What to Move From Reacting to Responding WITHOUT Losing Your Mind?

We all have a desire to feel balanced. What does that even mean? How do we know when we have achieved it? Where do we start?Well this quiz is for you! This quiz will help you identify your primary "center". Meaning when you are in reaction mode- what fires first (feelings, thoughts, or instinct)?By knowing what is automatic and where our reactions begin- we are able to intentionally consult the other centers of our soul and begin to feel more balanced! Why is knowing your dominate center important:1. Change means being more intentional- this is your starting point2. Our life is lead by our decisions- own them3. Personal growth is sped up by understanding your reactions4. Enhanced relationships by navigating our responses rather than reactions5. REDUCED STRESS AND OVERWHELM!Ready to dive in? The results will give you a starting point for the journey and let you know where your dominate center is!

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