What's your body shape?

Do you know your body type?Knowing your type will help you shop the most flattering looks for your specific body. The cool part is - it doesn’t matter what size you are, these principles work in the same way for a size 2, size 10, and size 20+. Are you an apple? Then wrap dresses might bring out your inner rock star. Are you a pear? Then puff shoulders might be your best friend. Knowing which clothing works best for you will give you the tools to help you look your absolute best. And you should look your best; you deserve it! If you are unsure of the answers, then strip down to your undergarments and take a look in the mirror. If you are still unsure just by looking, then take a tape measurer and measure the following points of your body. Write each measurement on a piece of paper and compare measurements while answering the questions below. Shoulders: ______Bust (Measure around the middle/largest part of your bust): _____Waist (Measure around the narrowest part of your middle): ______Hips (Measure around the widest part of your bottom): ______

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