What's your PROM Archetype®?

Your PROM Archetype® is based on your natural affinities. It's not a personality test. It focuses on your observable superpowers when you are in a natural state of flow.Pioneers challenge the status quo and innovate.Reconcilers build consensus and keep people on board. Operators get things done to a high standard. Mavericks think strategically and solve wicked problems.Why is this important?You get into a state of flow when you are making the most of your affinities -- your natural talents and superpowers. You set new standards and soar to new heights -- it does not feel like work.You burn energy more quickly when in a high-skill, low-affinity role. You can do the work, but it feels like drudgery. This situation leads to burnout.You want to put yourself into a position to succeed by taking on high-affinity roles and developing the skills to make the most of these natural talents.You also want to set up your subordinates for success by doing the same for them. You'll find greater joy, higher productivity, and better retention. Cognitive diversity leads to good decisions and high-performing teams. You need all four PROM Archetypes® to thrive. For instance, Google's Larry Page and Sergei Brin (Maverick and Pioneer) needed Eric Schmidt and Jon Rosenberg (Reconciler and Operator) to be successful. Abraham Lincoln built cognitive diversity into his cabinet, which allowed him to end slavery, win the civil war, and set the foundations for Americans to come back together.This 2-minute quiz is for people who want to lead as their best selves and build a winning team. You'll get a full breakdown of your PROM archetype® and action steps to use your superpowers to be your best and inspire people to contribute their best.

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