Stress is normal. We encounter stressors every day and our body responds to these stressors in a physiological cascade of reactions that result in emotions that can range from mild fear to intense anxiety or even panic. Our stress-response system is there because it needs to be there to keep us safe, and while it does get triggered daily, most of the time, in natural situations, it’s quiet. Stress that happens more frequently, over time, can lead to debilitating physical and emotional issues. To discover your body’s response to potentially stressful situations, take a few moments to answer the questions in this assessment.Introduction Video to Your Stress AssessmentThis assessment is a gift from me, with no additional obligation. Once the assessment is complete, you will be asked for your contact information to receive the assessment results; and subsequently added to my subscriber's list to receive my weekly inspirational newsletter. If this is something you are not interested in, then simply unsubscribe at the bottom of the email at any time. ___________________________________________________________________For each statement in the assessment, please select which response comes closest to describing your feelings or reactions on any given day, in relation to the following...____________________When I’m under stress for 2 weeks or longer, I …

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