Ep. 110

How to Generate Quality Leads at a Live Conference with Team Interact

This episode features Interact Digital Marketing Manager and Host, Jessmyn, Customer Success Manager, Damaris, Growth Manager, Jackie, and Social Content Manager, Jesy.

In this episode we delve into our recent experience of sponsoring our first-ever live conference.  We share our insights on setting expectations, on navigating conferences as sponsors or attendees, and how we had to pivot from our original CTA to a quiz to generate quality leads!

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Hi guys, and welcome back to Interact’s Grow podcast. So great to be with you as always. I’m your host, Jessmyn Solana. Thank you for being with us today. And we have everyone on board for this episode. Guys, welcome. I know we’re all tired this week. But thanks for coming on anyway. Good to be back. Even though our trip last week really, I feel like tired me out more than anything else, but it was so much fun.

Yeah, we did just come back from an offsite and I feel like every time we come back from an offsite, it’s, I feel more tired coming back. I don’t know why. I guess it’s just the travel. I got sick from it, you guys, so my low immune system. So today we we’re thinking about sort of what topics to come to come up with and talk about with you all who are listening.

And we realized we actually haven’t been able to recap the travel bloggers conference that we went to a couple of weeks ago in Nashville was super fun. Shout out to Mike and Laura for, you know, hosting and putting on such a great conference. If you guys listen to our episode with Ron from unearthed the voyage, we talked, we kind of like dived in a little bit into, you know, the travel industry, and I’m sure you might have heard our episode on what quiz you should make for your travel business.

So this will kind of tie a little bit into the travel. Sort of industry, but more so in what to do when you’re at a conference. So this works, whether you are hosting a table and you’re going there as a vendor, or you are speaking at the conference. And also if you’re just attending to network and learn about your industry.

So let’s start off with the quiz that we created for the conference. It was super simple. We made it really specific to traveler travel bloggers. I should say not necessarily travelers, but travel bloggers in which quiz should you make for your travel business? And this was a quiz created based off of a different quiz that Jackie had created previously.

Do you want to talk a little bit about that, Jackie? And then we could go into the questions and the strategy behind the travel one. Yeah. So we had created originally, we created a quiz for the conference that we thought would be used as a takeaway. So a lot of times at these events, people will send out the replays or there’s like a virtual component.

And in the Nashville travel summit, that was. The case there, people were able to access replays. Also, people were attending virtually. And for me, especially when I get these like recap, I’m thinking of HubSpot inbound, right? How many sessions were there that I was asked to rewatch or replay, or just have access to.

And so the idea for the, the conference quiz was take this quiz and figure out which sessions you should prioritize in rewatching and they were sort of based on different components that these travel bloggers would have, which we use day I to pull off of the main event website. So that didn’t work out, but we’re talking with Laura in a couple of weeks.

So that’s exciting. Maybe this. Still a test that we want to play with. But we had to just adjust what that quiz looked like so that we could use that interact in that sort of giveaway bundle at the end, plus also just to have access to at the conference. So I forget, I think the original quiz was called like, what’s your travel blogging superpower?

And for us, that just didn’t feel like. I don’t know the right quiz to be giving people as, as interact, right? Like interact, giving these travel bloggers a quiz. We didn’t really want to speak to their blogging superpower. That’s something that they would get from the conference itself. Right? So we changed the quiz into what type of quiz should you make for your travel business?

And then just sort of adjusted the results. So instead of being somebody who was focused on promoting different destinations within their travel blog, That was the exact quiz that they should create. So there were three outcomes. Oh gosh, putting me on the spot. It was, I got you and I got you. It was destination quiz, product recommendation quiz, and like coaching, if you were like a coach for travel bloggers.

Yeah, exactly. And so that was the quiz and it just told people, okay, based on your business, your blog, what it is that you’re talking about in this travel content, this would be the type of quiz that would align the most with your business. Yeah, loved it. It was great. It was also only 5 questions long, so we kept it really short and simple and we created it using AI.

But with that, we already had the results in mind when we put it through the AI. Which helped a lot because we didn’t want AI to create something new. We were like, well, we know what we want people to do. We just need the questions to go in there and then we adjust it as needed. And just like a little call out again to anybody submitting the AI quiz request form.

It’s really, really impactful when you sort of guide where you want. AI to focus or where you want your quiz to be focused on, because that, that quiz, which type of quiz should you make for your travel business? Had we just given that to AI to make something up we could have gotten all kinds of different results, right?

Like personality versus scored versus assessment. Cause that’s, what’s on our website is probably what it would have pulled, but we knew who we were talking to and why and what we wanted them to do with a quiz. So we were able to guide AI to say, okay, these are the types of people that are going to be taking the quiz, put them into one of these three categories or quiz outcomes.

Yes, love that. Thanks for calling that out because I think as we create these quizzes, it’s, it’s really hard if we just get, not that it’s hard, it’s just we want to create quizzes that matter, right? We want to create quizzes that’ll, that people love. So if we have more information, it’s much more helpful.

Okay, so let’s hold that thought because that was the quiz that we created. Let’s dive a little bit into the conference itself. Sort of, I guess, We were there. Anyone want to give background? I don’t want to be the only one talking. Well, I was just going to jump in and say like, I love the idea of having the quiz as kind of like the opt in slash freebie thing for the digital group, like the online group of the summit.

And I don’t think that’s new. I think we’ve seen people like even in previous years, like when there’s online summits, they always, not always, but they do tend to use quizzes. But I know you did something very different and probably interacts first time. Doing this and attending a conference. And I think that’s super exciting.

I would love to hear what you guys did at the live portion of the conference. Yes. So I don’t know that we’ve ever sponsored a live conference. We’ve definitely done virtual ones and. Great calling that out because we actually realized something while we were there. So let’s hold on to that thought of virtual versus live.

When we got there, we had a table and the idea originally was, okay, let’s get people to sign up for an AI quiz so we could create the quiz on site, have people. I think we were going to have all, all of us working like Damaris, Jesy. Mia and just like all hands on deck because we’re thinking a flood of people are going to fill out this form.

They’re going to want a quiz as quickly as possible. Get it, get ready to make 600 quizzes. I think we had said. So we were there to sponsor a table. The CTA for us was, okay, sign up for an AI quiz. We get there, we have a ton of people coming up to the table, but there’s only two of us, we can only talk to like one person at a time.

I think that was my first sort of recognition that people really wanted that one on one, you know, talk to me about me and my business, even though they all had a similar vertical, they wanted that one on one time. And then as soon as we were like, okay, cool. Like fill out an AI quiz, it was, you know, not only having to sort of introduce the idea of what we do, but also help them walk through the AI form.

And then because they create an account after filling out that form, there was also this waiting period of, are they going to check their email? They’re super busy right now at a live conference, meeting all these people, listening to all these speakers, like, well, they actually have time to do so. And I just want to call out to the tech hiccup that we had, and it’s not really a hiccup, like in that AI form, we require you to verify your email in order to create your account so that we can reduce spam because that’s something that happened to us last year that we had to change up our free accounts.

We were inundated with spam submissions and like, we for people on this call, plus a couple extra people on interact are actually doing the work of building these quizzes right now. And so we. Yes, we had all hands on deck and we prepared to Maris and Jesy of like, Hey, guys, give up your weekend, please, because like, it’s going to get slammed.

But at the same time, people like, Jess was saying, they didn’t have enough time to go into their inbox in that 15 minute break after we just talked to them for what, like 8 to 10 minutes about their business quiz. They weren’t going in to actually verify. So as many signups as people, as we watched people fill out that form, Form, we got no emails from it because nobody was actually going in to verify their account.

And by the time they are ready to do that, what after a whole weekend of conferences, their inbox was so flooded that we’re all the way at the bottom. They had no idea what that verification was for. They didn’t remember. So we really got no leads from that at all. Great conversation, but no actual action, action items, no quizzes for Damaris and Jesy to work on, which was great for their weekends.

Right. Yeah, I was going to say though, like the idea of showing up to conference and that you were going to offer people the quiz, the right quiz for their business built on the spot, like, you know, in their account within an hour. Like, that is that’s awesome. That’s like, crazy cool that we would be able to do that.

But it was really smart on your guys’s end to realize that that wasn’t exactly what was going to work right then and there. And you guys pivoted and found something that was going to work almost seamlessly. Yeah. Yeah. Before we dive into that, I think the, another big takeaway was, and we, we hear this all the time with our customers online is great.

This is the quiz. What do I do with it now? And so we were so quick to make them a quiz and get that into their hands so they could see what it would look like in their business, that there wasn’t enough explanation or conversation around why you want to use the quiz, how you’re implementing the quiz in your business, but different strategies behind using a quiz.

So, drumroll, Jess, if you want to tell them what we’re going to be doing. I just, it’s funny because I remember, I’m like replaying it in my mind right now because me and Jackie had totally separate conversations with different people. And as soon as we cause we were talking to people during breaks in between speakers.

So as soon as another speaker went up, everybody went back to listen. We looked at each other and we were both like, I’m struggling. I’m struggling getting people to actually, like, sign up for an AI quiz, and we literally, like, super quickly decided, let’s pivot and use the quiz, which travel quiz should you make for your business, as our CTA And we kind of went back to our roots.

I like to say is, you know, we market our product as a lead generator. And here we are at a conference where people are learning about their businesses, how to scale, how to really grow. And they don’t have quizzes yet, so we should use our own quiz as a lead gen. So we went through a few more tech hiccups on trying to change the QR codes that we had, and luckily we brought enough like laptops and iPads to just host the quiz up.

For people to just grab and take while they were there. So on the next break, what ended up happening was when people came to the table, instead of, you know, talking to them about AI and quizzes, we explained that we help create the quiz using AI. But if they want more information and they want to learn about it later that week after the conference, take our quiz, sign up for our email list, and we’ll reach out personally to let them know you know, sort of next steps, what they could do with the quiz, what how it benefits them in their business, what it could look like based off of the result that they got.

So, whether it was a destination quiz, a product recommendation quiz, or a coaching quiz. And I think that also allowed, I mean, awesome that that’s our product because it also allowed people to see how, what the quiz actually looked like, how it actually worked, as opposed to just saying you, you create a quiz based on a question that people want to know, right?

You put it on your website, people take it, they subscribe. They were actually clicking in, taking the quiz, answering the questions, subscribing on the opt in form and seeing their result. So then when you told them what type of quiz they were taking, they could actually see, Oh, this is exactly what. It would look like on my site.

I would just have to change this quiz topic into my own destination recommendation coaching quiz. So I kind of want to call out here specifically people who are sponsoring an event, if they were to do something similar with their own product or with a quiz or using a quiz to kind of demonstrate what they do as a business, like their products or services, is this was a way for us to, in the moment, talk to them about their results.

And for us, it was more of like a demo plus talking about their result because it was our own product, but we were able to kind of show them like, this is exactly what it would look like for you. This is what you can do with the quiz. And this is where you can put it up on your website. Once they get that result, then we have like recommendations of, okay, well, if you’ve got destination quiz, what type of destinations do you Do you actually talk about on your blog?

So it was a conversation starter in the moment. So that way people could start ideating like, Oh, if I were to implement a quiz, I know I’m specifically talk about, you know, cruise ships. I specifically talk about I don’t know, Europe. I specifically talk about hiking and so on. And so this was a way for us to get them thinking about.

Our product or service so that when they do get an email from us at the end of the conference, they’re going to remember. Oh, yeah, the result that I got was destination. And this is what we had talked about what type of quiz I could create. Now I’m ready to kind of start looking into growing my email list and using my quiz as a lead generator.

And I love that, although ours was more of like a demo slash also everything else for our quiz, I could totally picture having like a fun personality quiz on iPads at a table and people being drawn to them like, Ooh, I want to know what type of like quirky baker I am or something like that, you know, and I think, and for If you’re collecting those leads, you’re also segmenting them.

Just like for us. Now we know if these people are coaching, if they’re, you know, selling like products and everything, but I could totally see like a fun. Like personality quiz working for this as well. I mean, think about the people that even go to like markets, like night markets or flea markets or farmer’s markets, right?

And you have your own. You know, essential oil line or your own skin care line that you’re starting up and you had like an iPad of a quiz of what you should purchase. If people don’t purchase right then and there at the table, they can now sign up for your email list and purchase from you online. Or you could send them sort of, you know, what, what market I’m going to go to next.

What are the next dates that I’m going to be there? So when that person goes back to that market, they’re going to find your, your booth and purchase from you. That’s awesome. It’s true. It’s also it prompts for such a better conversation because in the beginning, when like people first started coming into the travel summit, you could tell them, okay, this is no disrespect, but I just mean, like, you could see people coming in and like, sort of side eyeing us of like, In the sponsor booth table section, just because like, they don’t want to be sold to.

And that really wasn’t our, our, our purpose of being there. Although it kind of was right, like, interact benefits by customers signing up. So obviously we wanted that to happen. But when we didn’t talk about, like, Purchasing the product and we instead focused on their business and what they were worried about and what they wanted to do.

It made for such an incredible conversation. We made so many friends with these people. So many more people started coming over to the table because they knew we weren’t actively trying to pitch them on anything. And then like Jess was saying, if they don’t, if they’re not ready to buy right now, and I’m like, I love this example of farmers markets and like soaps that you can buy or essential oils, whatever foods, whatever.

You know, you’re not focusing on the conversation of. Buy my stuff now, it’s just talking about like what it is that they actually need. Maybe you get some really great ideas for future products, but you at least have their email to nurture them, to continue, to remind them to have that conversation, even though they’re not going to be in your face in real life forever, you know, or for a very long, for any time period of time.

Right, exactly. I want to move on a little bit to the numbers. Jackie, do you still have it written down? I know we, I was like, she might have her paper. We talked about this last week, but you know, let’s, let’s talk a little bit about the numbers because we’re here saying like, this is great. Perfect conversation starter.

Yes. But what did we actually get from the conference? So right away, we got like zero subscribes into the AI request form compared to the next break when we switched to the quiz, we got over seven leads in five minutes. So, like, in the first five minutes that I checked, we had already had seven leads. So that’s like a 700 percent increase in terms of emails collected CTA.

Now, had we measured this over, I mean, I guess it would be, there’s really no metric because not. Anybody submitted through that a I quiz request form. So that was like 10 fold. I think we got actually I know we got because I have it here. 39 ish people taking that quiz in person at the conference. So we got 39 leads as opposed to 0 that we’re coming in through the request.

And there was about 100 people total live at the conference. So that’s like a 39 percent conversion rate right there. Correct. And that doesn’t include the people that we sort of missed out on because they were submitting through that AI quiz request form first, thinking that they had subscribed and were in touch, but we lost those emails because they never verified themselves in the process.

Based on these numbers, I do have a question. Was there anyone that came up to you guys at the booth that said that they wouldn’t like to take the quiz? Just out of curiosity. I don’t… There was one guy who said he would come back because they just wanted to make sure they got to their seats for the next session.

So I guess time constraint wise, there were probably a few people that… Or maybe they were waiting at the table, but there was only 2 of us, me and Jess at the conference that did our best to include everybody in the conversation that we would have, but if the quiz wasn’t like, readily available, if somebody was on the tablet or on the computer, then we did see a couple of people walk away, but it wasn’t that they didn’t want to take the quiz.

It was that they just didn’t understand there and. So this actually is a good segue into what I wanted to start covering next of you know, if you’re attending a conference or networking, if you are speaking, or if you are sponsoring at a table, what I wish we had done was have a huge QR code on our banner.

Of this quiz, because QR codes is just, I mean, you immediately are like, cool, what’s that you pull out your phone and then you open the page on your phone and then the quiz could have popped up right there. But for example, in our case at this conference, all of our QR codes were specific to the AI form and we couldn’t change it anymore.

All we had were those four. Tablets or well, two tablets and two laptops. So it was really hard to get people who weren’t coming up to the table to talk to us to get a chance to take the quiz because they had no access to it besides that. I mean, that’s very interesting because even though that was a challenge, a very big challenge, you guys still converted 39 percent of people that attended the live, you know, the live event.

So. And just to even expand on that, just for those listening out there, like, I know, like, 39 probably doesn’t sound like a lot of people, but you have to look at it in terms of, like, how many people were actually physically there in the audience and out of those people, they were able to capture 39, you know, 39 percent of 39 people.

So that’s a really, really good conversion rate. And just to even add on to that, maybe we’ll talk about this later, but. We did see a spike of AI submitted requests on the travel industry. So I don’t know if you guys are going to talk about that later. Maybe I I ruined it, but no, you’re good. You’re good.

Because that’s a really big deal. I think something that like I realized in terms of conferences you know, whether you’re, you’re trying to market your business, you’re like a huge corporate company or a solopreneur is it’s a long game, you know, these are people that are. You know, super top of funnel.

Like in the world of the internet, these would be people who are your target market but haven’t found you yet. Mm-Hmm. . Yeah. So it’s like a long game when I picture conferences and I actually have not been one, been to one like hosting one. But I just think that most people that do attend conferences.

Are there to learn are there to network are there to find out like what will benefit them and in their in whatever stage they’re in, whether it’s like. Medical travel related, whatever it is, so it’s like, it’s so smart that you guys switched from. Having them do an AI quiz to then changing the strategy to, okay, let me just teach you how this is going to benefit your business.

Really, that is why they’re there in the first place, you know, so I was like, so kudos to you guys for thinking that. Thank you. On that note, what would have been cool or like what I think people should do in those three categories we were talking about is if you are attending a conference Get business cards ready with a QR code of your quiz.

If you are at a table, have a QR code on the banner. Like I said, I wish we had, it was cool to have them on the tablet. I think that was really necessary and really impactful. But if we had something that people could do from their phone, that would have been even better. And then for speakers have a QR code at the end of your presentation for people to take your quiz, engage with you.

So that way now they’re all on your email list. That’d be a pretty cool site, like as a speaker, if your last slide is your QR code and everyone has their phones out and they’re taking your quiz all at the same time, that’d be pretty cool. And that happened. One of the speakers did end their presentation with, with exactly that, like take the quiz to find out, I forget exactly what it was on, but like to find out, you know, next steps that would eventually lead them back to maybe her offerings sales for her, right?

But really the point, and this is why quizzes convert so well online as well. The point is to give people the information that they’re looking for upfront. We make it all about the conference attendee and not about working with the conference side attendee. Exactly. There was a gal, hold on. Was it Alicia?

Okay, I think it where there’s we have a partner. Her name is Alicia and she used a quiz within her speaking events as well. But rather than waiting until the end of her session, what she did, and this was totally unrelated to travel. I think she does some sort of like. Psychological training that goes back into marketing type of thing.

So in her session, she actually led with a quiz where people all scanned the QR code and then answered the question. So in real time, she looked up her Interact account analytics and then said, okay, 50 percent of the audience is answering, you know, this. So let me tailor this presentation to these things that everyone in the audience is telling me that they want to hear about, rather than the few people who wanted to hear about something else.

Okay, let me keep the interest of the general audience. And then we can always follow up on those things after, because you’ve collected their email on the quiz, because you know how they’ve answered the questions, the results that they’ve gotten and all of that. So you don’t even have to, you can make your whole, your whole presentation around.

Yeah, I love that so much. I really love that too. Now I’m thinking of making like a trivia quiz as a speaker and then like kind of like how in school like they’d be like, Oh, interesting. So 50 percent of you thought this was like, what you should do, blah, blah, blah. And then introducing what you think. And that’s really cool.

I love that. Yeah. And it’s Alana Schlachter. I’m sorry, Alicia. I don’t know who you are, Alicia. We have a case study with her. We also put some YouTube shorts on what she did, her explaining that onto our channel. So you can find it. I love that. Yeah, I love that. We’ll bring her in for it. You could also, like, if you had four results, you could be like, for those of you who got result one, and then do like a little mini snippet of that for those of you who got result two, and then like tie it all back together about how it like actually matters.

That’s great. Or even the conference takeaways, like a lot of this. I think all of the speakers had some sort of takeaway that somebody could get. So a lot of them would end their presentation with scan the QR code to get these assets or resources or whatever. But imagine sending them the right resource based on their quiz result, right?

Based on things that you actually know that they would need, as opposed to just here, everybody, here’s this thing that I need. Yeah, yeah, I want to tie that into cause when you had mentioned that she looked up her analytics on site, like you’re doing market research in real time, these people are there to listen to you and they are like, you’re learning about your audience right then and there.

And I think that’s amazing. And if people find you later, they could back again to like conversation starting, they could be like, Hey, I got this result. Like, what do you think I could do with my business? It’s here, here, and here, and you already know what to say. And this is just kind of building rapport with people that you meet at conferences, which I think we did really really well is like, now it’s like, oh, I know exactly what kind of a quiz you should make.

Let me ask a little bit more about your business. And even if you don’t sign up right now, or like, even if you don’t buy right now, when you are at that stage, hopefully we’re the ones you’re thinking about. And there were also a good chunk of people who completed the quiz and then also did have the time to submit that AI form.

And so we did see a few people that we actually spoke with come through the AI forum. But their quizzes were so much better because they took our quiz, which type of quiz they should make. And they’re like, okay, it’s a destination quiz. Where should you go in Greece? But because we had the conversation on site of like, I don’t know, three different locations in Greece that you would send to people to and why their quizzes actually contain that.

So it could point back to blog. They had already posted that included that information or other types of content or ways to book or whatever it is that they were trying to get these people to want to do. So the quizzes that we made from the people who took our quiz first actually came out, I think, 10 times better because they were so on point to these people’s businesses.

Yeah, and they knew how to fill out the form. Exactly. Yeah, they knew how to fill out our form when they actually signed up. Yeah, there was so much less thinking, right? They were just like, oh, I understand how this works now. This is what I want to say. This is what I want to do. Rather than me and Jess literally being like, well, like we’re asking every little thing what it was that they needed to do.

Just take the quiz. It was so much easier. So. I want to also call out I know I keep saying that in this episode and I never say it. So now that I’m saying it, I, I keep hearing it, but I want to call out the idea of when you’re at a conference, you like to give free stuff. So in particular, it’s usually like some sort of swag, like.

T shirts. I think we did T shirts, mugs, journals, stickers, which I think were all great. But your quiz at an event like this could act as a freebie because you’re literally giving free information and the value that they get from that is. Much more than giving like a physical swag, although I do love my free swag.

I think that’s just an added bonus, but if you’re like, you know, I’m, I’m already sort of thinking about my budget. I don’t have room to order, you know. I don’t know, let’s say, like, a hundred t shirts that cost thousands of dollars for people to maybe come back to me or not. Like, now you have an actual, like, free information that you could give to people, but in return, they’re now on your email list, and you can reach out to them later.

Yeah I also just thought of if you’re doing, if you have a quiz as a sponsor at an event like this, and you have a fun personality quiz, you could have like a piece of swag that correlates with each type of result. Like, Oh, congrats. You’re this and this like you win this one. You know, you have them lined up, like, take the quiz, find out which one you are and, you know, get the swag that goes with it.

I love that like a t shirt of your result on it. Yeah. Yeah. Yeah. I love that. Just posted a podcast episode. She has the quiz. What’s your CEO style? And so she was just recently at a live event. Forgive me if I’m saying this wrong, Ellen, but I think she was using the quiz as like a starting point. So they were doing live podcasts.

Broadcast, but like little clips of it. So that people that came up and chatted with her could walk away with actual assets that they could then promote on their channels, but to sort of like kick off the conversation, it was start with the quiz. So we know what your CEO style is. And we can talk about that a little bit more.

She used the quiz and went to two different conferences, like within relatively the same amount of time. So tying this back to what you were saying, Jesy, she had stickers at her booth, but different stickers and the different stickers. Went like 1, I think it was CEO status was 1 sticker that went at the event.

She had in Dallas, whereas the something about like, sort of inspirational, spiritual mindfulness sticker. I forget what it said when at the conference in Oregon, but she also noticed that the quiz results people were getting at either of those conferences. We’re also entirely different. So is it swag based on the, like the persona that they are?

That’s like exactly what she found out. And I think she said that requires a little bit more testing on her part, but what a neat connection to make of, okay, I’m going to this conference where a bunch of CEOs are going to be, let me lead with this type of design or this type of style or this certain swag, because it’s really going to fly off the shelf.

Yeah, I love that. Well, even if you give out, like, swag, like, you guys are giving out T shirts or stickers, like. Sometimes people process everything that happened in the conference later a week or 2 later, and they’re like, oh, who’s interact and it’ll just like. Prompt their mind, like, Oh, I remember that I’m like, Oh, I had a conversation with Jackie.

You know, it’s just still beneficial. Yeah. I agree. And that was the finding that we had as well. So we went in with all this swag and our idea was to gate keep the swag. You can’t until you sign up. Right. And after day one, we walked in on day two, which was the last day of the live event. And we were like, I was like, Jess, we can’t take all this stuff home with us.

How are we going to get rid of this swag? Like we need to get it out. And so there was a coffee break station, which happened to be right next to our booth, which was perfect. But we put all of the leftover coffee mugs that we had. We stocked them up just as a beautiful picture of the way that we made it all look.

It looked really cute. It did. But we put all of our coffee mugs. Right next to the coffee bar station, because a, we’re saving on paper cups. Amazing. But B people actually started using them like right then and there at the conference. So every, there was an interact mugs everywhere, all over the place, which we were like, look at this.

This is so cool. Exactly. Zemiris like now those people are going to take those home. They’re really awesome mugs. I use mine all the time. And they’re going to remember us so that when it is time to implement a quiz into your business, there’s no doubt interact is going to be the software.

What would you guys say for those who are listening, maybe like top three takeaways if they are either attending a conference, sponsoring, or speaking at a conference? Use the quiz! Okay, yeah, obviously that’s number one. Number one, flash two, make it about the attendees, not about yourself if you’re sponsoring one.

Yeah, your quiz, make your quiz about the attendees. Yeah, definitely back to what you guys were saying. I think the thing that came to mind for me was. Like, educating your audience, like, just trying to teach them. Or have them learn what how this will benefit them in the long run and their business and how it ties into their business sort of like.

I guess I would say market research, like the actual conversations that you’re having with these people in real life. What are they asking? Does your quiz address that? Does your content address that? What can you use to put back into your business? Like, in terms of voice of customer and also just watching if you, if you are leading with a quiz, watching people take your quiz, where are they getting caught up?

What questions do they have while they’re answering? Why? How long is it taking them to complete it? Do they like what’s there? What’s on their result page? What question do they ask you right after they finish taking your quiz gave us so many insights into. Wow, people spend so much time and thought on making sure they’re answering these quiz questions appropriately to get the best result.

So give them all that value. You’re going to win them over. Right. This further proves our point that if you think five questions is way too short for a quiz, watch someone take it in person. Yeah. I was like, can we cut this to three? Like, oh, go faster. But yeah, totally. Yeah, because you, now this is going a little off topic when we’re trying to close out, but you want people to like, get through your quiz as fast as possible, but it was super eyeopening for us to like, wow, five questions is enough, it’s enough for like, you know, you did like give value in your quiz, take or get value and get them to the right result.

So last call out. So there I go, there I go again, I said it again, last call out if you guys are interested in taking our travel quiz, we will link that there. We plan on hopefully creating more industry specific quizzes. So write in, let us know what your industry is. If you want a quiz specifically for that, we’ll help you figure out what to make.

If you’re ready to create a quiz, head over to ai.tryinteract.com. Fill out our form to get a quiz made for you using Interact AI. Thanks everybody. Bye everyone. See you next time.

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