Which 2024 Launch Strategy Do You Need?

It's time to level-up your launches!Cookie cutter launches aren’t working. So what strategy do YOU need in 2024?I know you’ve heard people saying launches are dead, but I want to reassure you: That’s not true! The problem is people are choosing the wrong types of launches for their business, personality and audience or don’t know how to execute them properly.Launches can still get you the customers and revenue you need – they just need to be done a little differently: That means having a thoughtful, comprehensive strategy AND understanding how to execute it to give you the best chance of success!That’s why I’ve created this quiz: To help you identify the right launch strategy for your business in 2024! Once we identify the launch strategy you need for 2024, I’ll share the exact steps you can take to take to plan, build and execute it without relying on tired, cookie-cutter approaches.Ready for launches that actually take off? Let’s dive in!

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