Does your leadership style contribute to or hinder your team's culture? Test your leadership abilities with this quiz.

75% of great employees quit because of poor leadership 😳. 17% of those people say a raise couldn’t even persuade them to stay. Your leadership skills are one of your company’s greatest assets. And...really great leaders always strive to improve.Here’s the tough question.How would your team currently describe you as a boss? Would you be willing to ask them?Among those who left a job due to poor leadership, the top three complaints were:1.) Lack of vision and direction 2.) Scattered leadership that caused more stress3.) Overly controlling or defensive behavior That's HUGE! Your company's culture can either make or break your future success. Scaling a business requires people. Today's employees want to feel satisfied, empowered, and connected at work. Here’s the thing…every single CEO or business owner I work with WANTS to be a great boss. They want to build supportive relationships with their team. Wanting is only one piece of the puzzle. Next comes commitment to the self-awareness and practice of great modern leadership. With this brief quiz, you can find out your current leadership strengths and key areas to focus on to excel as a leader at work (and in life!)

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