Are you Graceful or Gladiator?

As a woman, we have two parts to our soul.Most of us have learned to cling to one nature and disassociate with the other: we are either meek and gentle, or independent and strong. However, God's design for us is different, He created both natures with a purpose. When the two are combined they create the most powerful singular nature that we call being a woman. It is time for us to embrace both; to lean into the soft, feminine gracefulness while also empowering the capable and valiant gladiator inside of us.For each of us this is a different journey. We will either have to fight the battle to become vulnerable, or, learn to believe in our capabilities and strengths; begin to break down walls of protection and be seen, or shake off the dust and stand up for who we are.When we find the balance between both of these natures and invite them back together into the arena of life, that is when we will finally make our highest contribution to ourselves, our families, and the world.And that, Graceful Gladiator, is what we were created for.

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