Which Enneagram Personality Trifecta Are You?

Click the image or box next to the answer that has been most true for you throughout your life. When answering these questions try to be as honest and authentic as possible. Each personality type has its unique design possessing their extraordinary gifts and challenges.Even if you see aspects of yourself in all of the answers, choose the one which is the primary and has been most true throughout your life. We do have elements of all the 9 Enneagram types within us; it is just a matter to what degree.This quiz is designed to begin the inquiry process of your Enneagram Personality Trifecta (i.e., your 3 main personality drivers). The questions are designed to uncover your innate qualities and also underlying fears.It is important to remember that no 1 type is any better than another.Some of the common stumbling blocks in self-introspection tests are:• Answering the questions the way you would like to see yourself or how you would want to be, rather than going back to childhood until the present. (That does not mean you have not grown or did not master some aspect of yourself up to date).• Finding different aspects of yourself (i.e., thoughts, feelings, and reactions) unacceptable, embarrassing and brings up some element of self-judgment and shame.• Asking someone next to you what he or she thinks is accurate about you.• After reading all the choices in each question, overthinking your response (go with your initial gut response)The accuracy of your test results is proportionate to your ability to authentically select your answers. Each Enneagram personality type and Trifecta, possess extraordinary gifts and challenges.When you finish each part of your test, please take a screenshot of your results, so you have a copy for yourself. Please complete both tests by clicking on the more results link on your results page at the end of this section. In your free 15-minute consultation we can discuss the results. You may register by clicking on this link.Enneagram Personality Trifecta based on Tritype® researched and developed by Katherine Chernick Fauvre

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