Ep. 116

How to Use Landing Pages with Your Quiz with Team Interact

Welcome to another episode of Interact’s Grow Podcast, where we share insights and strategies to help you scale your business. In this episode, we delve into the world of landing pages and how they can be effectively used with your quizzes. 

Our team discusses the importance of integrating your quizzes into your existing marketing strategies, and how landing pages can help you achieve this. We explore three key ways to use marketing landing pages for your quiz: using them with what’s already existing, promoting your quiz on a landing page, and adding your quiz results to landing pages. 

We also touch on the importance of creating a seamless customer journey, the benefits of redirecting quiz results to your landing pages, and how quizzes can enhance your SEO. Whether you’re looking to increase page view time, improve your SEO, or simply make your landing page more interactive, this episode is packed with valuable tips and insights. Tune in to learn more about leveraging landing pages for your quizzes!

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Hi guys, and welcome back to Interact’s Grow podcast. So great to be with you all. I’m your host, Jessmyn Solana, and all of us are here today. Jackie, Jesy, Damaris. Happy new year, everybody. Happy new year. Ooh, this is our first recording of the year. So, you know, starting fresh, doing new things. But also not so new, I guess you could say, um, and I guess a real quick recap on like, since we started doing grow episodes, we talked a lot about business strategy.

Um, in the last year, we talked a lot about, you know, AI, especially interact AI and the evolution of that. We talked a lot about, um, quiz strategy, how to really get your quizzes up and running. So I guess before we start. With our topic for the day, I want to throw this out there of like any topics that people want to hear us talk about.

I think we still want to continue on with like the same idea of, you know, helping you guys scale your business. But what do you guys want to hear about? Like, what do you want us to talk about and discuss? We’d love to know, um, but for today we decided to go with landing pages and how to use them for your business.

Specifically three ways to use marketing landing pages for your quiz. Love it. Let’s get going. All right. So I guess, first and foremost, in terms of using marketing landing pages for your quiz, there are three big areas that we’ve seen people use them and we recommend using them one being, um, you know, to use it with what’s already existing, which goes on with everything else for your quiz as well to to promote your quiz on a landing page and we’ll talk about why and then three to add your quiz results to landing pages and redirect To those landing pages instead of using the interact platforms result pages who wants to get started?

Uh throw one out there, I guess we’ll get started with the first one We should emphasize that we just came back after what a 10 day holiday break So all of us are just like still slowly waking up and rolling back into it I’m like, I forgot what quizzes were for a second now i’m here So if anyone’s feeling the same way, we’re right there with you, but we’ll get through this together.

Love it. Yes. To start off with sort of like, The 1st way to use your landing pages for your quiz is what’s already existing. Right? So, like, I would say the 1st thing to think about is what are you already marketing? Like, what are you already doing in your business? Is it webinars live webinars? I know we talked a little bit about that at the end of last year.

Um. You know, is it to a course that you have? Is it to specific products? Is it to like a new launch? Like, what are you already marketing? What’s already a sales page? And then how can you take your quiz and fit it into that to funnel people into what you’re already selling and where you want them to end up leading up?

Um, I feel like a big question for me in the past or well that I’ve gotten, I should say, like clarify, is that. You know, if I’m creating a quiz, do I need to create completely new material for this? And we’ve always said like, no, you don’t need to create new content. Use what you already have. And that also fits into all that extra stuff like your product pages, your, um, you know, signup pages, newsletter pages, all that stuff.

Like the idea is to fit your quiz into what you already have. Yeah, I think if you’re not. Doing that, then your quiz is not really aligned with your business. Like all of the web pages or landing pages or sites that you have out there, products, whatever have to do with one topic or like a general, not general, but like it has to do with something, your business.

So if you’re making something where. Quiz doesn’t fit into those pages to promote it, or to even use within interact AI to make the quiz. Then who are you really talking to? That would be my question. If that’s what someone’s thinking of like, Oh, maybe I should make new content to create a quiz. Why, who are you trying to reach?

I love that. I love that distinction. I totally agree that, essentially like, if you think back about landing pages, they’re supposed to be like clear, you know, somewhat concise, very clear CTAs though. You don’t want it to be all over the place and confusing, and if you feel like placing your quiz on there feels off or makes things confusing, then you gotta go back and rework that because something’s not right.

It should fit in seamlessly and look like it’s meant to be there. I agree. I’ve seen a lot of people that already have an established like website or some form of offering and they’ll use their quiz. Maybe like, as a pop up that comes up on their website to answer a question for people or. If they have, like, if they created a landing page that has, like, information resources or something like that, they can pop in the URL as well for the quiz.

So it’s just really like what Jasmine was saying, like, just getting creative with what you already have. And this is just really a feature to add on to. The many things that you’re already doing, so just to throw some ideas out there for you guys, right? Like, this is a great way to accelerate. No, go ahead.

I was just gonna say a quiz is a great way to make your landing page a more interactive experience for customers instead of just giving it basic. It adds some fun element to it. One of our, one of our partners used a quiz specifically for SEO so that she could increase the page view time. So the amount of time somebody was spending on a page ultimately impacts your SEO.

And so her goal of using a quiz wasn’t really email lead generation. I mean, yeah, that was great, but she really wanted to increase page view time. And so on her existing pages, blogs, things like that, because the quiz related to her entire business, she could put it anywhere and she, she, I forget the, um, Total increase, but it went up quite a bit.

I think, like, over 30 seconds just because people were spending more time on those same pages, but answering the questions to actually see their quiz result. Yeah, that’s a really good segue into kind of why we’re, um. You know, you want to put your quizzes on landing pages, so they actually do not index into Google, like the content on your quiz through interact does not index into Google.

But when you put it on a landing page with all of the keywords, whether it’s the, um, you know, cover page where the cover page, like the actual quizzes or the results pages, those are what gets indexed into Google for SEO. Um, and then I think that’s a great point, Jackie of like. The quiz is a great tool to keep people on there longer.

Or just to spice it up, give, like, move people to the next page. Keep them on your pages. So they’ve just answered your quiz questions, right? Or you know these things about them. Now send them from the quiz result to different landing pages. Or in your email sequences, send them to different pages if that’s your goal of getting people to see this specific content or pages that you have out there, sites that you have.

Like for example, Mediavine, right? So a lot of Mediavine publishers have ads on their different pages that they’re getting paid for the more people see them. So if you’re using a quiz to give the right pages in front of the right people, you’re going to increase your revenue from Mediavine because you’re giving, you’re putting more people on those pages.

You’re giving it more views. Let’s back up a little bit into, um, putting the page or putting the page, putting the quiz on a landing page. Like The actual cover take quiz page. What are, what are ways that you guys, you guys have seen people use that landing page to kind of give more information without making it too overwhelming and encouraging people to still take the quiz?

Um, well, just for the support side, customer support side, I have seen. A handful of our clients, um, want to use like UTM parameters or some form of tracking system, um, in their quiz URL and without embedding it into your own landing page. You’re not really able to do that. So a lot of the times we recommend this exact thing.

What we’re talking about today, like embedded into your own landing page. That way you are able to add these tracking devices or devices. Tracking system, sorry, um, into the quiz and you can learn. You know, evidently a whole variety of things, you know, how long people are taking in your quiz what they’re answering, you know, um, the traction you get it where they’re coming from things of that nature.

And so that’s that’s become more popular. I think over, like, the 2nd, half of the year, maybe it’ll continue to be this year, but, um. You know, that’s something that I’ve noticed on my, on my side of things. I think when it comes to like the content on a landing page with a quiz on it, there are so many different things you can do.

You can do some, I’ve seen a lot just where they kind of, you know, give you hints about what the quiz is about. Like, you know, maybe they give you a preview to what results you can get and kind of make it like a journey or like a discovery that. Involves the quiz. And that’s the main thing it’s about. If you’re landing page, if you have like a sales page, um, maybe taking the quiz, the solution to finding out which, you know, product or offer is going to be right for these people.

So I think you can go a lot of different routes with it. Jesy, you just reminded me I see this a lot and I wish more people would do this when you get on a website so many sites have like a start here button or like learn more or whatever that could be your quiz that would be a really great place to put your quiz because it’s where you want someone to get started so you can learn more about them to give them what that what they actually need.

And then I would just add pop ups and announcement bars are great ways to sort of grab attention to that as well. A lot of people, even on Instagram, everything, your link bio usually have a landing page where you’re like, I want people to click on this 1. Like, this is the 1. I want them to go to your quiz there, collect those leads and start from there.

See what happens when you add it there. What I’m hearing is to, like, really think about what you want your customer journey to be. So, as soon as they get to your website, where do you want them to go, and how do you use a quiz to get them there? But in order for them to take the quiz, you need to have really clear Um, sort of incentives to, you know, have them spend that time, right?

Like they’re spending time actually creating or taking a quiz. So how do you get that there? And then to Damaris’s point is like making sure that you’re able to get those analytics of, okay, well, if I do embed it into this landing page, how many people are actually visiting the page versus how many people are taking the quiz?

Um, you know, if they’re sharing it, where are they sharing it? And so on. Love that. So. From your actual embedded quiz, right? You take your quiz. You have a few questions that people answer, and generally they get a result. So we mentioned this is the 3rd way to kind of use a quiz or use a marketing landing page for your quiz is to actually create your result on landing pages.

And then we have a really. Cool feature where you, instead of them seeing the, the result through the quiz, they get redirected to a URL on your website with all that same information that you would put otherwise.

I love that. Oh, go ahead. I was going to say, I love when people redirect their results. I know it takes a little bit more work, but the, you can do so many more creative things with it. Once you redirect, you can tell, like, urge people to retake the quiz. You can send them to more resources below, um, you know, embed videos.

I mean, you can embed videos in the actual quiz result, but just for like, functionality and for the way it looks like, yeah. People are still on your website, you know, I highly encourage. And I think it’s like one of a must kind of do things. And I know Jackie or Damaris, one of, you know, I know Jackie talked about it all the time in our community about all the pros of what actually happens when you have your results on a landing page versus in the interact quiz builder.

Yeah, I would say the number 1 and Damaris, then we can pass it to you because I know you could ask this and help all of the time is how do you put pixels into your quiz? And with data and privacy changes, the feature that we had within the interact within your interact account doesn’t work like it was intended to because of those updates.

And so. Rerouting to your own URLs. So your results are housed, housed on your own URLs is the best way to do that. So you can not only see how many people are coming from the quiz, but what do they do after? So once, you know, they’ve come in from your quiz, you can keep tracking them past that result page.

Have they purchased from you? Have they not, et cetera. Yeah, I feel like a lot of people use both, both of these things, the embedding on their own website, right there, the quiz on their own website. And then they continue that on to redirect in their own results, um, into their own landing pages. You know, obviously the, the tracking and the pixels are a big, big part of it, but also like for e commerce businesses, I see a lot where they want to offer more than one collection or offer more than one product.

And it’s. It becomes more difficult when you’re just using the interact tool, um, because, you know, it’s a little more complex when you have an e commerce business, you have to add more products and things of that nature. So it looks very, like, it’s a very flawless sort of look aesthetically when they do it that way.

That’s that becomes very, it’s become very popular actually over the last, the last year. Oh, my God. I’m so sorry, guys. Let me. While she’s doing that, what I really like about those e commerce sites when they redirect is you can go right to the checkout page so you can have the cart checkout like right there so you don’t lose people in trying to purchase and that’s usually best for e commerce because it’s like people are looking for a product and then the quiz recommends the right product for them so they’re ready to buy it.

They don’t really need a long email sequence. Maybe they do, but then you can put an email sequence together, but at least they have the option of right away being able to purchase without getting lost. Yeah, I think it’s also, yeah, I was gonna say, I think it’s also interesting, like, if you get to track all this information based on like your results or like, you know, your personas, you can see how, like what their behavior is like, are these people ready to buy right now?

Do these people need more nurturing? Are these people visiting my blog or are these people going straight to my product? So it’s kind of just cool to see, I think, how that behavior works. Yeah. What I was going to say is that I’ve actually noticed it’s It’s very interesting because it almost looks like you’re working backwards.

A lot of people already have like landing pages of like products or things or resources that they are already offering customers. So a lot of the times you can just use those exact same resources or landing pages and just make those your results, but just maybe change the wording a little bit or, or the name of whatever result you’re wanting to send them to.

But it’s really working. More smart in a way, because you already have that information. You just have to use it to your benefit, which is what we’ve been talking about this whole time. Right? Like, adjust it just a little bit to to fit your quiz in there. Exactly. Exactly. Yeah, because I feel like a lot of people get.

Really confused and oh, my God, how much information do I have to add in my result pages or how much information or what’s the right amount of information or, you know, things of that nature. And it’s really just, you already have all of that information. So there’s really no right or wrong response to that.

So I think that sort of minimizes the. The other thing that used to come up in coaching all the time with wanting to create the URLs for your result pages is so that you can email the results later. So, in an interact quiz, if you’re using within your dashboard, those results when you refresh the page, or you can’t link, I guess what I’m saying is you can’t link out To an interact quiz result page, it just links to the main quiz.

So every time you would want someone to see that page, they’d have to retake the quiz. Nobody’s going to want to do that. If the result page is on your own URL, then you can just link that in the email that you’re sending them. So they can refer back to it anytime or have it, or use that and turn it into an email, whatever you want to do.

But that was another request is we want to, we don’t want to show the result right away after someone takes the quiz, we want to give the result in an email, or we want to be able to show people, we want people to be able to come back to the result for the resources or whatever, and that’s really the best way to do it is with the redirect and putting the URL in the email.

All right, that’s a good segue into thinking about this from our customers customers perspective. Um, when you, you, as the entrepreneur are thinking of, like, um, you know, what kind of a experience do I want my customer to have when they take my quiz when they, um. You know, get through all the questions and get to the results pages like what, what will get them to 1 stay on my website longer to reengage with me again in the future.

And that is like, make this as white labeled as possible and keeping them on your website as much as possible. So making sure that. You know, your quiz is always leading back to your website. So if you’re using those landing pages to redirect for your results, I love that idea of like sending a link back to it in the, in the email.

You could always also like relink it again, probably later in that email sequence, or encourage people to bookmark that page. One of the other things that I wanted to mention, I think Jesy kind of touched on this a little bit earlier was if you’re specifically coaches or consultants, you can embed, let’s say like a calendar, like to book appointments with you right on that landing page.

So there’s just like more flexibility, I guess, is what I’m trying to say in terms of like what, what you, not just content, but what you can actually put in those landing pages for your results. Yeah. Um, I was going to say for, for, for those that have listened for a while, because I’ll know I love candles.

It’s sort of a known thing now. Apparently the reason I was because obviously there’s a certain sense that I mainly like, right? And so, like, if I’m already a customer of. This product and you’re sending me emails of like, Hey, it’s going to go on sale or there’s a new smell that’s going to, you know, like they had this, no, I’m saying too much now they had like this mahogany apple that was like scented.

And I was like, oh, like, I kind of want to try, try that and see how that. Will be different, like, a different scent from what I’m usually used to, but it’s like, almost the same. It’s just things like that, right? It’s like, people already are hooked or they already like you for whatever reason for whether it’s a product or service, whatever you’re offering them when you do things like that, when you’re sending them emails or you’re, you know, allowing them to sort of be part of like, oh, we’re launching this new thing.

It just becomes, you become more of like, part of that community in a way. And then you become, um. Really more hooked because obviously I keep buying these darn candles. So here I am still talking about them six months later, learn from me, everybody. It’s true though. Like, I mean, unfortunately, if I’m already a customer, that’s not like they’re necessarily marketing their quiz to me because they need my information.

But if I’m like a loyal customer for a product and they come out with a quiz, I’m like. I’m taking it because I’m curious. Like, what’s it? That’s funny. It’s such a good way to like reengage people as well. So I think that’s great. Yeah, funny enough, guys. I Starbucks. I’m also a Starbucks person. Um, just they did this end of year like, Oh, um.

Find out what like coffee persona you are, which reminded me of what we do. Cause I’m like, wait, they they’re doing a quiz. Like what’s happening. Of course I had to go in and figure out which coffee persona I was. Cause there’s no way I’m not gonna, you know, figure that out. And I just thought it was interesting that they now incorporated quizzes into their, their, you know, their marketing strategies and it really, I mean, obviously it worked not only because I work in quizzes, but I was.

It was pretty spot on for me. I was like, Oh wow, this is like really, this is pretty much me, but it’s my coffee personality. So Starbucks is getting it guys. I’m just saying quizzes work. Right, right. I love that. I think too, like if you’re thinking about, you know, companies like Starbucks who are able to use a quiz for their business, like they have a whole team of people who’s creating.

All this marketing, all these pages specifically for that quiz. And it’s like, it does work. Like you said to marriage, like you want it to take even though you’ve been drinking Starbucks probably for like how long, but, um, you know, like to be able to do that, like you have to think of it of if I’m taking this quiz and Starbucks is making this look like Starbucks, how can I use my quiz with.

You know, obviously, not as many resources as Starbucks, but still make it look as white labeled as possible. And it is to, like, use your own landing pages. Like, the quiz should fit into your business and sort of, like, accelerate your marketing, not just, you know, Oh, I have a quiz a fun quiz for people to take to engage them.

You know, like, I think it can do all of that while making it look. Like you created, like you have a whole team of people coding this entire quiz into your website. That’s true. Yeah. The other thing too, I just want to maybe call out is if you’re not doing all this embedding on the landing pages, you still want to make sure your brand is coming through your quiz.

In coaching, I would see a lot of times people like your quiz is a part of your business. It’s not just like. A quiz aside from your business with a different logo, different colors, different font, like you should really use the same colors, the same font, the same imagery, the same like brand essence in your quiz, because it’s a piece of your business.

And everywhere it gets shown or marketed or shared, you want people to remember who your brand is. And if it’s completely off, whether it’s on a landing page or it’s just your interact link, right? Like you’re sharing it right from your account. You still want it to feel like your brand. So make sure you’re, you’re doing that regardless.

Yeah, and it’s interesting to see it now. Obviously, I’m a consumer, but I’m also, I also work right in quizzes. So it’s, it’s interesting that, um, going back to the Starbucks. Strategy that they used, it’s really just to re engage their current customers, right? It’s really just to make them feel valued, make them feel like, okay, we see you.

We hear you. This is who you are. This is what you’ve done in the company. This is like who we think you’re impersonate, you know, but it, it, it works because you’re hooked. You become, you feel like, oh, wow, they really put some thought into it. They really cared about, you know, all the money I’m spending here and every day that I go or whatever the case is.

So it’s just, if for anything, it’s a strategy. Marketing strategy that really works very well. So, you know, what that just made me think of is like, you know, the end of year Spotify wrapped and how, how many people started doing, doing that last, especially this last year. I feel like I got like a wrapped on everything I use.

Um, we even got 1 for buzzsprout, which is the platform we use to broadcast our, our podcast. Um, and. I just had this thought as you were speaking to Maris of like personalizing, maybe making people feel engaged of like when you’re able to take your quiz and understand like all these analytics and then it’s like, okay, well, if I have all this information on these landing pages, one, I already know what result they got and through these landing pages, you would know what are people clicking on?

What content are they engaging with? So you could effectively do some sort of like, Your business wrapped for your customers, understanding like, okay, this is what their result was. This is who this type of person is. And maybe you don’t have as much data and as many numbers as Spotify does, but you are able to create sort of like a looking ahead or here’s what your year probably looked like based on that person’s result and who that personality is.

And. Kind of leading back to what I think is actually such a great idea, Jackie, of linking people to their results page. If your quiz is still live and running and you’re using that same URL, it’s like a perfect way to, um, sort of reignite that. Conversation of like, here’s, here’s what your year looked like.

And, you know, just a reminder of who you, who your personality is. And then maybe it’s also a good way to be like, do you still feel like this is you take my quiz again? Yeah. I love the scored quizzes. I mean, they don’t even have to be a scored quiz. But where like the quiz is intentional that it wants you to retake it.

So you can sort of track your progress. Like, are you scoring a higher score? Did you learn more about this thing now that you’ve implemented some of this? Where are you at now? That’s a really great way to engage your audience. Um, again, what’s the goal? Is it for email generation? I mean, new leads, then that’s probably not what you want to do, but if it’s to re engage, to make more sales, and it’s a really great strategy.

Uh, before we hop off, I really quickly wanted to touch on the tech side of it and sort of Damaris, if you could cover what, like, what’s the most challenging part about redirecting your results or embedding your quiz into a landing page? Wow, that’s not an easy question to answer. Um, she’s like, thanks a lot.

Jasmine. Thanks a lot. I think the hardest part is checking that box to redirect host on redirect. So many people miss that. And that’s, it doesn’t work if you don’t check that box, but it’s literally as easy as checking a box. I think. Yeah, that’s big. I think that the hardest part is getting the landing page up and running if it’s not already.

If you’re not adding it to an existing one, I think Interact makes it pretty easy to embed and do all that. But I think people are like, let me get the quiz and then I’ll work on the landing page later. But I think that’s usually. Yeah, I mean, I guess on the tech side, um, that comes up a lot with Jackie said, like making sure that you turn on the redirect host.

So that way it fits the container and it looks flawless on your actual landing page doesn’t look like a little box that’s just cut off, you know, and the scroll bar is, is right in the middle of it, you know, and a lot of the times, like making sure that goes down to aesthetics, your, your font, your colors, Really match the landing page and the look, they look just like your actual website looks like that way.

It looks part. It looks like it’s part of, um, your website, not just a sore thumb. Right? So, so just things like that. Um, I don’t want to get into, like, the super techie stuff in the code, because it’s really not. I mean, you can always try to send if you have any issues about that. So it’s not it’s not something that’s really, really difficult.

It’s just walking through the steps. And if you follow the instructions, I think you can get it. You can get it done really flawlessly, but, um, it’s just really small oversight sometimes and. Back to what Jesy’s saying. It’s a very easy process to just redirect. We just have to just be, be careful with how we’re doing it.

That’s all. Love it. Love it. Well, guys, thank you so much. And everyone out there listening, this is like something people have obviously been doing since we’ve, you know, Launched these features, and it’s as long as I’ve been here, we’ve had, like, redirect and embedding and all that good stuff. Um, but I do kind of hope to see it more this year, considering our interact eyes up and running, and people will get quizzes out faster.

So, that way, instead of spending so much time on the content, we can make it, you know. Look really nice. Look really seamless and white label to our businesses. All right. Well, thanks guys. And we’ll see everyone next time. Bye everybody.

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