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Welcome to the College Discovery Tool!---If you're like most people, your thoughts about college are in a bit of a jumble. Perhaps you've thought about what you'd like to major in, or what kind of campus you'd like to live on, or how much you can afford to pay. Now you're asking yourself, "What college should I go to?" Before answering that question, though, you might consider a more fundamental one: "What kind of college should I go to?" The factors most people assume to be important when choosing a college—reputation, location, tuition, etc.—may not have much to do with who you really are and what you really want out of a college education. This tool has been designed to help you discover what factors do.---The College Discovery Tool (CDT) is a set of 24 prompts with multiple-choice responses meant to get you thinking about education, relationships, and life in general. Each response is associated in our minds with a different kind of college—with a different way of thinking about college. As you read each set of responses, we encourage you to be honest with yourself about which response best reflects your actual views. At the end, you'll see what percentage of your responses is associated with which kind of college. (The CDT is not intended to take the place of college visits, conversations with trusted advisors, or intensive college research; we believe that all of these are needed to give you a deeper understanding of your options.)---Whether your background is in homeschooling, private school, public school, or college, we hope that the CDT will bring you clarity and understanding. If you have questions about this tool, we encourage you to reach out to us (Gutenberg College) at We would be glad to speak with you! Also, if you find this tool helpful, there are more free college resources available here. We invite you to share the CDT and these other resources with your friends and community.---The CDT was designed by Chris Alderman, M.A., and Eliot Grasso, Ph.D., two tutors at Gutenberg College. Chris and Eliot have been teaching in higher education for over a decade and have spent many hours reviewing student applications for admissions, scholarships, and financial aid. Nothing delights them more than to see students who, having given careful thought to their educational journeys, at long last find their best college fit.---"We wish you well on your journey of discovery!" - Chris & Eliot---© Gutenberg College 2021

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