“Asking About Disability in Research” Tool

Welcome! You will be asked to respond to a series of questions. The purpose of this tool is to help you and/or your project team to determine the best approach to asking about disability for your research work. We recommend that you have a specific study in mind while answering the questions. At the end, you will receive a recommendation about what tool(s) would be appropriate for your project. You will not be able to go back to any previous pages.Feel free to complete the tool multiple times to get various responses...Please note: 1. You will be unable to go back to your previous answers after you have answered a question. 2. Please make sure to answer the questions as specifically as possible to get the most accurate suggestions.3. If you get lost, please reset/refresh the page to return the start page. 3. This is an anonymous tool. All submitted responses will not be saved or stored.4. For any other questions or suggestions, please contact the main project lead, Soomin Lee, at soominn.lee@mail.utoronto.ca..Main Project Team: Soomin Lee, Natalie Ho, Andrea Kuntjoro, Lynn Cockburn.. Acknowledgements We’d like to thank Andrea Duncan, Tim Bressmann, Christian Noumi and members of the PIRL Project team for taking the time to review our work and provide us with meaningful feedback. .. Funding SourcesThis project was graciously funded by the Canadian Federation of Medical Students Global Health Initiative Grant.

Quiz Questions

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