The ReLaunch Circle

When it comes to hitting the restart button on a part of your life... what type of approach do you currently think you have? Are you a Hide and Seek(er), Wait and Seek(er),Light Seeker, or Adrenaline Seeker?Sure, we'd all like to hit the restart button to have a life, career, or relationships we love... but knowing HOW we currently show up and deal with life is the KEY to reinventing ourselves! You might be the type that hides, or says "one day", or is on a constant search for more, or just gives a "yes" to everything because you have serious FOMO. Whatever your approach, the common similarity is you know you're not living out your true potential and a more joy-filled life is waiting for you. Almost all of us have run into disappointments and frustrations when it comes to feeling CONNECTED these days, lost as to what led us to feel this way and make the decisions we do in life, our career, and relationships. But by taking this quiz NOW, you can pinpoint the likely source and where to START!Find out which type YOU are and start reinventing yourself TODAY by taking this free personalized assessment. In just 5 minutes we'll show you how to take the first step towards not only hitting the restart button, but to finally having a LIFE you LOVE!!💕

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