Discover your FitBiz Abundance Blocker Archetype!

FitBiz Abundance Blocker Archetypes come in many forms and can be tough to uncover.Do you have any of these factors in your business? 1) You're working 24/7 yet still barely making ends meet.2) You're making a decent income but working 24/7 & lose income if you're not physically working with clients, you know an online Fit Biz would help you but you're too scared to 'put yourself out there'3) You know you can achieve more in your Fit Biz but don't believe you're qualified enough or good enough, yet!4) You completely undercharge and overdeliver for your servicesHow much more income, time & energy could you generate if you uncovered your sabotaging FitBiz Abundance Blocker Archetype and eliminated them?Take the quiz & find out what's holding you back!

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