Uncover your Guiding Archetypal Energy 

In the English language, the word “myth” has come to mean two opposite things at the same time. On one hand, a myth is something that isn’t true - think “myth busting” being the process of shining light on misconceptions. On the other hand, myth can reflect a deep human truth, an idea or energy that resonates with humanity across time and space - like “coming of age” stories, journeys of heroes and heroines, and practices or rituals to honor the sun and the Earth. Myths may seem like something of the past, but these archetypal themes can be present in our everyday lives. Archetypes are patterns that show up all over - in psychology, mythology, storytelling, astrology, movies, TV shows, and even personas of different public figures who we come to admire or dislike. When we use archetypes in our work together, we can uncover both patterns that you want to let go of and characteristics that you want to embody. Let’s find out which archetypal guide’s energy matches what you want to embody in your life right now.

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