t know, maybe that prompts something or builds a connection with a different customer that we have, that we can connect him with different softwares that he’s using and how other Interact customers can use.

that. So it wasn’t like we sat down with Ron in Nashville and was like, Hey, Ron, what are all the ways that we could work together? No, it was like, we went out to the bar one night to like a honky tonk in Nashville and everybody just had a good time. We didn’t really talk about work. We just became friends as people.

And then I got to learn about how they go all over the United States and they see all these different national parks and this is how they’re using their quizzes. And it made me As a representative of Interact, understand so much more what he was trying to do without him actually telling me what he was trying to do, if that makes sense, because sometimes it can be kind of hard to talk about yourself and give your elevator pitch and all of that, but being at a live in person event or where it makes sense for you to have an online community where you foster these conversations, right, you can really get into I don’t know, just, I think such better content because it’s so much more authentic.

Yeah. Yeah. This reminds me of marketing, like a couple of decades ago when, uh, big companies used to actually like house somebody in a state and then they had to go to like door by door or business by business and try to like get their business, establish a relationship, take him out to dinner, try to get to another family, you know, because we didn’t have internet at the time.

So that’s like a lot of late work. Now it’s like, well, we have the internet. So how do we use that? And then leverage like the social aspect of it, right? And so it’s like combining the two things. And it always goes back to just like human connection, just like getting to know somebody, you know? It’s super interesting.

I feel like it also has to, it adds to you know, that concept of Being present and showing up as a real person. So, especially for us as a software company, it was valuable for us to show up and show people like, Hey, we’re not just a keyboard, you know, or like keyboard warriors behind the computer. We are actually real people and we are here to help.

And I think that will go a long way for entrepreneurs who are trying to get the word out there about their businesses is to join these in person events, whether it’s networking or at a conference they’re sponsoring and so on. Because it’s showing people like, Hey, not only do I add value as an expert in my field, but I can relate to you as an actual person.

Yeah. I think of moms. Moms have such a good connection, which you could be in any industry, any niche, but like they just connect with each other because they get the struggles and the hardships and the love and all of that. So, I mean, and there’s so many different examples of that, but yeah, I think the same thing.

And I just want to say, I can’t even tell you how many customers I’ve talked to over the years that they like Interact, but when they find out we’re a team of 10 now, I think 13 or 14, they’re like, what, how are just 10 people doing this? They think it’s so much cooler of a product because they get to know our team a little bit more.

I can’t tell you how many times that happened. Had nothing to do with the features, nothing to do with the actual software, but had to do with the story behind how our co founders got started in college and how they, you know, employed just 10 people to help thousands and thousands of customers and pump out all of this content and all the things that we get to do.

Right. Right. I agree. Jackie, how do you think? Like, because Damaris has mentioned this earlier, so I want to call it out, but in person events, you know, you’re, you’re able to build these relationships. How do you think that will affect partnerships in 2024? So, we use partner stack and they have this saying on their website of building the right ecosystem for you.

And I think that partner ecosystems are going to be the. The up and coming trend in the next year. If they’re not maybe already. And what I mean by that is rather than just being like, Oh, Jess, you could use a quiz. Maybe your audience could use a quiz. Let’s just me and you connect and work on a few things to help your, your customers out or our mutual customers, whereas an ecosystem would involve all three of us, or maybe more people, for example, interact.

Plus we just integrated with flow desk. Plus Jenna Kutcher is using Flowdesk you know, and other softwares that she’s using, other people who are using both platforms, can those influencers partner together because they’re both using the same softwares? So I think that’s the goal moving forward for, for our program is how do we build up a bigger ecosystem to really all empower and help each other, as opposed to just these one off transactions of you’re promoting interact and I don’t know, maybe I backlink back to you or support you in some other way, or just maybe it’s the reward, right?

Like you’re. You’re promoting interact, you get a reward. That’s the end of it. But I think, especially with in person conversations, cause you can get deeper into who you are, things that you like, how it relates to your business. You can use that to build the ecosystem even better. Also, people like to work with people who they like.

So if you’re at these in person events and you’re making all these new friends and you re I mean, people can come across as different online, right? Especially if they’re, I don’t know, I’d say new to being online, but. Probably no, no one listening is because we’ve all been stuck at home since 2020. But yeah, I just think that being in person allows you to foster a stronger connection.

And then you can use that to build up this ecosystem for your, I don’t know, whatever it is, your program, your business, your offering. Also, when you were talking about building an ecosystem, what actually came to mind was finding people who compliment your business, you know, not just like, Hey, let’s, let’s both market with, like, do like a marketing campaign with each other, but also having a relationship where.

You do something that I don’t, so I can focus on that one thing that I’m really good at and I can profit off of that, but you build this ecosystem where, okay, now that you’re ready for that next step, let me refer you to somebody that I partner with who’s better at that than I am and they can actually help you get you where you need to be, and then it’s kind of sort of like passing people on to the next person in their ecosystem.

Whether that’s a software or, you know, a service. Yeah, it reminds me a lot of, I mean, and that’s, I think why last year, maybe this year and last year, we saw a lot of requests come through for, can you give us a session for our online summit? Whereas now it’s shifting into, do you want to come sponsor our live event?

I kind of actually want to. Add on to this idea though, maybe not pivot, but I want to add on to this idea of doing stuff in person mainly because of the, I don’t really know how to say this. It wasn’t really an epiphany, but how we were able to see people use our product live in person was so valuable.

Then if we were to try to do it on on zoom, like, In a screen share recording. It’s totally different. And I think there’s this element of like everything being organic and natural that really changed the game for me, at least in my perspective of, you know, how do we move the company forward? And that was customer research that I hadn’t seen before, because we’ve been remote for so long and because we’ve primarily talked to people on zoom for so long, but we were able to have real conversations and kind of to your point, Jackie about, you know, meeting people live in person and then using that as a way to connect with them later on of like, there was one woman. Oh, my gosh. I can’t remember her name, but she, she wore the cutest sweaters each day. And like, that was like a point of conversation, right? Was like, Oh my gosh, like coming in with a new, with another cute sweater today.

And just like that, like relationship building and having a presence, I think was really helpful and will probably like be, you know, another reason why. Live conferences and partnerships are going to really boom in the next year. And so they’re using these online summits to collect, to like cross their email lists, right?

So everybody who’s participating in the summit has a chance to access other people’s email list. So just going back to your point, Jess, of finding services or offerings or products or people who compliment your service, it’s a great way to grow your email list. So we saw in Nashville ConvertKit came on.

And they talked about their creator network. And so what they do is me, Jackie, I launched my newsletter and then all of my followers get to read that obviously. But in the creator network, the network will also recommend other people that they might want to follow that match me for different reasons, which I think maybe you can set up within ConvertKit or you can find at least partners in ConvertKit that you want to add to your ecosystem.

So. Whether you’re doing this online or you decide to move into in person events, where I think the connection, like we were saying, is just stronger. These are great ways to grow your email list. And if you’re doing that, adding a quiz as your lead magnet to other audiences allows you to further segment them.

So, I don’t know. I just wanted to call that out, that there’s other ways of sharing your quiz than just being online and, or growing your email list as Just being able to find followers online, you can find them out there in the real world, and you can connect with people in the real world to help you do that, too.

Yeah, I love that. This brings us backwards slightly because we had already talked about webinars, but I totally forgot about this earlier where you know, we have this shift. Heavily into video content now, and I wonder if that’s why webinars are starting to really boom. Is that shift into pure video content?

My prediction is that it will play an even bigger role. than it currently is. I don’t know how it could get any bigger, but it will. I think SEO is slowly starting to move into purely YouTube. You know, how do you get people to find you on YouTube and how does that, how do the cross channel references go to your other social medias, like TikTok, Instagram, and so on, rather than before it was, you know, written content, right?

Like that was the, that was like the primary goal of like organic content. So my prediction is that video will start to play a really big role, I guess probably in webinars, since that’s coming back, but, like, yeah, educational content, entertainment, like, Giving people options of all of that to view, rather than just, you know, here’s a quick tutorial of how to change a tire.

Well, it’s interesting that you say that because I think. Tying into what you’re saying prediction for 2024 of whoever’s out there listening. I think that we’ve learned so much from this pandemic situation because primarily before, right, 2019 a lot of the people that were going to these conferences and we’re going to these network events.

We’re very like type eight people, right? Social intro, like not introverts, extroverts, like wanting to go out, meet people. And then we’ve come to realize like during the pandemic. A lot of people had gotten isolated and some of those people really boomed. So then like now shifting to this market now, how do we cater both of those types of people, the people that want to go out there and talk to people, social events, conferences, and really want that sort of like networking part.

And then also the people that don’t really necessarily like that, but would prefer to do. Like video webinar sort of thing. So it’s like, now it’s like a combination of both of these things, which is amazing. Cause it’s like, I felt like I was part of a social experiment for like two or three years, to be honest, you know?

Cause I was like, we’ve learned so much. It’s insane. You know? Which. Promise me the question to ask our audience, like, would it be helpful for interact to do webinars down the road in 2024? Would that be something that you guys would like? So, interestingly enough, we can tie it all in. I wouldn’t want the webinar to be about right?

Right? That kind of made me think of, like another prediction around sort of authenticity and tying the two together of video and showing up in person, like, and like connection and everything is just that people want to see real people and they want to see real stories. And I think that’s why webinars, video and in person things are, are going to start becoming more prevalent is that you’re showing your face, right?

Like people are getting to know you as a person. And I feel like, I mean, I’ve been on interacts videos for quite some time. And Jackie, like now you’re doing a ton of videos. We’re on this podcast and I’ve talked to people in the past where they will hop on a call with me and they’ll be like, I feel like I already know you because I’ve been watching your videos.

And that’s what people really crave and that’s what they need. And so kind of tying those two together to mirrors of, of, you know, video and in person is I think like authenticity, like people want to see the real stories. They want to get to know you as a person. They don’t want you know, to just buy things off of you.

If they don’t know who you are, like that plays a huge role. Yeah, I agree 100%.

I Wanna do the obvious prediction that I’m sure people probably saw coming towards the end of this episode, but ai, like, I think AI is. Going to become mainstream next year. Everybody’s going to implement it. They’re all going to adopt it and it’ll become less scary than it was in January of 2023. I also think a reason for that Jess is because people may like this year, I think was a year of testing and building out and growing AI and playing around with it.

But a lot of that, especially for us was on chat GPT or within open AI. And when you’re looking at that. screen for the first time, it’s literally like coding in a way because you’re just staring at a blank space. You’re typing in English or whatever language you speak, you’re not using code, but if you don’t know what to tell it or how to ask it, what you want it to do, you’re not going to get a great response.

And then you’re probably not going to use that response. And then you’re going to think, okay, AI isn’t for me, but tools like interact AI, you never have to touch chat GPT. You’re literally filling out a form, which is easy. Anybody can do that. But then in the backend AI is then turning that into an entire quiz.

For you. So I think that will have a lot to do with your prediction for next year of AI becoming more mainstream because people are going to use it without necessarily even knowing that they’re using it. Like Grammarly, right? How long have we all been using grammar Grammarly? That’s essentially an AI model.

And so I think just the ease of use is getting better because new products like interact AI are coming out. And so they’re easier tools to use than trying to teach yourself how to use chat GPT. Yeah, I agree that it’s going to be really, it’s going, it’s going to be normalized in a way, and which is also why I think it ties into what one of our prediction was around video and like face to face events is because we have so much information at our fingertips already, like we can find out anything and everything.

In like 10 seconds, so what we’re what’s missing there is that connection piece, right? Like, we’re not connecting as at a human level. And so, like, because we already have all this information, how do we then connect? In, in, in, you know, and not only in businesses, but personally. And so I think that’s why having that sort of balance of both these things will really be thriving in 2024.

So. It’s going to be super interesting. Yeah. And that can go into the type of content that you create too, right? Of like, maybe you want to talk authentically about yourself and your interests so that you can connect with people who have those same interests. And then also you want to talk about your product and your services and how it works and the solutions that you helped.

And I mean, that even goes back into writing blogs versus doing podcasts versus recording videos, like going to live events. You should really be, even though these are the trends that we’re predicting, you really, I think should be trying all of these things anyways, to see what works best specifically for your business.

And also, what do you enjoy doing the most? Because if making videos is too hard and too exhausting, then it’s going to deplete other areas of your business. If it just burns you out to make videos. So what other ways could you go to live? In person events, instead of having to record yourself, set up a camera in the corner, and then maybe you have like recorded videos of you chatting with people, right?

Like, I think there’s a lot of different ways to make content and with all of these trends coming out, there’s a lot of opportunity for people to try new things based on what their audience prefers and based on how, what they like to do themselves as well. Yeah. Well said, Jackie. Thank you for that. I want to apologize if anyone here is my dog in the background, because she wants to be a part of the podcast.

Cute! Okay. But as you guys were talking, something that came to mind was you know, how people were probably already using AI, just not knowing. And I think the shift here is that now it is available for everybody to use. For their own personal, you know, whatever that is, whether it’s like, how to be more productive, like plan my day, plan my week, or, you know help me make my content creation faster and so on.

And, like, I guess where I’m going with this is that, You know, the only way you can show the authenticity, which is, was one of my predictions is if you are getting there faster. And I think AI will be the way to do that. And that’s why everybody’s going to make, make it as a part of their business. Yeah, I hope this isn’t unrelated, but I want to say something about prompt design because just what you’re saying is I think maybe people struggle with using chat GPT because they’re trying to make it right the blog when really what you want to do is dump your authenticity into chat GPT so it understands who you are, why you’re like that, what you do, who you serve, how you help right?

And then let chat GPT do all of the work of constructing it into a blog. Really the information that you want to give it. AI is the content that you, I guess, like the topics that you want to talk about, like your explanations of certain things. So could you talk it out? Could you write it out? And then just use that as your inputs.

So anyways, I just wanted to say that cause that’s, that makes a good point. But I think one of the struggles this year of using AI was people were trying too hard to have it craft a perfect blog, but they weren’t feeding it enough information of like. What should the blog be saying? What are the main points of your topic?

Right. But again, with UI and Interact AI coming out and making it in a form, instead of just typing out, Jasper does something very similar. It’s a lot easier to use. So you don’t have to know that it just asks you in the form. What are your main topics? What are you talking about? How do you feel about this?

And then once you get that, it gives such a better output, making it easier to use. Right. Like I think this year was a year. I mean, we’ve been building interact AI all year. It’s coming soon. Fingers crossed. It comes sooner rather than later. But shout out to the engineering team. Not trying to call you out.

Like it’s been built, right? So I think by next year, all of those products are going to come out and now you’re going to be able to use it for yourself in an easier way. Mm hmm. So I guess that leads to you know, a prediction more so. For Interact is with Interact AI coming out being public use. My prediction would be more lead generating quizzes put out on the internet.

For people to, for people to use, for customers to take I think it’s really gonna change the game for getting a quiz up and running much faster and easier than it was. And also, I think from coaching, a lot of people right away wanted to make multiple quizzes at the same time. And when you’ve never made a quiz before, that’s extremely difficult.

But with Interact AI, it will take you. Five minutes, maybe to get the entire quiz put out for you, like added to your interact account. So being able to test different versions of your quiz, different styles of your quiz and assessment angle versus the knowledge test versus the personality angle, right?

Well, I’ll be very interesting. Do you guys think that with interact AI being like publicly available for use, that it’ll change the best practices for quizzes? Like what gets people to sign up? From the customer’s perspective side, I think that this is not marketing or partnerships. Just to be clear, just customer side.

I think that we’ll just have to be more uh, what’s the right word? Selective or cater our customers in a different way than we’ve ever done before. And I think that. There’s nothing wrong with that. Sometimes companies evolve and grow from that. And I think that that’s how you nurture and develop better relationships with people.

And I’m excited for that. So I think that in that sense, I think it’ll elevate the game. Yeah. And maybe I said, I was shaking my head. No, because I think I misunderstood the question. I agreed to Maris. I think in terms of signups, it will absolutely help because it activates the customer that much faster.

I mean, we literally took a five week coaching program and put it into, Hey, fill out this form in two minutes and you’ll have your quiz in your account done. Like that’s a huge difference. And it’s a way. What’s the opposite of it? We smaller ask than having them, Hey, come in, test out a quiz. It’s going to take you five weeks to build it.

You know? So I think in that regard, yeah, it’ll actually, it’ll absolutely. I think it’s going to absolutely be a game changer. The reason I was shaking my head no is the strategies behind how you build your quiz and the types of questions you want to ask and what your quiz titles are will not change with AI.

AI is just going to amplify that. We’ve put our strategy into interact AI so that it builds whatever type of quiz you need. The strategy behind it isn’t going to change. Just the way you make your quizzes will because it’ll be way faster. I wonder if in fact, It will actually help you personalize your quizzes even more because you’ll have a starting point in less time, right?

Like, you’ll be able to test faster. You’ll be able to, you know, send it to a couple of customers that you have a relationship with, um, much faster and they’ll be able to give you feedback faster because it’s done and you’ll be able to tweak it. Because you have that starting point through AI. And I think it also catches things that maybe you didn’t necessarily think you would need to ask in your quiz.

Like sometimes we see people who are too focused on segmentation questions that don’t necessarily relate back to the final result, right? Like, where are you in your business? How many courses have you paid for before in the past? Right. Whereas now AI is doing all of the proper. Court correlating or scoring, right?

To get people to the right result. But then when you look at the quiz, you’re like, Oh, but I just want to ask this one other thing, you know? And so you can still add that in, but your quiz is still going to work. It’s still going to get people to the right result. So, yeah, I agree. I think they’re easier to customize because you’re.

You’re not starting with a blank screen. It’s for me, I think for a lot of people, it can be so frustrating to start with a blank screen and know in your head where you want to go, but not be able to find the words to take you there. And that’s what Interact AI does. So it’s been a lot of fun building it out.

I’m really excited for it to fully launch to customer, be customer facing. Excited. Happy dance, Damaris. Yes. Yeah. Keep going.

Yeah. And that will also like you know, sort of amplify our own looking, we’re looking at our own product and like how we’re gonna evolve and like help our customers at a different level at that point. And so like, that’s what we’re here for, just, you know, 2024 is the year of growth. I want to say that I was thinking about this this morning that, Oh, there she is.

I was thinking this morning about how this year was, you know, after the pandemic and all that stuff, it was like a year of sort of learning how to rest and kind of get out of that hustle culture. But next year, now that we know that part, how to take breaks, it’ll be a year of growth, like with those breaks already like planned into the year.

Oh yeah. I’m excited. Well, guys, thank you so much for running through. I know making predictions for trends is so hard and you’re like, I don’t even know if I know what, what trends are happening, but you did. So if you guys are out there listening and you know, you. Have your own predictions. Email us. Let us know what you think.

If you have any questions about Interact AI, feel free to reach out about that as well. You can also head over to ai.tryinteract.com, fill out the form for yourself and get a quiz today. Thank you. Bye. Bye everyone.

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Jessmyn Solana

Jessmyn Solana is the Partner Program Manager of Interact, a place for creating beautiful and engaging quizzes that generate email leads. Outside of Interact Jessmyn loves binge watching thriller and sci-fi shows, cuddling with her fluffy dog, and traveling to places she's never been before.