What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

What Kind Of Blogger Are You?

How Green Are You?

Figure out how green are you by taking our quiz! You might be surprised by what you find out.

Are You Too Busy?

Find out if you are too much of a "busy bee" by taking our quiz!

Investing Basics Quiz

Test your knowledge with our short investing quiz.

Do you have what it takes to give up your salary & start a freelance or consulting business?

Ever wonder if you have what it takes to start your own business? Take this quiz to find out.

Are You A Negative Person? 

Take our quiz to find out if you tend to be a negative person!

What's Your Biggest Business Setback?

What's holding you back from reaching your full business potential?

Are You a Grammar Master?

Take our quiz to see if you are the master of grammar!

Content Marketing Quiz!

How much do you know about content marketing? Take our quiz to find out!

Are You Heart Healthy?

Take our quiz to find out if you're heart healthy!

Workout Personality Quiz!

Discover your workout personality by taking our quiz!

What's Your Parenting Style?

Are you more authoritative or permissive? Take this quiz to find out what kind of parent you are

Are you leaving money on the table because you're not using LinkedIn to get clients?

Take this quick quiz to find out if you're loosing money because you underestimate the power of LinkedIn or even think that LinkedIn is just for Job Seekers

Are you a Twitter nerd or newb?

Take this fun quiz to show off what you know about the quirky world of Twitter.

Is Blogging Right for You?

Find out if you are cut out to be a blogger. This quiz will help you determine if you could make it as a blogger

Which Work at Home Business is Right for You?

Find out what kind of work from home business you should start!

What Kind of Marketer Are You?

Learn your greatest marketing strength - and skills to build in the future

Should you DIY or hire a designer?

This quiz is for you if you are wondering wether or not to hire a web designer, a developer or an online marketing consultant!

What type of blogger are you?

Discover your blogging style, and get personalized blog post ideas.

What is your family travel personality?

Take the quiz to get insight into your family's travel personality.

What Kind Of An Entrepreneur Are You?

Want to find out which of the 4 entrepreneurial types you fit into? Take the quiz to find out

The Pinterest Health Check

Find out how well you are using Pinterest to promote your Business.Don't worry about being right or wrong, just be honest. The quiz was designed to help you discover how you currently use Pinterest for your business and how you can use it even more to get better results.

Do You Know How to Grow Your Email List?

See if you're doing any of the following to grow your email list. Take this list growth health check quiz to find out.

What Road Trip Should You Take Next?

Road trips are often the best way to see the world. But, where should your next one be to?

What Travel Quote Best Describes You?

See which travel quote best fits your personality!

Are you prepared to become a VA?

It takes preparation and a certain knack for working 1:1 with clients to be a virtual assistant. Are you READY to become a VA? Take the quiz to find out!!

How Clean do You Keep Your Home?

Are you super tidy or drowning in a mess? See where you fall on the cleaning scale!

Nonprofit Communications Directors: What's Your Top Strength?

Are you more Collaborative, Agile, Logical or Methodical?

What style of motivation is your secret weapon in business?

"If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together." --African Proverb Find out what motivates you most in business by taking this quiz

How Well Do You Really Know Your Target Audience?

Are serving and creating content for those that you really want to?Take this quiz to find out here if you really are!

What's Your Passive Income Type?

Want to find out which passive income stream you should start with?

What Type Of Millennial Are You?

Millennials come in all types. Figure out what kind you are by taking this quiz

What Photography Skill Should You Learn Next?

With so much to learn when it comes to photography, let's figure out what your strengths are and build on those.

Is your website easy to use?

The more user-friendly the website, the more subscribers and sales. So find out how well your site measures up, and how you can improve it!

How much do you know about the women of the Bible?

There are many women of the Bible, how well do you know them?

What Type Of Creative Are You? 

Are you creative? We all are! Take this 8 question quiz to find out where your well of creativity lies. As you read each question go with your gut and use your first instinct of what you might do in an 'ideal' world. Have fun!

What Path Are You On?

Is your business taking a detour, the winding route, the scenic route, or the expressway? Take the quiz to see what route you're on and what strategies you can take to reach your destination faster and easier.

How intuitive are you?

Discover your ability to predict the future...sort of

What kind of content planner are you?

Effective marketing means that you need to plan and strategize your content. How skilled are you at this?

What should you focus on right now to grow your wedding business?

With a million things you COULD be doing, what SHOULD you really be focusing on to grow your business?

Are You the Master of Your Money?

Over two-thirds of Americans can't pass a basic financial literacy test. Can you? Take this test to find out!

Take the Side Hustle Quiz! 

Answer 5 Questions to Learn How to Start Making Money

Webpreneur Assessment

Want to know where you are with your online business? Take this quiz then get curated resources to help you build up your business!

The Life Design Assessment 

What are your personal interests and how can you use them to design a fulfilling life? Take the assessment now and find out.

What's your brand personality?

To make real gains in your business you need to get incredibly clear about your brand's foundation. Answer these 6 short questions to reveal insight into your business's brand personality and find out how it can help you connect with your audience and grow your biz.

Moms: What's your ideal work from home job?

Want to be home with your kids instead of away at work? This quiz will reveal what work from home job is perfect for you.

How Business Savvy Are You?

Is your business model set up for success?

How strong is your Brand's personality?

Find out how strong your brand really comes across by taking this quiz

What Is Your Brand Voice Style?

Before you write a word of copy, you must clearly define your brand voice so you can better connect with your ideal clients. Let's clarify your brand voice with 5 simple but powerful questions!

What does your personality type say about your productivity?

To be more productive, you first need to understand how you like to work. Take this quiz to find out!

Is Your Website Easy to Use?

The more user-friendly the website, the more subscribers and sales. Find out how well your site measures up, and how you can improve it!

What Type of Entrepreneur Are You?

Are you an Entrepreneur? Or maybe you have a dream of becoming one? Either way, find out here what type of Entrepreneur you are so that you can pursue & your dreams strategically!

Slay Your Productivity Nemesis

What's holding you back from being your most productive self?

How Much Do You Actually Know About Online Marketing?

Take this fun quiz to put your online marketing knowledge to the test.

Branding & Website Audit Quiz

Take the Branding & Audit Quiz to check how aligned you are with your brand image and website design.

What's Your Fashion Style?

Are you more modern or classic or maybe a little bit of both?

Tell us your bad habits, and we'll tell you when you'll get married

Nail biter? Mouth breather? Snorer? We can figure out when you'll finally walk down the aisle.

What should be your focus on your blogging biz right now?

Cut through the overwhelm and take your blogging biz to the next level by taking this quiz to find out exactly what should be your blogging focus right now!

What Kind of Luggage is Best for You?

Your choice of luggage can actually make or break your trip. Take this fun quiz to determine what kind of luggage best suits your travel style and personality.

What Kind Of Instagrammer Are You?

Are you rockin' it or kinda losing it?

What Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Business?

Are you an Instagrammer at heart? A Facebook Live expert-to-be? Have you overlooked Snapchat? Need more Pinning in your life? Take the quiz and find which platform is best for your business.

What's Your Entrepreneurial Personality?

Discover what type of inspired coach you are, and how this fits into your business

What Type of Photographer Are You?

Everyone has a photo style, let's figure out yours!

What Type of Mom Blogger Are You?

Are you a Natural Teacher, the Blogging Bestie, or an Inspirational Force? And why is it so important to know for your blog? Take the short quiz to find out!

Find Your Social Media “Secret Sauce” 

Find out how to improve your social media game!

What Type Of Content Creator Are You?

Find out which type of content you are the best at creating so you can focus on creating the type of content you are the best at so you only attract the best clients for your tribe!

What Bible Warrior Are You?

Are you a kick butt Christian? If that is a YES, then take this quiz and discover what warrior in the Bible you are most like!

Is working with a developer right for you?

Take the free quiz to find out whether partnering with a developer is the right move for you and your design business!


Which colour matches your personality? Find out now!

Think you're ready to turn your blog into a business?

Take this quiz to discover where you are on your blogging journey! Find out if you're ready to take the first steps towards turning your blog into a business or if you still need to work on a few things. When you complete the quiz, you'll receive action steps on what you should be focusing your energy on most!

The Money Revolution Archetype Quiz

Learn The Lesson, The Myth, and The Way to Leverage Your Money Archetype

How Strong is Your Email Marketing Strategy?

Email marketing can be a hard task to master. Take the quiz to see where your email marketing strategy lies.

Discover YOUR Main Income Stream

Let's dive deep into who you are and your business goals to discover the income stream to focus on.

What Kind of Cocktail are You?

A very important question. Take this quiz to find out if you're more of an old fashioned or a gimlet (or something else super weird and random). This is science, people...

What's Your Landscape Personality?

Discover what landscape style best matches your personality!

Which Social Media Platform Is Best For Your Brand?

Take our quick quiz to find out which platforms you should be using and why!

The Best Squarespace Template For Your Business

Switching to Squarespace or finally ready to take your side hustle to the next level? Squarespace is a FANTASTIC option for those that want an all-in-one website solution that easy to manage, edit, update, and looks damn good while doing it. Click the button below to find the perfect template family for you!

What Does Your Design Style Say About You?

Do you feel like you're constantly guessing your design style? Find your unique interior design personality!

If Your Website Were a TV Show, Which One Would It Be?

Is your website situation handled or a hot mess?

What Kind of a Networker Are You?

Are you a master networker? A struggling introvert? The used car salesman? Take this quiz to find out!

What is your productivity horoscope?

Take this quiz to find out your productivity horoscope!

Does Your Brand Fit Your Personality?

If your brand doesn't jive with who you really are, you are leaving $$ on the table.

What Color Is Your Aura?

Find out what color your aura is by taking our quiz!

Which Travel Destination Are You?

Ever wonder which travel destination matches your personality? Take this quiz to find out which destination you're destined to be in!

What's your business style?

Are you more expressive, or amiable? or something else entirely...

What type of eater are you?

What's a reason you would miss lunch?

How Natural Do You Eat?

Find out how real your diet is

Which of Your Chakras Needs Balancing?

Find out which Chakra is in need of work so you can improve! According to ancient yogic tradition, the chakra system describes the presence of seven energy junctures along the spine through which your life force energy (aka "prana") moves. Each chakra is also associated with a specific color and as a result, adding more of a particular color to your life--especially by ingesting foods of that color--can have a positive balancing effect.

How much do you know about golf?

Are you a Rory McIlroy or Tiger Woods comeback? Find out by taking this quiz testing your golfing knowledge to the limits. This is a fun trivia quiz that will test your knowledge to see how much you are really paying attention to the world of Golf.

What’s Your Design Style?

Discover which wall coverings would be the perfect fit for your personal style! This quiz will use your personality type to determine the style that will best fit who you really are. Answer questions about your preferences and we will determine your style.

What kind of negotiator are you?

Everybody negotiates. Whether it's for work or in everyday life, negotiating is essential. Find out what your natural negotiation style is and learn how to use it to ultimately help you win. Take this quiz to find out your style...

How Serious Are You About Cloud?

Cloud computing is here to stay, but is your organization as serious about it as you should be? Take this quiz to find out and to learn how you can move your infrastructure to the cloud for good. 

How collaborative is your organization?

In the Risk Pooling movement, collaboration has been the name of the game since day 1. How collaborative is your team with your members? with the risk pooling community as a whole?

What's Your Girl Scout Cookie Personality?

Which of your favorite Girl Scout Cookies best represents you? Take this quiz and find out! You'll be asked a series of personality questions and then we'll determine which Girl Scout Cookie is most like you. This is important stuff.

Which Wholehearted Leader From History Are You Most Like?

Leadership is a process of social influence, which maximizes the efforts of others, towards the achievement of a goal. Which historical influencer are you? Once you take this quiz I highly recommend putting the results on your resume.

Do You Have What It Takes To Start An Online Business?

You might be surprised by what you know... and even more surprised to discover that others are willing to pay you for what you know. It's time to find out whether your knowledge or expertise is valuable to others! Take this quiz to discover how possible it is for you to start an information business.

What Kind of Leader are You?

Discover your leadership style. See if you are more of a micro-manager or a creative type. The best leaders come in all forms, and this quiz helps you know your biggest strength so you can use it to your advantage and always be in the moment as a leader.

Which College Are You?

Every college has its own unique personality. Find out which one is the institutional version of you by taking our quiz. Where you go to college is a huge choice in your life, and you should definitely take these quiz results seriously to the point where you make your choice based on it. Just kidding, but seriously this quiz might help in some way.

What Do Your Frames Say About You?

Find out which of our Featured eyeglass frames are best for your lifestyle! This quiz will help you find just the right frames to fit your head shape and lifestyle, answer a few simple questions to find your results.

Are You Ready for Parenthood?

There's one cliché about having a baby that's 100 percent true: It turns your life upside down. Are you ready for the world's biggest roller coaster ride? Take this quiz with your partner to find out.

Which Great Thinker Are You?

Are you an introspective muse? Or a flamboyant thinker who loves being the centre of attention? Either way, take our quiz to find out which great thinker you are!

What's Your Bathroom Style?

Discover your design style and find your ideal bathroom. We'll ask you questions about your design preferences and lifestyle, then help you decide on what style of decoration you should have in your bathroom.

Do You Know These Landmarks?

Fun trivia quiz to see if you can identify famous landmarks around the world just by their pictures. This quiz is excellent for any travel site to use or just to take for fun and see if you know the famous sites.

Where Should You go in the World?

Stumped on where to go for your next adventure? Take our quiz to find the perfect destination for you. This quiz will ask you questions about your lifestyle and preferences, then recommend a place for you to travel to around the world.

What's Your Shoe Personality?

Ever wanted to know what shoe you relate to the most? Take our short quiz to find out! This quiz will help you find the right style of shoes that matches your personality so you can buy just the right kind.

Where in the world Should You go Hiking?

Thinking about your next wild adventure? Find out where you are destined to be by taking the quiz

Test Your Knowledge of Geography!

Test your knowledge of geography! These questions are derived from the New Readers Press book Social Studies for the GED (R) Test

What kind of CHEESE-Y couple are you?

What kind of cheese-level is your relationship at? Everyone knows there's a lot of similarities between cheese and relationships, find out what yours is right now.

What Kind of Party Host Are You?

Some hosts bust out the crystal stemware, while others just let the party happen around them. What type are you?

What Kind Of Mustache Fits Your Personality?

Answer these questions to discover the fine tassel your face was meant to don.

How much do you know about Iran?

Iran - it's often in the headlines, how well do you know the country? Take this trivia quiz to find out how well you really know what's going on in the country that's surrounded by so much mystery.

What Type Of Traveller Are You Actually?

Are you a trailblazer or a conformist? Take this quiz to find out what people think about you when you're traveling, you might be surprised by the result you get.

What Kind of Classic Car Are You?

Find out which classic car you are by taking this personality quiz. There is a huge difference between a Mustang and a Charger, and you'll want to know which one you are.

Which Dog Breed are You?

Are you more of an English Bulldog or a Golden Retriever? Take this quiz to find out what breed of dog you really are and what that means for your life.

What's Your Jewelry Style?

Are you a classic, romantic, or even edgy? Take this quiz to find out!

Is Life Coaching For You?

"Our chief want in life is somebody who will make us do what we can." --Ralph Waldo Emerson Take this quiz to find out if a life coach could be the right option for you at the moment.

What Kind of House Should You Live In?

Where would you prefer to live? Take this quiz to find out what style of house you should be living in, whether it's a craftsman or a victorian or something else.

What's Your Skin Type?

Do you have dry skin, oily skin, or both? Take this quiz to find your skin type so you can know what areas you should improve in order to develop perfect skin and that amazing glow we all aspire to

What Color are You?

Are you pink or yellow? You need to know, this is important. Take the quiz, answer some questions about your life, and we'll tell you what Color you really are on the inside and out.

What Career is Best for You?

Should you go into Sales or Health Sciences? Take this fun quiz to determine what career best suits your personality type and who knows, you may end up with a new job tomorrow - just kidding, we don't recommend taking this advice seriously, or maybe you should...

Which Major is Right for You?

Find your passion in this world, whether as a computer programmer or a marketing guru. This personality quiz will help you determine which college major is the best fit for you based on your interests and what you enjoy, not based on what you think you should do.

What Kind of Animal are You?

You must know if you're a dog or a cat - or maybe a polar bear. This personality quiz will help you find out what kind of animal you would be if you were an animal.

What's Your Style Personality?

Are you classic or trending? Take this fun personality quiz to help determine your style so you will know what looks best suits you as a person.

What type of creative entrepreneur are you?

Find out if any of these creative job personality types fit your passions or your goals. It's important to take this quiz and know your creative personality type because if you know your type then you can use your strengths to the fullest potential and not risk letting your skills go unused.

Do You have the Entrepreneurial Mindset?

Take this quiz to find out if you have the Entrepreneurial Mindset! Only a few people truly have the entrepreneur's mindset, take the quiz to see if you are up to the challenge!

What's Your Greatest Strength?

Find out in just 60 seconds how to own your greatest strengths so you can stand out & know what to focus on to build a successful business.

What platform should you use for your website?

Deciding on a platform (such as Wordpress, Squarespace or Shopify) can be really hard! There's so much information to consider and lots of opinions about what's "the best."Take our quiz to help guide your decision-making about your website's platform. We'll ask you a few simple questions and then provide you with a recommendation on what may be a good fit.

Does Your Elevator Pitch WOW Buyers?

Take this quiz and see how effective your Elevator Pitch is in wowing buyers!

Is your Business Ready for Growth?

Take this short assessment to identify how prepared your business is for financial growth. 

What is your brand design style?

Want to discover your unique brand design style to start building (or refining) your dream brand? We thought so!

How Intuitive are You?

Discover your ability to connect with the stream of eternal consciousness and your intuitive nature. Take this quiz to find out if you are the type of person who can predict things before they happen using just your intuition.

What Is Your Instagram Style?

Best way to handle Instagram overwhelm is to stay true to you. There are many ways it can work for your business, find out what strategy is right for you!

Which Essential Oil Are You?

Find out which essential oil personality type you are. Let's have some fun and share your results!

Designers, What Type of Content Should You Create?

You know you should create content, right? But you have no idea where to start. With YouTube, Instagram, Blogging, and Podcasts, and Facebook , you are STUCK. Let's use your personality to see what type of content you can easily create for your Design Business to shine and attract more visitors to your website. You in? If so, click "Take Quiz"

Do You Have What It Takes To Start A Life Coaching Business?

Wondering if you've got what it takes to be a real, full-time coach? Save yourself time and worry and take this quiz to discover how possible it is for you to start a real coaching business (don't be scared, we've got you!).

Do You Have the Mindset of an Entrepreneur?

Take this quiz to find out if you have the Entrepreneurial Mindset needed to take your business to the next level!

How will you make money online?

It's not a matter of if you'll make money online... it's a matter of how you're going to do it. Let's find out!

What Type Of Career Changer Are You? 

What do you really want to do? Know your type and what really motivates you in your career, and have a successful career change instead of staying stuck.

What's Your Color?

Take the quiz to find out what color you are and how you should change your life because of it. Just kidding, don't change your life because of a quiz, but you can if you want to

What's Your Style?

Find the right jewelry to match your style! This quiz will help you find exactly the right style to match your personality so you'll always be dressed and accessorized perfectly.

Which Human Rights Activist Are You?

The best human rights activist you can be is yourself. We are all capable of affecting change. Take the quiz to see which famous human rights activist you are most similar to.

What Type of Wine Are You?

Wine not? Take this fun quiz to find out what type of wine you are. Who knows, you might end up finding your new go-to, at the very least you'll learn something so you can sound more intelligent next time you attend a wine tasting

What Kind of Communicator Are You?

Find out what kind of communicator you are by taking our quiz! Knowing your communication style is crucial because it will help in all your relationships, being aware of yourself is the first step to an effective communication style

What Type of Writer Are You?

Find out what type of writer you are by taking our quiz! If you know your writing style then you can use it in order to create the best possible content that just flows naturally because it's in line with who you are as a person

Do You Know NFL Trivia?

Find out by taking our quiz! This quiz will put your NFL know-how to the true test and only real fans will end up getting all the answers correct

Are You Credit Savvy?

Are you a credit expert, a wishful thinker, or somewhere in between? Take our short quiz to find out how much you really know about credit!

Are You A Pokemon Master?

Take this quiz to see if you're a Pokemon master!

What Type of Digital Marketer Are You?

Think you know which of the five digital marketer types you fit into? Take this quiz to find out!

What's Your Marketing Spirit Animal?

Is your marketing style helping or hurting your business?

What's Your Child's Love Language?

Do you know how your child expresses and receives love? Find out!

What Kind Of Creative Entrepreneur Are You?

Take this quiz to find out what kind of creative entrepreneur you are!

Find Your Soul Mate on Wheels

Which vehicle is right for you? Take this quiz to find out which vehicle you should invest in next!

How Much of An Introvert Are You?

Find out how much of an Introvert or Extrovert you are by taking our quiz! This is similar to the Myers-Briggs quiz but a simplified version that just talks about introversion and extroversion. This is a much talked-about subject, get in on it now with this quiz.

What's Your Spending Personality?

Find out your spending personality by taking our quiz! See if you are more frugal or adventurous with your money. You must be honest, the money gods will know if you lie on this quiz.

What Your Music Taste Says About Your Personality

Find out what your choice of music says about your personality!

What kind of Engineer are You?

Mechanical, Electrical, Chemical, or maybe something else? Take this quiz to find out!

Which Classic Board Game Are You?

Find out what classic board game you are by taking our quiz! If you end up as Monopoly that means something, you have to take the quiz to find out what though

What's Your Tech IQ?

Find out your tech IQ by taking our quiz! If you don't know how to use technology then life will be tough, this quiz helps you find out if you need some help in that area.

Are You DIY Smart?

Find out by taking our quiz! DIY is a huge part of our world, there's so much you can do with it, take the test to find out how much you really know about DIY

Can You Name These Flower Varieties?

Think you're a master horticulturist? Check your knowledge now!

Discover YOUR Tech Personality Type

Figure out your Tech Personality Type in just three minutes!

What's Your Decorating Style?

Take our fun quiz to learn which decorating style is right for you!

How Financially Literate Are You?

Test your fin-lit smarts and see how you compare with the general U.S. population!

Think you know about Fitness and Nutrition? Prove it!

Find out if you know about fitness and nutrition by taking this 15 question quiz!

What Social Network Is Best For Your Brand?

Take this six-question quiz to find out which social network is best to market to your potential attendees.

What Do You Need More Of In Your Life Right Now?

Find out what you need more of in your life!

What's Your Perfect Summer Vacation?

Take this quiz to figure out your perfect summer vacation!

What's Your Watch Style?

Take this quiz to find out your watch style!

How Much Do You Know About Horses?

Find out by taking our quiz! This fun trivia test helps to discover how much you know about the majestic creatures known as horses. We bet you can't get all the answers right!

What Kind of Project Manager are You?

Where are you on your project management career journey? Take the quiz to find out what kind of project manager you are and discover what your biggest strength is alongside that.

What Type of Bride are You?

Have you been dreaming of your wedding day for as long as you can remember, making everything yourself, or forgoing all tradition? Let's find out what type of bride you are!

Find Your Perfect Social Media Match

Take this six-question quiz and discover where you stand out and completely shine on social media. Are you an Instagram Artist? A Pinterest Prodigy?

Where Should I Be Focusing On My Finances Right Now?

Take this quick 5-question quiz to find out which area of your financial life needs your attention right now!

What's Holding You Back From Living Your Dream Life?

Find out what's keeping you from being the best version of yourself!


Take the Overachiever Personality Test

What's Your Perfect Summer Vacation?

Kick back and relax—you deserve it! Find out which summer destination is perfect for your next vacation with this fun quiz that will maybe reveal something about you that you didn't think was possible!

What type of beer personality are you?

Your choice of beer tells a lot about your personality. Find out now! Everyone should know what type of beer they are, if nothing else it's an amazing thing to bring up at a party, you can use this quiz to help people find their type.

Are You Ready for Summer Skin?

Summer is almost here! Think you know everything about summer skin care? Put your knowledge to the test!

What Essential Oil Are You?

A fun quiz to see which essential oil best matches your personality!

Can You Pass This Simple Bible Quiz?

20 Questions About Basic Bible Teachings