Parenting Skills Quiz

This is a self-assessment quiz with 5 sections, each related to one important skill we need to become positive parents. Each section contains 5 simple questions. The entire quiz should take less than 20 minutes to complete.⠀As you take the quiz, you'll know pretty quickly what the best-case answers are (we'll spare you the suspense, it's always the first one 🙂) Don't just pick this answer for each question though! Answer truthfully even if it makes you cringe a little so you can get an accurate idea of where you stand. (NOTE: your results are for your eyes only and won't be saved.)⠀We'll show you your results at the end of each section - review them before moving to the next skill. ⠀The very process of taking this quiz, as well as the results, is designed to help you in your quest of self discovery and growth as a parent. Take your time and make the most of it.⠀In this first section, we start by helping you assess your ability to stay in the present. ⠀Ready?

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