Ep. 134

Live from Craft + Commerce Conference for Creators with Team Interact

Tune in as the team goes live from the Craft + Commerce Conference for Creators by ConvertKit!

What are we talking about? How fancy of a studio this is right now? Yeah, I think that’s what we should just go for. I’ve never been on camera like this. Is it recording? How do we know if it’s recording? It’s recording. Oh, it is. We are live, girls! From Boise, Idaho! Interact is in the ConvertKit studio. Do you want me to first do our intro?

Yeah, what are we talking about? Hi everyone and welcome to Interact’s Grow podcast. I’m your host, Jessmyn Solana, and here we are recording for the first time together in person, all three of us, Jackie Damaris. Thanks for joining. Hi, I’m so excited. This feels like really official right now. Do you feel more nervous being in this setting or do you feel like more, like you have more authority because we are in such a nice studio right now?

I think both. Yeah, I, yeah. I don’t know if either of you are close enough to your mics. I think that we don’t know how to act. I think you should dunno how to, I think you should act by putting the mic closer to your face. Dunno what to about. I, you know, it, I would say it’s different because I’m so used to seeing you guys through Zoom that having this experience almost makes me feel awkward.

Uh, should I, like, I don’t know what to say, you know? But I agree. I love it. I feel like I’m so used to looking forward at a screen. And kind of just moving my eyes. Yeah. Um, but I guess to give everybody a little bit of a background The reason why we’re here. We’re actually in Boise, Idaho Um shout out to convert kit for hosting this wonderful conference When do we start saying kit?

I’m, sorry. Yeah, they are kit now rebranded Uh, we were there for the announcement and I my jaw dropped. Yep That was crazy shocking. Um, they opened up these studios for people to use for free So this is super cool for us to be doing so if you’re ever in boise hit kit up. Yeah kit the Yeah. As opposed to?

The first thing that came to mind, and ConvertKit, if you guys have not thought of this, but I was thinking Game of Thrones, Kit Harington. Ooh, never seen. I have, can proudly say I’ve never seen Game of Thrones. He’s Jon Snow. Okay. I had a customer, uh, during the conference yesterday, and she was like, what’s your name?

And Daenerys. She’s like, oh, Daenerys? Like Game of Thrones? And I was like, I’ll take that. Yeah. I’ll be the Mother of Dragons, why not? Yeah. Yeah. That’s fair. That’s fair. Yeah. So. You know, we don’t have anything completely planned today, and I think I’m so like, shook right now by doing this in person with you guys.

I’m blanking, but what are some takeaways that you guys have gotten from the conference while we’re here? We talk to a lot of sponsors, so we’re sponsoring the ConvertKit conference, and, uh, I think the one thing that I’ve heard from almost every other sponsor, if not every single other sponsor, is the goal of being here at this show is relationship building, and networking, and connecting with other creators that, you know, You may not be able to get through online or I don’t know.

You didn’t even think you didn’t even know who they were on. So that’s been a lot of fun for me. Getting to meet people, hearing more about their businesses. That’s always my favorite part of working at interact, hearing what people have going on in their worlds and what they’re working on and to be able to do that in real person is just that much better because I’m a people person and yeah, it’s been a lot of fun.

Yeah, I really do feel like you shine through these like live events too, because you’re able to like yeah, Really showcase your personality and just like how friendly you are and they get to see like the real Jackie versus the Jackie Behind an email, you know, so it’s been really nice. I think for me specifically We did a workshop here at the conference, which we can give you guys information on later But I was I wasn’t nervous because I would consider myself an extroverted person but I was worried of how many people we’re gonna show and And I really wanted to make sure that we We got as many people as possible and show them value during the presentation.

And we filled a room guys. So it was like, so exciting to see, uh, all these people come into the workshop and then not even having enough seats to fill in people. And then our, you know, ConvertKit was kind enough to join us during our presentation, they did a great job partnering up with us. And so that was like my biggest, like.

Oh, we’re doing such a great job. Like Interact is getting their name out there, you know, so, um, you killed it. I appreciate and love you guys for that. So that was mine so far. You did a great job. Thank you. Appreciate that. You crushed it, Damaris. Crushed it. The humor that you brought to the workshop was great.

Yeah. Thank you guys. Work in progress, guys. We’ll get better. We may have a few clips that we’ll be showing on social media later where Damaris just is her funny, funny self. Shameless plug at triinteract. com. Yep. Or at try and react on instagram was what I was trying to say. I’m nervous. I don’t know Well, let me ask you jess.

What’s your biggest takeaway so far? You know, so also the conversations I think is super great and um, You know, I used to do creator stories for our podcast And it was like you get to meet all these people and hear about Who they are how they got started in business and i’m doing it in real time But at scale like you talk to like yeah hundreds of people while you’re here.

Yeah, you know You I would say that like, this is the first conference, obviously, this is like a really legit setting you guys like we’re a little thrown off. So as you can tell, but it’s our first conference with our boss, Josh, CEO, this is true, joining us and us working together as a team. So that’s been like, really cool to sort of see him Do his CEO thing.

That’s just what I call it. And then see us work, work the booth, man, the booth, you know, do our presentations, go talk to people, um, build relationships with them. It’s just been really interesting to, to just let it unfold. I mean, you know, I don’t even know how else to say it, you know? Well, I think, yeah, like to add to that, we don’t get to see each other do this in person because when we are at our off sites, it’s really just us getting to know each other, bonding with each other and maybe doing some work on the computer, but we’re not seeing it in action with potential customers or with other sponsors that we could create partnerships with.

Um, so it’s like a different world and it’s kind of like getting to know you guys in a That I didn’t before. And also our customers. Yes. Yeah. Yes. Like, it’s so different in person. Don’t you think? Yeah. And I think it’s enlightening for us as a, as a quiz, quiz building software too. We consider ourselves small and we are small, but when you get our customers and people that we’ve helped come to us and they’re like, yeah, we’ve heard of you guys or, you know, or you helped us with this or you’ve done this for us or this and that.

It’s just very, It’s very assuring and validating like, okay, we’re, we’re, we have an impact in their business and it’s really, it’s a nice feeling, you know, it feels like we’re doing this for a reason. There’s a purpose, you know, I saw that today at the workshop. Um, I, I can’t even tell you how many people Damaris led them through making an AI quiz, led them through the forum.

And I think we might have some reaction videos also at tryinteract. com, uh, at tryinteract on Instagram, um, to watch those, but to really see people using a tool that we spent the last year or two years creating, and then their reactions of, Oh my gosh, this quiz is so good. It was really, really fun. Fun. It was really exciting.

There was one particular guy. Um, I got it on video. I think he said his name was Doc. Yes. He, he said, um, it created a better quiz than what he would have himself. Than he even imagined. Yeah. Yeah. Those are like live testimonials that like, I mean, we wouldn’t pay for them anyway, but you really don’t pay for that kind of feedback in those sort of like live reactions from people.

Like they’re just. They’re very reassuring. I mean, Josh was our CEO and he was like, Oh, he felt really comfortable with the whole process. It was really nice. It was really nice. It must be a cool feeling for him too. Like, I mean, this is obviously his company, you know, him and Matt started it back in 2013.

Like, I guess like I didn’t know them back then, but to think of like, you know, two guys in college trying to come up for the software, they don’t even know where we’re going with this. Um, and even for me, when I came in, we were, you know, in a room, like, as small as this. Like, that was the office. It was so teeny tiny.

And we were just like, okay, let’s just try a bunch of things and see where it goes. See what works. Yeah. So it’s crazy to see like how far it’s come and like to see a room full of people was Um, I because I came in later and when I I didn’t know what to expect, you know And I know we talked about like, oh are we gonna get people to come in here?

And do this workshop when I walked in I was just like wow I would have been happy with 10 people and then you did tell me that before I started and there was probably what 50? Yeah, there’s probably like 50 people and I was like as long as we can have 10 people in the workshop That will make me so happy.

Yeah, and then as people started coming in I was like Okay, this is happening. All right, let me put my extroverted hat on right now. She started playing Beyonce. Yeah, you know, get my Beyonce vibes, put on Beyonce music, you know, it worked out. It was great. All you guys were there to support too. Josh was there.

You were doing the video, uh, recording and content. You know, you were there helping with support questions. It was, it really takes a team effort. Evan was manning the booth, you know, like it just, it’s a full on team effort. But then again, back to our point, like, half the team was here. You know what I mean?

Like, we also had the team back home, like, looking at the analytics, asking them to check this. We have Mia on chat while we’re here. Shout out to the team, wish you were here. Yeah, I know we miss you guys. I keep forgetting to look at the camera, to be honest. I don’t know if you have to necessarily. I mean, we’re supposed to be in conversation, right?

Yeah, that’s true. I’m thinking about when people post videos of this, what it looks like when they do it. And I’m trying to think about What are we going to look like? Yeah, or like, where’s my head supposed to be? I feel like I’ll like Oh, you’re okay? I feel like I’ll like talk to you, but before you answer, I’ll look at Damaris and then realize I asked you the question.

So, you know, we’ll see. We’ll see what this is. We’ll see what this looks like. But I love this setup. I’ve always wanted to do this. I’ve always wanted to do this. And I know we say it every time we see each other. We’re like, should we do something? A live recording? Yeah, like a live recording, but we don’t have the equipment and setup.

And I’m sure if we were to try to take this entire thing with us, that would be crazy. You will not be getting these back. Oh my god, should we start making ASMR footage for our channel? Oh my god, we should have taken my laptop out and just did like typing. Stop. Do we have a drink? Should we have brought our lunch in here?

Should have brought our lunch in here. Yes, unwrapping the sandwiches and the chip bags. Biting into an apple. I have a question for you, Jessmyn. Because this This, this now does seem like a super like full on like fancy, I feel like I’m in a fancy podcast recording or something like how does it feel to like know that you started with creator stories years ago that you’ve had to like basically build it from the ground up right and then now we’re like literally here the convert kid conference we’re sitting on like a really official studio recording it how does that feel it’s crazy I mean same idea with walking into the room and seeing a room full of people who like Got a quiz in two seconds, you know, um When you watch the progression of how things go you really do start somewhere Yeah, and I think that’s something important to remember like I feel really great being here right now when I first started podcasting I had, um, no microphone.

I think I even ended up buying, like, the cheapest one. Um, we were using Zoom to record people. It was the worst video quality. I didn’t know how to record. I was just like, one thing that I was like, I’m never gonna do this again, was, you know, in regular conversation, you wanna engage or show that you’re engaging, so you’ll frequently go, mm hmm.

Mm hmm. Yeah, oh, yeah, that’s true. We’re not doing that now, but yeah, but I just did I had to learn to not do that every second while recording so, um, you know, it’s just been a journey and just like a learning experience and for us to be here Almost done getting kicked out. We’re getting kicked out. Okay, it’s okay But I will end this with it’s a great experience and feeling to be here today.

And if you’re in Boise, come down to the Banner Bank building, first floor, KITT Studios. And record your own podcast. Yeah, you have a lot of fun and We’re excited guys. I hope you thank you to convert kit for sponsoring this episode By way of sharing your equipment in the studio. Yes guys. Thank you and for hosting us at the conference It’s been a lot of fun.

And for those who are listening, we’ll see you next time. Bye. Bye everyone

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