What Pattern Is Keeping Us Stuck in our Relationship?

Do you find yourself fighting about the same thing over and over again with your partner? The socks? The dishes? The kids? Who washes the bottles? Family or finances?With over 15 years of experience working with couples, I know our disagreements are often not about what is happening right in front of us. Instead, it is about the core longings and needs that are not being shared with our partner. The challenge? Relationship disagreements are perpetual and often cyclical. These cycles keep couples stuck. In order to change the dance that you and your partner keep getting into, you need to first discover what is happening between you and your partner.QUICK FACTS ABOUT THE QUIZThe quiz takes less than five minutes to complete.Choose the answer that best describes you, although you may not completely agree with the entire statement. Avoid overthinking the response and answer what happens for you.The quiz is intended to help you identify the cycle you and your partner get stuck in. Your Relationship Cycle quiz is not a substitute for psychological assessment or treatment.

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