How active is your dogs Meerkat !

Take our quiz to find out how active your dogs Meerkat is !Every wondered what the difference is between a dog that can deal with different situations and one that cant? It's all down to how much control the meerkat has over you dog !What Does A Meerkat Have To Do With Dog Training And Behaviour?Often our dogs react so quickly they lose control They’re like a different dog and the treats just dont work.The Meerkat is an analogy to help caregivers to understand why dogs react the way they do and how the brain affects their dogs behaviour. This emotional highjacking we refer to as ‘The Meerkat’ and we can show you how to ‘Control The Meerkat’ so you can train your dog. At control the meerkat teach you how to help your dog help themselves :)The Meerkat analogy was developed by Clinical Animal Behaviourist and Trauma Informed Rehabilitation Trainer Danielle Beck, MSc, .

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