Psygonaut Recruitment Program

Congratulations, new recruit! You've been accepted aboard the crew of the legendary ship: The Psygorellius< | >You're about to embark on a journey of mythic proportions,battling monsters, overthrowing tyrants, exploring new worlds & restoring peace to a fractured sector.<|>Please fill out an 11 question assessment about yourself in order to deterimine the following:------- Which of the 4 tribes you belong to within the Patrokonoi-Hellecia (Pan-Hellenic League)?- Your personalized Hellecian name?- What your home star cluster is within the Hellecian Sector?- Which position best suits you aboard the Psygorellius?-----Once you've finished, visit our website & join the growing community of your fellow Psygonauts. -Thank you for your support!

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