Are You A Rider With A Plan?

So, maybe you’re thinking about how to ride at your best.Okay. Now we need to explore what riding at your best means for you and your horse. How will you make sure this is fun for both of you? I have created this quiz to get to know you better and to introduce you to some of the programmes I offer. In return for you answering these questions, I have created free mini guides to inspire and motivate you to enjoy your schooling sessions. Your personalised guide will be ready to download at the end of the quiz. 📃 ✍️ Take the quiz to discover some fun training options.Together we can explore some of the things that might be on your mind, perhaps you have wondered;🏇 Do I want to start working at my own pace with short courses prepared by an expert coach?🏇 Do I want to be part of a group of riders working through a longer programme with regular coach check ins and support?🏇 Do I want to bring my horse for a training break that fits around my work / family commitments?🏇 Do I want to charge up my training with regular live coaching? Am I looking for a varied programme and a Squad approach to training, preparation and competition?

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