Quiz Conversion Rate Report 2023

The overall conversion rate when people start a quiz is 40.1%, which means just over 4 out of 10 people will become a lead (on average) when you use a lead generation quiz for marketing. If you’d like to get started, you can get a new quiz for free with InteractAI.

Average Quiz Conversion Rate Across All Industries

Coaching/Courses, E-Commerce, Education, Non-Profits, Service Providers, Software

Start to lead: 40.1% – how many people become a lead and input their information on a quiz once they click the start button.

Start to finish: 65% – how many people answer all questions of a quiz once they click the start button.

Data from 3,568 quizzes that have generated at least 10 leads in the six months ending on 11/17/23

Average conversion rate across all industries 2023

Today this is more valuable than ever, because of a myriad of privacy laws that have been passed it is harder than ever to collect information about your customers and gather contacts. It’s becoming harder and harder to do marketing. Quizzes cut right through all the noise by helping you bring in zero-party data, which Forrester defines as “Data that a customer intentionally and proactively shares with a brand” – Forrester

When you consider that the 40% of people who opt in to a quiz are also proactively giving you permission to use the data they are giving you, and quizzes offer the same data collection opportunities as a quiz, it’s almost mind-blowing to consider how powerful this tool is. 

The one major drawback of quizzes is that they are time-consuming and psychologically challenging to write, there is a lot to think about when trying to make one. We saw that early on at interact and we now work with the world’s foremost experts in quiz writing to create templates for every industry and use-case so all you have to do is pick one, connect it to your email list, and launch it on your site + social media. 

Let’s look at the top industries Interact serves and conversion rates for those industries. 


Business, Career, Dating, Entrepreneur, Fitness, Health, Leadership, Life, Parenting, Relationship, Spiritual

Online coaching and course creators was the first area where interact quizzes became really popular as a list-building tool. At this point many business owners in these industries have been running quizzes for 7-10 years and still seeing these conversion rates continue.

Overall Average

Start to lead: 44.9%

Start to finish: 59.1%

Coaching and courses


Apparel/Clothing, Bridal Boutiques, CBD/Hemp, Coffee, Cosmetics, Feminine Hygiene Products, Hair Products, Jewelry, Skin Care

Product businesses use quizzes to make recommendations and build their email lists. While we don’t have concrete numbers on what percentage of quiz takers make a purchase directly we can show overall numbers for email subscriptions. What we’ve found is that the long-tail, that is to say people who subscribe and then make a purchase in the long run, is very high.

Overall Averages

Start to lead: 37.6%

Start to finish: 55.5%


Service Providers

Brand Designer, Brand Strategist, Marketing Agencies, Photographers, Travel Planners, Web Designer

Business owners who provide services for others can use quizzes as a way of helping people find the right products/services for whatever the customers needs are. The conversion rates for service providers are nearly 50% which is exceptional.

Overall Average

Start to lead: 42.2%

Start to finish: 47.3%

Service providers

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