Are you a modern warrior?

Claim your animal spirit guide and join a world of magic and modern warriors in the Rahki Chronicles!Many believe Mia Rayner & her orphan Romani charge are the fulfillment of an ancient prophecy meant to change the world. Others believe it is a Gypsy ploy to deceive & dishonor. All can agree the winds of change are creating chaos & danger.The ruling Rahki council is scheduled to meet. In order to speak at the Sovmar, a warrior must have a Tribe. There are 12 Tribes with each claiming a particular animal spirit guide & embracing that animal's characteristics. If you wish to join a world of magic & adventure, the Sovmar requires you declare your Tribe affiliation. Answer these 20 questions honestly to find your path in the #RahkiWorld.Grab your copy of Azimuth (Book 1 in the Rahki Chronicles) at 

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