What kind of sleep consultant would you be?

In every profession, you bring your unique personality to the table! Sleep consulting is no different. Tired parents need support and we know that your specific strengths will be exactly what they need!______________________________________________________Hi👋! We're Katelyn and Ashley, founders of the Sleep Consultant Academy.We struggled with sleep with our first little ones and it really affected our mental health.After we sleep trained them and started sleeping for stretches longer than 45 minutes, we became very passionate about helping other families do the same!But... we quickly learned that we didn't have the capacity to help everyone that needed it.Which lead to us creating the Sleep Consultant Academy! Because the world needs more sleep consultants who have a well-rounded education founded in research-- no one size fits all!Starting a new career is scary (we were there, we KNOW), but we also know how fulfilling it is to support parents through sleep challenges.To find out more about the course, visit our website!

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