WHO AM I?  That is the question! In order to know what suits you,  first you need to know who you are and how you see the world. I had a dream, I am walking into my closet, my space, and stand quietly enjoying what is in front of me. It feeds my soul, I know everything is perfect. It's says ME! How does that feel? Would you like to be living that dream? In reality, change in any aspect in your life can create doubt and stress, and have you questioning your choices. Especially when it comes to your clothes.            “To be able stand in front of your closet and say this is me, and feel so good about your choices". Now I know that feeling,   Thank You!                                                                                KarenIt's not them, it is you who is changing. You see the world around you and your wardrobe differently.  Get acquainted with the new you, the real you. Begin to understand where the disconnect is coming from. Learn how to make better choices on what you wear, who and what you surround yourself with. Feng Shui is all about energy, yours! You attract what you project, are you sending the right message?  WHAT'S NEXT! What does your appearance say about you, find out by clicking below to take the quiz. We are all made up of more than one Essence, the outcome will be your Primary, how you see the world! There is so much more!Click on the box that you relate to the most, have fun! Your Style. Your Space. Your Life

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