Ep. 120

Introducing InteractAI: A New Tool for a New Age of Business with Team Interact

Welcome to another episode of Interact’s Grow Podcast, where we share insights and strategies to help you scale your business. In this special episode, we’re thrilled to announce the official launch of InteractAI, our AI-powered quiz maker that’s set to revolutionize lead generation with quizzes.

Our team dives into the features of InteractAI, and how it allows you to create a lead generation quiz in MINUTES – a task that used to take 3-5 weeks. We also explore real-life applications of InteractAI, sharing success stories from businesses that have already seen the benefits of it while in beta. Tune in to learn more about InteractAI and how it can help you create the best quiz for your business in less than 2 minutes!

Make a Quiz in Minutes with InteractAI

Welcome back to Interact’s Grow podcast. So great to be with you as always. I’m your host, Jessmyn Solana. And with me this week, we have all four of us, ladies. Hello and welcome back. Hello. We have a super exciting announcement for all of our listeners and everyone in our audience out there. So spread the word share this episode if you want to get the word out there.

If you’re an affiliate, you can grab the link from our website and create an affiliate code to it. Jackie will give you more information on that. But we have a really cool announcement that our interact AI is now publicly facing. Yes, girl. This is something that we’ve been building since December, January last year.

So like 2022, 2023, as soon as like chat GPT opened up. And it took a lot of team power to get it to where it is today. Shout out to the engineering team. But it is now publicly facing. So what that means. Is if you go to tryinteract.com/AI and you start filling out our quiz, give us a little bit of information about your business, put in your website, URL, we will make you a quiz within five minutes specifically off of your website and the information that you gave us.

Super exciting. That deserves another. Jackie, do you want to jump into a little bit about who this tool is for? What makes it specifically different from before? Yeah, this tool is for anybody who’s looking to create a quiz, especially if you are struggling with getting started. So, if you haven’t heard already, I’ve shared this before on the podcast.

We used to do a five week cohort where I would lead you through building a quiz. quiz that took five weeks just to build your quiz. And I realized, we realized as a team, how much burnout that caused for our customers, because in five weeks, only the quiz was created. Then they had to embed it on their site, connect it with emails.

Write the emails there was market the quiz. There was so much more that went into it that after a five week process, they were sort of tired and didn’t really continue going. So we knew we needed a better way to support these people. But at the same time, I think since the existence of interact, the biggest question we get is what’s the best place for my business.

How do I get started? What should I make my quiz about? How many questions should I include? All of that. And the way that our prompts are designed in Interact AI is based on all of those best practices. So everything that we would recommend is going to be put into your quiz based on the information that you provide us, I guess, using the information that you provide us.

So based on the website link that you’re providing or the content that you’re giving us, or the, the topic that you want to align your quiz with all the best practices that we would recommend are already in the prompts. So you don’t have to worry about any of that. You’ll just see the quiz in your interact account all within five minutes so that you can then from there, add your own finesse, add additional questions.

If you want to build out upon the result pages in terms of you know, linking next steps to get started with. Whatever you want your quiz taker to do next. Yeah, this is huge. Huge. Huge. I mean, if we want to just talk a little bit about. The history of how this tool went from a beta stage to now it’s like officially launching.

I mean, it’s been a whole year of trying to figure out what’s going to work for you guys. What questions, what prompts we have to ask to make sure that we’re building the best quiz, um, on the backend for you. And it’s taking. Literally an entire year. I mean, we’re now in February of 2024. So it’s, it really started with back and forth basic email from us to you, you to us, us actually building out the quiz for you using chat GPT based on certain questions that we were asking you by email and then, you know, it evolved to.

The engineering team building out some tools for us to help you make a better quiz. It just, it’s been an interesting, interesting process. And we’re super, super excited that this is now like officially. Live ready for you. And so if you guys have any feedback, please, please let us know. But we’re, we’re, we’re very excited.

Damaris, can you actually touch on what kind of support people can get if they’re struggling with their AI quiz? Yeah, absolutely. thIs is actually thank you for reminding me that this is very exciting as well. For a very long time. Our live chat support was only available for our active subscribers that had a subscription with interact.

And so because of this launch, and we know that it’s huge, and it’s very important for a lot of our customers, we’ve decided that Any customer that decides to create a quiz using our AI tool and actually activates their Interact account, even if you’re not in an active subscription, you have access to our live chat feature.

So if you are in the dashboard, once you’ve built your quiz with AI and you have any questions, there’s a chat feature in the bottom right hand side and you can let us, let us know. Myself and Mia, which is another person that also takes care of chat team member. We’ll help you right there in their life as long as it’s, of course, within the live hours, but we’ll get to you as fast as we can.

It could really could be as basic as feedback. It could be as complicated as I need help with tech integrations. I don’t know where something is. I need help with, building, I don’t know, my questions, results, whatever it is. Honestly, whatever issue you guys are having, just, just let us know, chat us in and we’ll, we’ll be happy to help.

I was going to add to that, Tamara is also like, send us your positive feedback. Like, what quizzes did you make? Don’t send that through chat. Post that to your social media and tag us. We can reshare it for you and that way we can check out your quiz as well. Yeah, I agree. Damaris, can you quickly explain the difference between starting on a paid subscription versus if people are new to interact and they go through the AI route?

Yeah, that’s actually a great question. The, the big difference, I think, is that when you come in through interact AI, you build out your quiz and you just set up your account. You’re it’s a complete free account. You’ll be able to access your quiz. You can view it exactly how the AI tool build it off for you.

You can change the colors. You can customize it, but when it comes time to you actually. Turning on lead generation and publishing your quiz, it will ask you to upgrade to a free trial and then features such as connecting it to your email integration platform, being able to publish the quiz, being able to add redirect links, you know, hyperlinks to your call to action buttons, all of those things will then sort of turn and then you’ll have all of those features available once you’ve started and activated your free trial.

And that’s 14 days, you can then from there choose whichever plan suits your business at the time. But that’s really the big difference. You’ll have sort of like a rough draft version of your quiz in the free state. And then it will ask you to prompt for an upgrade up to a trial once you’re ready. This to me, all I’m hearing is that I can create the perfect quiz for my business, customize it exactly and not pay until.

That is done if that takes me, you know, if I want to tinker with it for 3 weeks or, you know, 1 week right away, whatever it means, I don’t have to pay until that’s done. And it’s ready to go live. And I think that’s awesome. Right? Yeah, exactly. And you also have live chat support. So you’ll be able to ask ask us anything that you you have top of mind.

Yeah, I was just going to share a little best practice if you are playing around with the tool and you want to create different quizzes, correct me if I’m wrong Damaris, but I think there’s a quiz limit of one on the free account. So, if you don’t like it, you can just delete it from your account, go back to the AI and rebuild a different version, a different style, a different quiz on a different topic.

That is completely true. Yes, that is a great point. Thank you for calling that out. It will give you an error message if you try to do more than one and you still have one in your account. So make sure to delete it if you don’t like it and do a new quiz over again. Or you can upgrade to, to a trial and you can do up to five quizzes, whichever one’s easiest for you guys.

I have a little fun fact. I was looking at some of our stats from our AI quizzes and the most number of AI quizzes one customer built is, do you guys want to guess first? Yes. Let’s guess Wow. Oh my God. That was such a specific number. I know. I was going to say 10, but I was like, now it sounds very low compared to what Jackie said.

Jasmine? I was going to say, oh, I just kind of want to do the complete opposite and say two. All right. Well, Jackie was way off. Damaris was the closest, 17. So we have one person who’s built 17 quizzes with AI, which is pretty awesome. Oh, that’s awesome. Yeah. And I think just to give people perspective, from when we first started doing this, like Damaris mentioned, we were doing this via email and like us, like we were building quizzes for people.

It wasn’t automated yet. Since that time, we’ve built over 5, 000 quizzes for people using AI. But now since we’ve since we were in beta, which I would say is about November, right? We had our beta launch in November in November alone with beta. We launched 845 quizzes in one month and I don’t think thinking back two years from now.

I don’t think we could have helped 845 people Want to quiz in one month. So that’s huge. That’s a really fun step. Because remember, Interact is only a team of 13 people. So to build that many quizzes is literally impossible because we just don’t have the hours in the day. So that’s really cool that we can, that we can support so many different people in that way.

I have a question that I just thought of because I remember when we were doing this pre automation, right? Like we were going through and building the quizzes ourselves. If anybody who spoke a different language or who wanted their quiz to be in a different language. We would build the quiz in English, have Chachapiti convert everything to their language, and put it into Interact.

If you’re using Interact AI and you’re speaking to it in a foreign language, will it reply to you in the same way, or does it only work in English? I believe it only works in English, so it would give you, you know, the quiz, you’d have to translate it on your own, and probably just do what we were doing, is use Google Translate, but still, I think it’s, that’s, that’s not that bad.

To do, I know you probably just, I mean, as a Spanish speaker, weren’t you just going into the interacts account and translating yourself? Because it’s even easier that way. Yeah, yeah, I was, or we would use chat to translate everything just. It’s easier. But yeah, what Jesse was saying that the main language supported right now is English.

And then you can, you can translate it to whatever language you, you want to translate it to. Evan, feature request. We love to bug Evan about feature requests. We sure do. Can you guys remind our listeners and those who are new to interact AI, what, what kind of information are they really feeding? Interact a I to get that quiz.

What do they need to have ready? This is actually a great question and spoiler alert. We are requesting feedback, but we are really working hard on trying to develop a content educational content and workshops for you guys to really help you develop your own quiz and and have that better structured.

I think that. The easiest way to explain it would be trying to build a quiz of the current business strategy that you have going on now and really sort of. Making the quiz very similar to the goal that you have in your business, right? Like, what’s the goal of the quiz and how can the quiz support that that goal?

And then that will then. Make it a lot easier if you think of it in a business perspective versus having writers blocking. Oh, my God. What should my quiz be about? Like, I can’t really think about that right now. Probably Jackie or Jasmine or you Jasmine have a different different answer, but I think that’s like the easiest way that I can.

Explain it. I like the way that you explain that to Maris. And I guess like, just to get even more specific than like business strategy, I think was the words that you use or like, what’s happening in your businesses. What are your existing workflows? Like, what automations email sequences are you already sending to people?

And where do you want to fill? Which flows do you want to fill with more people? So create a quiz backwards from that. Maybe it’s using the copy from the email that you’re sending them. Maybe it’s your, your, your sales page. Maybe it’s your main website. But essentially that way, the quiz, once you have it in your interacts account, just needs to be connected to whatever your email service provider is.

And then they’re already getting emails that you don’t have to rewrite because. A quiz shouldn’t change your business. It should just help to amplify it. So I think you said it’s spot on. DeMaria says, just use the content that you’ve already created in to feed the AI so that it spits something back out.

That’s on the exact topic that you’re already teaching on, that you’re already sharing on, and that fits into the email flows that you already want people to get. Exactly. I love it. And. The last thing that I want to add to this is we do have a ton of episodes that we recorded within the last year, based off of the progression of our AI.

If any of you are interested, you’ll get to hear from our CEO, Josh. You’ll also get to hear from the engineering team on what, you know, the, the building that it took to, to get it to where it is now behind the scenes. We’ll send you all that all the resources and last thing is head over to tryinteract.com/AI to actually try out the tool and get started. Let us know and we’ll see you next time. Bye bye.

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