What's Your Brand Voice?

Meet me at the salad bar, won't you?While I heap tongs-full of spinach leaves on my plate and source a river of Ranch dressing, creating a current that rivals the Big Sioux River, you opt instead for romaine, a conservative ladle of French dressing, and croutons on top.The beauty of a salad bar? The choice is YOURS.And the same goes for business. Consumers have a wealth of choices to make each time they interact with a business, whether it's filling their gas tank, surprising their kiddos with Saturday morning donuts (sprinkles required), hiring a photographer to capture family photos, or investing in a business coach.In a world of abundant choice, how can YOU attract YOUR ideal client...and ONLY your ideal client? (Yes, that's right, your business should balance attraction with "This isn't for me" - BOTH are valuable outcomes!)A quick lesson: it's your WORDS, your STORIES - the personal, unique-to-you ways that you interact with your clients that help a consumer to select YOUR business from the salad bar of options at their disposal. One other thing at play here? Tone (a fancy writing word for personality). In other words, are you a dramatic storyteller who gasps and sighs and says, "and THEN" a lot, or would friends rely on your logical, to-the-point, no-fluff style of interaction?This, my friend, is what copywriters like me call your BRAND VOICE.If you haven't spent much time thinking about how YOUR business looks on the proverbial salad bar of commerce, let's uncover YOUR unique brand voice together.Plus, stay tuned for a free resource at the end to help YOU hone your brand voice in serving - and selling - to YOUR ideal clients!

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