Discover Your Creatrix Archetype

You have big desires and dreams, a vision for your life. You're committed to creating a life you love...But are you hungry for more ease & pleasure? Are you looking to cultivate more joy & trust in your creation process? Do you struggle to meet your goals or ghost on them? Are you overwhelmed with where/how to even start building your vision? Do you have a habit of overworking & burning out?In this two-minute quiz, you'll discover your Creatrix Archetype, explore your strengths as a Creatrix and learn about where/how you can bring more balance, ease and trust into your creation process. You deserve to feel supported as you cultivate and embody your Creatrix power and pursue your desires & dreams in the same way you want to experience them >>> with more ease, pleasure, joy and trust in the process.Take the quiz to reveal what types of methods, practices and tools will enhance your manifesting endeavors so you can continue to show-up and serve your vision in empowered Creatrix energy✨

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