Ep. 92

Debunking the Top 5 Quiz Myths with Team Interact

This episode features Interact’s Digital Marketing Manager and Host, Jessmyn Solana, Customer Success Manager, Damaris Pacheco, Growth Manager, Jackie Aguglia, and Social Content Manager, Jesy Nelson. 

In this episode we will debunk the top 5 most common quiz myths:

  • Quizzes are incredibly time consuming to make
  • Quizzes have to be long and complicated to be effective
  • Quizzes are only suitable for certain industries
  • Quizzes don’t contribute to SEO/website traffic 
  • You need a website to generate leads with a quiz

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Hi everyone. Welcome back to Interact’s Grow podcast. Today I’m super excited because I’m here with Jackie and Damaris as usual, but Jessmyn is finally back. Woo woo. Welcome back. Thanks. It’s good to be back. I missed you guys. Give us a quick recap. Where were you? Why have we been missing you on the last month of episodes?

What’s going on? Okay. I always say long story short, but I tend to like. Say the longest story ever. So I will try to keep it as short as possible, but because I have been at Interact for five years, I was, I like to say gifted because I think it is a gift a four week sabbatical and it just happens to kind of align around the same time as my wedding, which happened in December.

So I kind of doubled it with my honeymoon since I got so much time off. Me and my husband spent two weeks in Japan and we went through all the major cities, Tokyo Osaka, Kyoto, Sapporo. Then we flew to Seoul, Korea and spent a week there. So, Yeah, jealous. I’ve been out and about secretly stalking my email slash Slack to see if you guys anything caught on fire, but nothing did.

So thank God. And then I listened to the episodes while I was gone, and you guys did such a great job and I felt like I was on a call with you. Aw. Aw, that’s so nice. We definitely missed you though, and it’s so nice to have you back. When it was just the three of us, it kind of felt lonely, didn’t it?

I felt like if Josh wasn’t here, if Jessmyn wasn’t here, I was like, oh, the dynamic duo was the big room. Yeah. Yeah. When it was you three, I remember you saying something like this is the first time, and I think you said something like, hopefully the only time. Yeah. We were like, hopefully this is the first and last time that we don’t have Jessmyn or Josh.

It’s not the same. I like seeing four faces on the screen. Way better this way. It completes the like, yeah, I was gonna say circle, even though it’s not really a the square circle, but yeah, the whole square. The whole square. But it’s good to be back. It’s good to be back. We are very grateful that you’re back and we are excited that you’re back today because today’s topic is something that you definitely have a lot to say about as well after being at Interact for five years.

And Jackie and Damaris, you too. Today we are going to be debunking five of the most common quiz myths. There’s more than five probably, but we’re gonna just start this episode off with five and number one, let’s jump right into it. We’ve talked about this a lot, I feel like in the past few episodes, but quiz myth number one, a quiz has to be long and complicated.

Whoever feels like they wanna dive in on this, You guys want me to go first since I haven’t? Yes. Yes. Jess, tell us. Break it out. Let’s do adjustment. This is your way of getting it started. I think anytime we talk about copywriting, it’s always sort of, at least for me, I think it depends on your perspective.

There are a lot of people where if you talk to them, they’re like, yeah, you have to be like really thorough. It has to be long. Not necessarily complicated, but like, you need to like, like as if you’re like really talking to someone. But I’m definitely more of the like short and sweet and concise type of copywriter where I think you just wanna get to the point and not have as many fillers, which I think for a lot of.

You know, maybe beginner people in copywriting, whether it is a quiz or you know, your website, yes, it’s good to eventually like add all of that in there, but when you’re starting out it, it doesn’t have to be scary and you kind of just have to get to the point. Yeah, I love that. I agree with that. I’m always so impressed when I see something like that’s any type of, whether it’s an email, a landing page, a quiz, when you can get to the point but make it short and sweet.

I’m like, wow, that’s still take. It takes work to get there. But I agree with that. You have their attention span and it’s quick and you get them to the results, which is the goal. Yes. Damaris, I know you also have some thoughts about this. I, you know, I was actually hesitant. I was like, should I say something?

Should I not? I think I agree with Jessmyn. For all of us listening, it’s, it’s definitely a matter of like, Who you are as a person and how you take in information especially if you are. It depends on your audience as well, right? Some people have different types of audiences, some younger, some older, maybe in the middle.

It just really depends. It doesn’t have to be long and complicated, I think on a quiz, I mean, I think that’s like the biggest debunk myth that we’ve see out there. I’ve seen quizzes that are only like five questions long that are super successful. I’ve seen questions that are 10, 15 questions longs that are R, but I think the biggest thing is I.

Going back to what the ladies were saying, just having like really clear questions, not super wordy. Because I, I feel like that does affect a lot of quiz takers as they’re taking their quiz. The quiz. If you have to read a lot into it and put a lot of thought into it then that does sort of, Make it a little bit harder to keep the engagement going.

I am also just like, Jessmyn, a big fan of the result pages where like, Hey, just tell me what I need to know. Tell me what, what next steps are. Tell me where I need to go next and keep it moving. Right. So that’s sort of my perspective. I don’t know if you, you guys have anything you wanna add to that or not?

I totally agree with what all three of you are saying, and to me, when you asked the, when you said the myth, Jesy, I thought of like all of the segmentation and the email sequences that would make a quiz complicated. Not so much the quiz itself. Mm-hmm. And I, I think that’s also a. Paul Smith debunked myth, how would we say this, right?

Where you don’t have to have, and we’ve talked about this a bunch in the, in the last episode, so definitely check out the marketing barriers one cuz we, we go into detail about this there, but you don’t have to have a lawn drawn out email sequence. You don’t even have to have. In email sequence after your quiz in order to launch it.

We’ve seen success there. We’ve also seen people build it up over time. So it can become long and complicated, but it definitely didn’t start that way so that you can really understand what it is that your audience is looking for, what they need to be told in these emails or what resources they want to have in those emails, and then you build them out.

So, yeah, totally agree. But I would say even in the past, the quiz in the marketing and in the the email sequences, it doesn’t have to be long complicated either. Yeah, and I just wanted that, oh, go ahead. Oh, jinx. No, I just wanted, I just got reminded something as I was hearing Jackie talk about it. And a lot of the strategy calls that we used to do before I feel like sometimes we overthink and overcomplicate the quiz process a lot.

You don’t have to have like, information overload on your quiz. Like that’s definitely not the purpose of the quiz. Sometimes you just have to step back and just look at the bigger picture, like the high level picture of what you want. Your people to see. And then that’s when, back to what Jackie was saying, your email sequence comes in, your nurture sequence comes in just to get them in the door, get them to convert, and then you can do the rest later.

I just wanted to add that just to further debunk this long and complicated myth. Okay. No, that was great. I was gonna say that like from an internal perspective, like Interact Because we’ve now been in business for God, what is it, nine years total like even before predating me. But anyway you know, from an internal perspective, there was a point in time where we thought, okay, the best way to help our customers is to give them.

All of the information, every single step of the way. Even maybe help them, like with some of the sort of outlying business stuff that needs to be in place in order for them to have a quiz. And then in order for the quiz to be successful, we also have to teach our customers like, okay, here’s how to write emails.

Here’s how to do this, here’s how to promote, here’s how to market your business. And then I think it just kind of turned, what we learned from that was, you know, one, I think it’s scary if you’re new to business or like you’re, you’re. It’s growing, but not quite there yet. And two, it’s completely overwhelming, right?

Where you’re like, oh, what a cool new tool. It looks so simple. Yet you get in there and there’s 20 steps that you have to do for it to be quote unquote successful. And so now the idea is, okay, well, how can we give you enough information that you need to know but not overwhelm you and still help you be successful?

But just at that starting point, once you’re comfortable at that starting point, then maybe you could kind of like grow on that or expand on that. And it does end up becoming a little bit longer, which is why you’ll see some people with a super long and like flushed out process throughout their, you know, marketing funnel or their quiz funnel.

And then you’ll also find people where it’s a lot shorter. Yeah. I love how you kind of brought it back to us and how we kind of realized how we help people create quizzes has completely changed. Cuz this totally jumps us right into. Our second quiz, MITH, which is that they are super time consuming to make, and I think this is an interesting one because if you asked me a year ago, I would’ve told you that that’s not a myth.

They are time consuming to make so, Does anyone wanna hop in on this one? How do we feel about this? Quizzes are time consuming to make. What do we think now? Aw. Oh, Jackie’s thumbs down. If only you can hear that like motion of you going like this. Do we have a buzzer? Yeah. Start with, oh, the irony. Yeah, it is.

I feel like all of what, who agrees here? That like a year or two years ago, you would’ve told someone like, yeah, a quiz. Can be time consuming to make like, you know, yeah. Two to three or two to six weeks even. Right. And now coaching was five weeks. Yeah. Yeah. Coaching was five weeks long. And even in coaching, I would encourage people to use a template that was at the time, the fastest way to create a quiz.

Use a template, find something that’s close enough to what you’re looking for, and then make tweaks and adjustments to make it your own. But you don’t even have to do that anymore because if you haven’t been listening, we have Interact AI . Woohoo. Yeah, I think. Go ahead. I was gonna say that like what the AI simplifies as well is before there was a lot of instruction on how to understand your business, which is information that you already know, but I think it just became complicated based off of how it was laid out before we had Interact AI .

Whereas now it’s like, okay, give us your website. Tell us a little bit about your product or your services. Tell us a little bit about you. And then we’ll pump out a quiz for you, and then over time then you can like make edits to it. Mm-hmm. Mm-hmm. Yeah, I think I, I always go back to, I, when Josh first introduced Interact AI to us, the tool, which is still in beta, but what, what, he mentioned something around the lines, this is not verbatim, but he said something around the lines of Interact.

Really struggled before sort of closing that bridge or that gap of how do we help customers build their quizzes without it being so time consuming. And I think that was always challenging for him as a c e O and founder. Trying to create that bridge for our customers, which is why Jackie had coaching.

We had the community, we had all these things and resources to try to help. And now with Interact, AI sort of helped us create this bridge that really helps our customers, you know, build that quiz faster and also give you time back to not. Have to be so consumed and you know, overthink and strategize and all the things that comes with quiz making.

So I just thought that would be something interesting to point out that this Interact AI tool has really changed the game. Yeah, and I think Damaris, that’s because the hardest part of making a quiz is deciding what you should make your quiz about. And so even if you know that you wanna, you want a quiz on your website, or even if you know like a general idea of what you want the quiz to be about, going to write it is a lot harder.

And we talked about this in the barrier one episode, making your quiz, finding very topic because it, it does require like a different level of thinking to put what you already know into quiz format. And that’s what I love the most about AI . Cuz I literally will sit here and I’ll be like, okay, AI , like, try to get that one.

You know, like, what are you gonna come up with? Even I am like, I don’t know how we’re gonna make a quiz about that. But then you put it in and it, it comes out accurate every single time because you’re telling AI , this is what I know, this is what I want to tell my people. But now put it into quiz format, which is hard to do, but AI really removes that barrier.

And so it’s, it’s so much faster. It’s so much easier. I mean, once the tool is perfected, you’ll get a quiz within. I wanna say a minute, maybe five minutes to start, maybe even 10 minutes. Right. But that’s a heck of a lot faster than a day or five weeks. Right. So I think that we can totally debunk this myth because open our spreadsheet, we’ve probably made a thousand quizzes in the last couple of weeks just from AI submissions.

Yeah. Which I, I feel like it’s crazy that we’ve been able to make so many quizzes so quickly, and at least from the quizzes I’ve seen. It has never given me two quizzes that are the same. Yeah, because we’re taking your business’s information, your offers or products or anything you’re selling, and it tweaks the questions, it tweaks the results, and I haven’t seen two quizzes that are the same.

Which is very impressive. I have a really good example for this. So just today somebody submitted the the AI request form and they wanted a quiz about which type of emotional eater you are. And I know for a fact we have several templates, quiz templates. That are available that this person could have used and then adjusted and, and used us that for their quiz.

But what’s different about AI , what we’re doing, rather than me just making a quiz about emotional eaters, is before we even start, I reached back out and asked what type of emotional eaters are in this person’s audience? And so now in rather than using a template and changing things, we’re going to be able to take those specific eaters, types of eaters in their audience and what exactly they, this person, this business, wants to tell these different types of people and we’re putting it into quiz format for them.

We just need to know, and you, I mean, you really don’t need to know what type of eaters they’re, we can, we can come up with that for you if you want us to, but the more you give us the. Based on your expertise, what you wanna tell your audience, what you’ve al, what you’re already telling your audience, which is why we ask you for your website cuz you’re probably already doing a great job of it, of of it there.

And we can simply just put that into AI and make something extremely customizable. So you could have hundreds of, of quizzes that are about emotional eaters and things like this, but everyone could be different because every bus, every business and brand is different with using it customizable, but also faster.

Yeah, I wanted add that in there. Yeah, exactly. Exactly. I feel like we’ve completely debunked the myth that quiz there, time consuming to make. Now I can confidently say that they are not, which I couldn’t have said not too long ago. So big win. Let’s see. Big win. Big win. Another super common quiz myth is that quizzes can only be used for certain industries.

And let me give you a few examples of that. Some people believe that quizzes can only be used for like B2C industries and companies, or like product-based businesses, like if you’re selling jewelry or makeup or anything like that. But I know that we will be able to debunk this because 90% of the quizzes I see are not product based businesses or just b2c.

Yeah, it’s been very interesting to be able to sort of work through with customers and just see the, in like there is so many types of businesses out there. I mean, I can’t even make this stuff up if I wanted to. And you know, I think, Jackie, you were just saying something about chickens the other day and then, you know, product related quizzes and.

For university students that are, I don’t know, planning their final and they want to make a quiz out of it, or nonprofit organization. I mean, the list goes on and on and on. I mean, I, I don’t know. How do we even get started on the topic? I’ll let one of you guys get started. Cause they can, my head’s just going everywhere.

There’s too many industries to name. Yeah. I would say as long as you are in a position where you want to give relevant information to people online, you can benefit from a quiz. Yeah. I would add too, that like the idea of using a quiz in your marketing is relatively new, right? So the reason why you don’t see it in every single industry is because it hasn’t been created yet.

Mm-hmm. You know, it hasn’t been used yet. So I think the coolest part for me, I actually really, really enjoy when I work with someone and I, and they’re like, can you send me other examples of this, of this type of quiz for my industry? And I’m like, There is none. So how cool is it to be the first person to engage your audience in that way if you can’t get an example?

And now with Interact AI based off of the information you do have, we don’t have to compare it to an existing quiz anymore. We can use the AI to like help you create something of your own. And now you are, you know, I guess the thought leader in how to engage your audience in this type of way. Yeah. I love that.

I keep thinking about this quiz that I built with AI , I think they were called 28 Muses, and I really liked what they did. They’re like specific to the New York area, and they have different like retreats slash kind of like team building offerings for people. And their quiz is all built around that.

Like someone like Melanie from our team who is our executive assistant. She’s kind of in charge of our offsites and our team bonding activities. And their quiz is all about helping them pick which type of team building activity would be right for their team. And the results kind of show them the options that they have, like and why.

And I feel like that’s also a perfect example. That’s not just B two C. It can totally be straight B2B for businesses. And I mean, our quiz on our website, what’s. What’s our quiz called? What’s the right quiz for you? Or what’s the best quiz for your business? I mean, that’s aimed at other businesses as well.

Some of those are perfect examples. And to further debunk the myth, how many times have we adjusted that quiz for new industries? Because people would submit and they would say, oh, you know, my industry is not on this list. And we would get very, very niche businesses. Justin, you were reviewing them. I, I remember like sourdough bread baking versus just bread for baking versus just baking.

They were all different areas, right? Yeah. So we’ve had to expand it a ton because so many new people from different industries have come in and requesting quizzes. Yeah. Yeah. Which do, which is wanna add, oh, go ahead. Finish your thought because I have like an opposing thought. Oh, ooh. Yeah. Well, I was gonna say like, that’s a good point that you brought up Jessmyn earlier, where we don’t really, well we don’t really keep live examples like that from our customers, but also a lot of our customers have very unique businesses and very unique niche, and so we don’t have other.

Other quizzes or other industries that we can compare yours to, why would you want that? Right? That’s why. We have Interact AI to sort of build that customizable quiz for your own, you know, your own business, your own brand, your own voice. And so I just wanted to sort of point that out that just because your industry or whatever you’re doing is super, super unique and there’s really not that many people out there, does not mean that you can’t use a quiz to, to get that done.

So, Screen. All right, Jessmyn, let’s hear your opposing thought, and if we don’t like it, then we’re gonna have to kick off this call. How no. I was gonna say that I think like there is a challenge in certain industries, not necessarily that you can’t create a quiz, but for example, you know, I’ve talked to a lot of.

People who do like some sort of like mental health counseling or, you know, they’re a psychologist trying to like, engage with people who may not, you know, may, they may be interested in getting therapy, but they’re not quite there yet or anything. You know, that has something to do with the medical field is a lot more challenging to create a quiz, especially because there’s a lot of laws around what you can say online or maybe what type of, you know what, what’s the word?

Certification cred. Credit. Because Credentials. Credential, yeah, credentials. I’m like, is creditation word? Oh, that’s embarrassing. Am I? She’s been on vacation, everybody. It’s okay. Yeah. You know, it’s my first day back. But yeah, like I think that would be an industry where I think there are a lot of challenges in my advice.

To people who maybe are listening and are like, yeah, quiz does not work for mine because of, you know, those reasons. It would be to just make sure that like you do, do enough research before you know you market anyway, I guess. But also that it’s not a bad idea to talk to a lawyer every once in a while and just like double check like, Hey, if, if I do decide to market my business in this way, like what?

What obstacles could I run into legally? And I wanna make sure that, you know, I’m doing things properly. I feel like that’s something that I run into a lot, even with I know a lot of people who try to run Facebook ads based off of their quiz, but one, one that comes to mind is somebody, their whole business was about hypnosis, which was so cool, but somehow that got tied into medical terms and you can’t.

You can’t advertise anything medical, I think in a Facebook ad. So there are some challenges with those type of industries all saying That’s a really good point, and definitely have experienced that. Even with AI quizzes. I think someone wanted to build a quiz that was something like, do you have P C O S?

And I was sitting there thinking about it and I was like, I don’t think that you can, you know, Build a quiz that lands with people saying, yes you do, and no you don’t, because we know that you know some medical things, you need to actually take tests to confirm it. I’m like, but you can, you know, build something that says, are you experiencing symptoms of P C O S?

You know, like that’s how you can kind of shift it and say like, okay, if they are, you know, they might have it and here’s how you can help them. Here’s like the resources they need to figure out if they do have it or not. But I think that’s a very good point. I didn’t even think about that. Right. So it’s not that it’s, it’s not possible.

I just think that like if there are gonna be people who are thinking like, wait, but I can’t create a quiz because of X, Y, Z, and it falls into something like that. So we gotta address it. Yeah. Yeah. And also, but that’s just like marketing your business in general too, right? That’s not just specific to you.

Exactly. So we do have therapists and people who are in the mental health space that are using quizzes. But legal, legal, I don’t mean to say it like that, they’re legally used in quizzes, but, but they are because they’re, they, they have disclaimers that they’re not diagnosing you through this, or it’s, you know, for the purposes of, I don’t know, something like this.

Anyway, so yeah, always check with your lawyer, but I just wanna say that, that it’s not specific to a quiz, but marketing in general. Yeah, it’s very true. Very true. All right, next big quiz myth. We’re on number four, by the way, so only one more after this one, but, Our next myth is that having a quiz does not contribute to SEO or website traffic.

Who wants to hop in on this one? I would say it absolutely can help with your seo. I was just doing a call with one of our quiz customers the other day and hopefully we’ll have a case study from her soon, but she specifically wanted to put a quiz onto her website to extend the page view time, so the amount of time somebody was.

Spending on your website. And a quiz did exactly that because people have to sit there and, you know, go through the questions, answer the questions, read the results. And as long as, I guess this is a little caveat to the myth, as long as your quiz and those result pages are embedded on your domain, a domain that you own, then it contributes to the stats that factor into your seo.

Yes. And it does have to, I mean, It would be helpful, I’ll say if where your quiz is embedded, you do have like, you know, a description of the quiz or like why you should take this quiz or, you know, more information on this topic. Rather than, you know, just having the quiz. I also wanna add that you could put your quiz in multiple places, so it is helpful to like, put your quiz onto its own landing page, but also have it as a popup on your homepage.

Yeah, and I see some people have quizzes, you know, as little pop-ups on their blog all over the place, pretty much everywhere. I think it’s good to have it as many places cause it does keep people on your website. That’s kind about as simple as it gets. It keeps people on your website longer, and that’s good for SEO and for your web traffic.

Yeah. And then with the custom result pages, so that’s you creating result pages on your own domain that the quiz sends people to. You can backlink, right? So you can, or you can even send people to other blog posts that just keep them in this funnel that you’re wanting them to go on. Yeah. I wonder if anyone’s tried like, so something that comes to mind is how, like let’s say you use an Interac result.

You could add like the social share buttons. Like, I wonder if anyone’s done so the SEO would work in your results if you redirect to a landing page with the results in, but if you were to put like social share buttons specifically for that page as if it were like an article, you know? Mm-hmm. I wonder if anyone’s tried that as like a way to kind of drive further SEO where they could share their result, but in the form of like an article.

I did actually talk to someone in the community that was trying to do that, but her main concern was that when people share that quiz, she wanted people that click on that link to hop right into the quiz and not get through not seeing the result. Yeah, and I was like, the only thing around that is for you to add another like banner at the bottom that says, take the quiz.

Right. I mean, I guess like maybe it would have to do with like messaging saying like, oh, do you wanna like take this quiz for yourself? Like here’s the link or something where, you know. Yeah. I don’t know. That would be interesting. Yeah, we’ll have to try it out or have someone try it out. Yeah. Yeah. I’d love to see that.

Hopefully I gave someone a good idea right there and they’re like, okay, I’m in. Well, to my, to my understanding when you redirect re results does have to be like a U R L base. I have had a couple people come through check trying to troubleshoot their redirected results. And most of the time they have to put in like the https s or the ww whatever the, that page is.

As part of that. So if anybody wants to try that out and let us know. Yeah, you would be happy to know if that works or not. Mm-hmm. Challenge us, or I guess you could have the quiz pop up on that page. Mm, yeah, that’s a good one. Yeah, that’s a good one. You know, after like five minutes or something like that, or like 30 seconds and then obviously if you took the quiz you would just exit out.

I don’t know, just a thought. That’s actually a good idea. Now we know moving forward, if someone comes in and asks us, we’ve got ideas. This is what happens when you let people offer four weeks. They come up with better ideas. Okay, we all need a month off starting now.

And this last myth kind of ties into this one. I love this one. It is, you need a website to make a quiz and have quiz. Who wants to hop in on this one? I feel like Jackie had a lot of experience with this when you first got in and you were working with people mainly on Instagram, right? Yeah, I would say you do not need a website.

Obviously if you have SEL goals, you may want to have a website, but for purposes of only using a quiz, I think you could sort of use your quiz as your website. So, you know right, like think of your classic website where you have the menu bar and you can go to different pages of the site, maybe services, different services or offerings maybe about us, maybe about blogs or whatever.

You could use the quiz as an entry point to these different pages. Your results. Mm-hmm. And then based on what they’re telling you in the quiz, like, I’m looking for this level of support, or I need more information on this, or whatever it is, then you’re sending them to the right place where they can get the right information based on what they’re looking for.

So essentially you could use the quiz as your website. Yeah. I always think of like, Some influencers that I follow that they don’t have a website, but you know, they promote a lot of products and you know, they have all their like promo codes with these certain brands and I’m like, it’s okay if you do not have a website.

If you do make a quiz and you collect some of your audiences emails, you can start with just emailing them your weekly roundup of the best sales going on with. The places that you are affiliated with, you know, and if they use your links or if they use your codes, then that’s a good way to start making more.

But you don’t have to start with a website if you don’t have one. Yeah. I always tell people to like, look at what, what you’re already on and what’s mm-hmm. Like strongest for like if you’re already on social media, whether it’s like Instagram or TikTok or Facebook, like start there. Don’t try to like make a website and then build your seo.

Like do what you can now and then build that all out later. Yeah. And a lot of people, I feel like, or at least most business owners, that you know, it’s really important for them to have good SEO and to pretty much try and lead people back to their website with every single social post, right? But if you’re like specifically an Instagram influencer, maybe your goal is constantly to lead people to your Instagram if you’re leading them there.

And maybe a quiz or something simple like that to collect leads is the best way in your link bio. Yeah. We have, actually, we can link it in the notes of this episode. We have a, a video on how to use a quiz as a link tree for your bio. Essentially it’s like a one question quiz, so that’s living in the link space of your Instagram account.

So when someone goes to click on your bio, the one question quiz pulls up and then it, the, the question, or I guess rather the answers people would choose, are, What they’re looking for. They could be specific questions that lead people to the right place, or they could literally just be the thing that they’d be going to, right?

So like, I don’t know you’re looking to take a quiz, click this, it opens a quiz. You’re looking to buy this product with this discount code, click this, it takes you to the sales page of that, of that thing, right? Mm-hmm. So we can show the video of how that gets set up in the backend. But yeah, if you’re only on Instagram and you have no business making a website, then you can use a quiz as that.

If you’d like, there’s so many different use cases for it. Honestly. You could also link your quiz, like if you’re on YouTube and that’s your main channel. Totally. You know, YouTube has like a tiny places where you could put any platform. A link. Yeah. Anywhere you can put a link I think is a hundred percent gonna work.

Yeah. And I just like, I’m just trying to create like a new website. Yeah. I think of it too, like sending people, like you have high, the highlights in the reels, right? Like up at the top of your page. So you could even have that, those like quiz things that they’re clicking on, go to specific reels or specific posts or you know, things like that.

Playlists or whatever you have, whichever platform you’re on that you want this specific person to see versus that specific person. Yeah, I love it. You mentioned this earlier, but it wasn’t what we were talking about, but just how, like you could create landing pages on email marketing platforms like Convert Kit.

Yeah. Or we use HubSpot. We create a ton of HubSpot landing pages, or if you’re using a tool like Cajabi where a lot of it is like creating landing pages, you could totally put your quiz on there, lead people to that link. Especially if you’re like, ah, I’m thinking about creating like website at some point, but for now I need to have my quiz on something that has my name on it.

Versus, I think a lot of people feel like the, the direct URL for the quiz isn’t the greatest because it’s a tri Interact link. Not, you know, their own name or their own like domain or anything like that you can use if you’re not. Into the seo, like if you’re not there yet, or you don’t need to have your own domain yet, there are link shorteners that you can put the quiz URL behind.

Right? Like a bit, or, yeah. Yeah, exactly. And I had a really great thought, but it escaped me. I’m so sorry. Were you just gonna say that like you could do the shortener and then put your quiz link in there and then add your name to the end of that. You can customize those links actually. Yeah, you can customize them.

You can add a domain to them. No, it was, I, I wanted to say that, and then there was something else that. I’m gonna go walk back and watch replay and see what I was thinking. I don’t know. You said something that made me think something else and I don’t know what it was. I lost it. It’s okay. It happens.

Bothers me all the time. Well, let’s round up our five most common quiz. Oh, I’m so sorry. Can I interrupt? I remember. Yes, go ahead. It’s, it’s the analytics, right? So like sometimes you’re in HubSpot and you’re looking at the reporting of somebody on your page and you’re like, how? Do I even read who clicked what and went where, and all of this aqui your quiz analytics can so easily tell you so many great things that can be really helpful as you continue to build your business.

Or just as you try to see, you know, who’s interested in which offer, who got which result, right? You can so easily just open your Interact analytics. See how people are answering your quiz questions. See which results people are getting and if you’re using that link B link tree link in bio, if you’re using a quiz for that right.

Then just the questions they’re clicking on, so like the actual button they pressed from your bio, you’ll be able to see numbers of views, numbers of clicks on those buttons that are, can be really helpful. Like, hey, nobody clicked on this thing, so maybe I should stop trying to promote it, or everybody clicked on this thing.

Maybe I should make a paid offering for it. Yeah, that’s a good point. Well, thank you for that. Any final thoughts before we review the five most common quiz myths? No. All right. Let’s go over it. Number one, we definitely debunked this thought A quiz has to be long and complicated. Does not, does not.

Perfect. Short, sweet, to the point. Yep. Number two. A quiz is time consuming to make. That one’s a big Interact. AI ding, ding, ding, Interact. AI. Number three, it’s only for certain industries. Double. We know that. Number four, it doesn’t contribute to SEO and website traffic, A certainly can. Mm-hmm. And then number five, you need a website to make one.

You do not. Mm-hmm. I think those are the five most common ones and we debunked all of them. So round of applause for us. Woo. Woohoo. Amazing. And if you listeners have any other common quiz myths that you’ve heard, make sure you let us know and challenge us to debunk them cause we’ll do our best.

Something I want to sort of add to let us know is we do have our new, did you guys mention this yet? That we have the Contact us link? On our website now. So if you have any questions about like, okay, well I wanna create a quiz that does this and this, you can go to that link and it’ll direct you to the right place where you can ask those type of types of questions If you’re still kind of wondering about, you know, quizzes and, and marketing it.

And even if you’re, you have a question about how does Interact AI work and what not. Mm-hmm. Love it. I don’t even think we’ve mentioned it yet, but yeah, definitely use our contact desk page. We’ll link it in our show notes for sure. And we’ll link Interact AIif you’re curious whether you have a quiz or not.

If you wanna try it out, we will link it and we will have a quiz ready for you within like two days. Love it. Perfect. All right. Anyone else? Anything? Nope. Well, thank you guys so much for listening and stay tuned for next week and we will be back. Bye. Bye everyone.

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