What's your PROM Archetype®?

Authenticity inspires trust, which is the foundation of good leadership. This tool helps you identify your natural strengths (a.k.a. Superpowers) so that you can build on them and build a team of diverse superpowers, rather than a band of mini-mes.Authenticity is the opposite of narcissism. It's about leading as your best self, not using your impulses as a permission slip. Authenticity without humility is self-indulgent and damages your credibility. This 2-minute quiz is for people who want to lead as their best selves and build a winning team. You'll get a full breakdown of your leader archetype and action steps to use your superpowers to be your best and inspire people to contribute their best.PROM. Pioneers innovate, while Reconcilers build consensus. Operators implement to a high standard. Mavericks think strategically.

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