Run your business diagnostic test!

As a service business owner, you know the value of a diagnostic test, and you rely on them daily to help your customers.… but have you ever run a diagnostic test on your own business?Maybe you think your business is doing great but you want to run better…  Or, maybe your business is frustrating you and even hurting your health and relationships…… no matter how your business is doing, this short assessment will pinpoint what opportunities you have to improve your company—to fix what’s wrong and/or to see new ways to grow.The assessment will take less than 9 minutes (it’s just 50 simple questions) but it will give you laser-targeted insight into the opportunities to take your business to the next level.Simply read each question and select the answer that most accurately matches your situation. You’ll get a score at the end that will help you pinpoint how to improve. (If you complete this assessment, we’ll give you a free online training AND a free book to help your business grow!)

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