Our coach's quiz will assess your teaching knowledge in the following areas. Filming, Ball flight, Impact Factors, Biomechanics, Ground Reaction Forces, Chipping, Pitching, Putting, and Swing Analysis. Please answer the questions without seeking help, and if you don't know the answer, please select "don't know" It will significantly increase the accuracy of the result and the feedback we can provide you. Upon completion, you will receive an email with a report on your strengths and weaknesses as a coach. -We understand that within golf, certain topics are subjective. With this in mind, we have labeled each question factual or subjective. We will provide our reasoning behind the answers for your consideration in your results. -By taking our quiz, you have taken the first step in developing your coaching knowledge. To help start your journey, we will also share part of our educational program, the Champion Athlete. Here you will learn best practices in engaging kids in golf and lessons, communication, development, skill acquisition, and much more.

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