What's Your Egoic Archetype?

Why is knowing your Egoic Archetype so important?IT HELPS YOU GET MORE OF WHAT YOU WANT IN LIFE... FASTER!It's your pathway to self-leadership, higher understanding, transformational change and emotional evolution.When you know which archetype you are (AND the multiple Ego Tricks within your archetype that keep you playing small), you then know how your patterns and behaviors show up in work, business, relationship and/or wealth!  Once aware of your EGO TRICKS AND EGOIC ARCHETYPE, then breaking those unnecessary patterns will create massive momentum and unleash a new level of the highly self-aware, brave leader within!Discover what your Egoic Archetype is by taking this short quiz and learn which of the 14 Ego Tricks are your go-to behaviors. Choose the option that BEST describes your response (usually when you are stressed) to the given hypothetical situations! BONUS: Upon completion of quiz,  gain immediate access to an Archetype Training Video!

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