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Interact is a tool for creating online quizzes that generate leads, segment your audience, and drive traffic to your website.

It is built for businesses and has all the features you'll need to create your own lead generation quiz that grows your company.

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Why Quizzes?

We've all seen quizzes on Facebook and Buzzfeed, the ones we spend too much time taking and care way too much about which result we get. Interact is a tool for creating quizzes just like those, except for your business as a way of generating leads, driving traffic, and segmenting your audience.

Interact was created in 2013, and since then we've worked with 55,000 companies to create quizzes that have generated more than 8,000,000 leads. We've taken everything learned from those companies and put it back into our quiz maker so you can create your own quizzes to grow your business.

Quiz Case Studies

Tonic Site Shop

Jen and Jeff got 1,000 new opt-ins with a quiz

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Amber Lilyestrom

Amber got 2,500 new leads with her quiz

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Kayla Hollatz

Kayla got 3,277 leads with a quiz

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With Interact You Can Create
3 Types of Quizzes:

Personality Quizzes

The most popuplar type of quiz is the personality quiz, and you can create personality quizzes like the ones you see on Facebook and Buzzfeed using Interact Quiz Maker.

For example, you can create quizzes like:

  • What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?
  • What's Your Style?
  • Where Should You Travel To?

And many more, Interact also has 200+ personality quiz templates you can use that are ready to go but fully editable.

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Scored Quizzes

Create scored quizzes where your quiz outcomes are based on adding up your total points while taking a quiz, just like the ones you'd see printed on Magazines.

This type of quiz is very flexible for creating many types of quizzes because you can choose how many points are gained for every quiz answer choice and you can set the range for which outcome equals each set of scores.

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Assessment Quizzes

Make assessments with Interact, also called multiple choice quizzes. With this type every question has a correct answer and the results of the quiz are based on how many points you get correct in the quiz.

You can also show people if they got each answer right immediately after the quiz taker chooses an option, and you can include an answer key in the quiz results.

Make An Assessment Now

There Are 200+ Pre-Made Quiz Templates To Choose From

  • What Color are You?

  • What is APR?

  • Which Great Thinker Are You?

  • Which Famous Entrepreneur Are You?

  • What kind of CHEESE-Y couple are you?

  • What kind of negotiator are you?

  • How Much Do You Really Know About Sewing?

  • What Type of Bride are You?

  • How Much do You Really Know About the Oregon Ducks Basketball Team?

  • How much do you know about cars?

  • Is Your Diet Too Restrictive?

  • How Much Do You Actually Know About Online Marketing?

  • What Type of Coach Are You?

  • What's Your Perfect Summer Vacation?

  • What Sort of Retiree Will You Be?

  • What's Your Workout Style?

  • What Type of Cyclist Are You?

  • What Kind of Content Creator Are You?

  • Do you have what it takes to give up your salary & start a freelance or consulting business?

  • Is She Marriage Material?

Choose from 200+ free quiz templates in 37 categories so you can use a quiz that is already fully built and made to attract your target audience and convert quiz takers into subscribers and buyers.

Once you choose a quiz template you can edit the whole thing and add your own branding and change any part of it from the questions to the images.

Using a quiz template to start with can save hours or days of work and you'll be using quizzes that are already built to be the most effective possible for your type of business.

Browse 200+ Quiz Templates
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Design Your Quiz To Match Your Business' Branding

Colors & Styles

Style your quiz to look like your website so it looks like just another part of your site and not from somewhere else.

You'll have control over:

  • Colors
  • Logo
  • Fonts
  • Images

And much more. Your quiz will be fully white-labeled and designed to your brand style when you use Interact Quiz Maker.

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Add Branching Logic To Your Quiz

Drag-and-Drop Builder

Create branching logic quizzes where you show quiz takers different questions depending on how they answer.

For example, if you wanted to divide your audience based on age, your first question could be "What's Your Age?" and then you could create a branch so that each age range saw a different set of questions after that.

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Create Quiz Questions That Engage Your Audience

Image Questions

Add images to your quiz questions to increase engagement. With Interact you can make image questions, image answers, or both.

We ran a study of the top 100 quizzes based on views and found that every single one of them had at least one question with image answers (like the one pictured to the right).

This format is fun and makes your quiz more interactive or your audience.

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"Select All That Apply" Questions

Not every question has only one answer, and with select all that apply questions inside of your quiz you can let people be flexible with their answer choices.

This option is available on all types of Interact quizzes and enabled with the click of a button.

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Show Correct Answers Right Away

*Optional, and only available on assessments

Within an assessment built with Interact you can show people the correct answer to each question immediately after they answer it. You can also provide an explanation of why the correct answer is the right one.

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Capture Leads and Segment Your Audience With Your Quiz

Customize your opt-in form
for maximum conversions

Enable email capture to build your list using your quiz. The opt-in forms on quizzes often convert quiz takers at a rate of 50% or higher.

You can customize the call to action text on the opt-in form to make it relevant to the quiz so people will want to opt-in to learn more about the topic of the quiz.

The form comes up after the last question of your quiz is answered but before the results are revealed. It's like a gate for your results to be shown and you can choose whether to make it optional or required.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Interact integrates with every major
email marketing and marketing
automation system

Connect your quiz directly to your email marketing or marketing automation system so leads go straight to your system.

To integrate your quiz you simply sign in to your email marketing system inside of Interact and choose which lists, automations, tags, or custom fields you want to update and then we do the rest.

When someone submits their information into your Interact quiz it will go straight to your email marketing system.

We also integrate with Zapier for any other data collection needs and you can always download your leads in a .CSV file as a backup option.

See All Integrations

You can segment your quiz leads based on which result they get or how they answer a particular question

Send your new leads to different lists or automations, tag them or update a custom field. You can segment your leads based on which quiz result they get or on depending on how they answer a particular question.

For example, if you wanted to segement your new leads based on which personality type they are, you can do that. If you wanted to segement your new quiz leads depending on how they answer the question "How Old Are You?" you can do that as well.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Interact Quiz Maker is GDPR compliant and registered with Privacy Shield

Interact (The Quiz Collective, Inc.) is fully GDPR compliant and registered with Privacy Shield Framework (see listing).

We take privacy and security extremely seriously and follow every up-to-date protocol when it comes to your data and your customers' data collected through the Interact platform.

Create Your GDPR Compliant Quiz

Make Quiz Results That Sell Products and Drive Traffic

Create Custom Quiz Results For Each Outcome of Your Quiz

Make a different quiz result for each outcome of your quiz. You can add call to action buttons to each of the quiz results that links to a unique blog post, product, or signup form depending on which quiz result someone gets.

Each quiz result also has its own social sharing buttons for people to share their results. When results get shared it will look like "I got (My Result) - (Title of Quiz)" which will entice friends who see the quiz shares to click and go see their own result.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

You Can Redirect Quiz Results To Your Own Landing Pages

When someone finishes a quiz you can send them to your own landing pages that have the quiz results along with any tracking scripts you might need.

This way you can have people go straight to your own pages that are already designed for maximum conversions, you'll still be able to do lead capture and segementation in the Interact quiz even if you redirect the results.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Track Conversions With Built-In Facebook Pixel and Google Analytics Integrations

Send events to Facebook and Google for:

  • Quiz Views
  • Quiz Starts
  • Answering Quiz Questions
  • Quiz Completions (Leads)

Track cost per lead and create custom audiences for quiz results or answers to individual quiz questions

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Promote Your Quiz On Your Website and Social Media

Embed Your Quiz on Your Website

Interact quizzes embed ito your website with an Iframe, they work on all types of websites and website builders including.

And more. You can also embed onto any custom HTML website with our HTML and Javascript embed options.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Promote It As A Facebook Ad

Interact Quizzes + Facebook ads are a perfect match. You can turn any quiz into a Facebook ad using the Interact Quiz Maker platform.

We have special step-by-step instructions on exactly how to use a quiz as a Facebook Ad based on best practices we've developed after generating nearly 8 million leads using quizzes.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Use Interact's built-in promotion options to make a quiz popup or announcement bar on your website

You can easily turn your quiz into a popup or announcement bar on your website by adding one line of code to your site's header.

This will put your quiz in front of more people and generate more leads with very little effort.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Learn About Your Audience With Quiz Analytics

Analyze your quiz results and see your quiz performance at a glance

See a visual funnel of exactly how your quiz is performing at any time. Sort by date range to compare time ranges and quickly know how changes to your quiz are affecting conversion rates.

Share this funnel with your team and add it to reports for an extra level of engagement within your organization.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Understand your audience better with survey-style analytics

Learn more about who your customers are with analytics that show you how many people answer each question with each answer choice and how many people get each result of your quiz.

You can also see an engagement score on each question which will tell you how many people answered the question so you can quickly pinpoint any problem areas within your quiz and quickly fix them.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

See individual lead responses including answers to each question and which result they got

For each person who submits the form and becomes a lead through your quiz you will be able to access all of their individual answers to questions as well as which quiz result they got.

This is perfect for follow-up conversations or creating reports to send to your new leads.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Every quiz you create with Interact is fully mobile responsive and works beautifully on every device

Interact setup specialists are on hand to guide you through quiz setup and promotion

At Interact we place great value on each and every person who signs up with us. We'll guide you through the process to implement your quiz on your website and social media and won't rest until your quiz is fully finished and live on your platforms.

Make Your Own Quiz Now

Interact Reviews

Unbelievable results with Interact!...I highly recommend Interact and want to personally thank Interact Quizzes. After just 24 hours of implementing our very first quiz we generated 285 leads.

Michelle P.

Easiest quiz maker, and I've tried them all!...Set up is a cinch and I was especially pleased by the ability to connect each answer with it's corresponding outcome with a simple visual line which leaves little room for error. I also appreciate being able to embed images and links very, very easily within each outcome.

Adrianna M.

Never seen anything like this for lead gen!...Blown away by this! As a lifelong marketer, I needed a great quiz as an opt-in for my next book, and I wanted a beautiful quiz that integrated easily with my autoresponder. I eventually found Interact and to my astonishment, it is intuitive, easy to use, seamless, updates in real time, and creates a Class A quiz quickly. This is the software I've been waiting for! Brilliant!

Wendy K.

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