Which Goddess Archetype Are You?

Goddess Archetypes:Our archetypes are our inner patterns, intrinsically part of our collective unconscious that directs and informs our thoughts and behaviour. Goddess Archetypes, in particular, reflect the complexity of women and our psyche. The Greek Goddesses all have their own strengths, as well as tendencies to follow particular patterns. By discovering your own Goddess Archetype, you will learn more about what is influencing your choices, why you so often find yourself in familiar situations, and how to harness these patterns to take control of and improve your life.Here are the six major Goddess Archetypes in this quiz:Athena - The Strategist Artemis - The Activist Demeter - The NurturerPersephone - The MysticHera - The Queen Aphrodite - The Transformer There are a couple of things to note:1.) There are usually 2-3 notable Goddess Archetypes present in a woman's life; however, there is always one main archetype that is most active naturally or brought into light by the circumstances that you are facing at the moment. 2.) Your most active archetype will change as you grow and move into different life stages. For example, when you become a mother, your Nurturer Archetype may have a more significant impact on you than it has before. Take this short quiz to find out which Goddess Archetype is most active in you right now! For each question, please select ONE answer that best describes you. 

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